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  • Does Gaining Weight Means You Are Losing Sex? Canadian Pharmacy about ED and Obesity Bond

    Obesity is related to many health problems and impotence does take its place in the list. When buying effective ED pills from Canadian Pharmacy, make sure you don’t forget of the condition trigger. Excess weight is not something that must be left neglected. There is a vivid link between ED and obesity: obese males report […]

    How to Keep Great Sexual Health Up to Old Age?

    Sex after 70 is not impossible? What nonsense! Several tips will help you remain sexually active anytime. Just follow the rules described in our article. Sexual Health over 60 Is the Result of Your Entire Life When people read articles about the problems which become so obvious after 40, their only wish is to postpone […]

    Story of Massive Counter-Attack on Erectile Dysfunction Problems

    Erectile dysfunction is the condition that attacks the male popularity immensely. An increasing number of men, both young and elderly, get stricken by the condition. While other health problems are easily diagnosed and treated, impotence cannot be treated fast, as a great part of patients just doesn’t want to confess the issue. The embarrassing condition […]

    A Quick Word on Psychological Sexual Disorders

    [Epistemic status: this really speculative piece is not an article on sexual dysfunctions and/or psychology. You’d better go to PubMed for that]  I. It’s early in the morning and I’m already drunk. Well, that’s how I start my essays. Especially at the end of International Masturbation Month. In this article, we’ll examine the problem of […]

    Male Menopause: Top 10 facts, No myths

    Great number of people consider male menopause to be a kind of modern myth based on the idea that if there is a female menopause why there isn’t a male one. Canadian Pharmacy has collected TOP 10 facts about the male menopause Fact 1. Male menopause is often referred to as “andropause” and is connected […]

    6 Most Common Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Methods: Canadian Health&Care Mall Analisys

    If you have been diagnosed psychogenic erectile dysfunction, and the reason for ED issues are mainly represented by psychological conditions or nervous disorders, the treatment that involves professional consultations of specialists can be quite effective and sufficient to overcome the problems. However, if the problem has a physiological nature, the course of treatment has a […]

    Matthew Torp MD: An Expert Interview on Sildenafil in Canada

    Gathering information from dozens of places in the web is one thing, after all, to make fair conclusions you have to perceive information critically. But things are quite different when it comes to expert opinions, especially when it is all about such delicate topic as erectile dysfunction. We have invited Matthew Torp, an andrologist practicing […]

    Erectile Dysfunction: Problem of Contemporary Society

    Irrespective of time people suffered and still suffer from erectile dysfunction, however, the main difference is in the number of ill men. If 10 years ago it was a rare issue and only around 30% of males complained about it, nowadays it appears in 90% of men. Surely, people after 40 have this condition much […]

    Female Viagra: Revolution in Women’s Sexual Life

    Till recent times it has been impossible even to think about such a medicine for women like Viagra. However, it was created and first produced more than 10 years ago and since then became a required treatment among women. An increased number of females opens the website of Canadian Health Care Mall to order Viagra. […]

    How to Buy Viagra from a Reliable Canadian Health Care Mall?

    Canadian Health Care Mall is best service to buy Viagra online. One should not even doubt about the veracity of this statement. This is the drugstore that hardly needs introduction. It is a well-known, popular and appreciated company that got the fame of a reliable, cheap and qualitative platform with the best products. The main […]

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