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  • Does Gaining Weight Means You Are Losing Sex? Canadian Pharmacy about ED and Obesity Bond

    Obesity is related to many health problems and impotence does take its place in the list. When buying effective ED pills from Canadian Pharmacy, make sure you don’t forget of the condition trigger. Excess weight is not something that must be left neglected. There is a vivid link between ED and obesity: obese males report difficulties with their sexual performance and in time the cases get more frequent. Today 4 of 5 males with ED are overweight, and the condition is not related to their age. Both young and old males have identical issues.

    So, how so? Why does obesity have an impact? What mechanisms are influenced and is there any chance to get back to norm in weight and sex?

    Am I Overweight? – Looking for the Answer

    Fat manLet’s face it: most males aren’t ready to admit they have excess weight. They look in the mirror and see a strong and healthy person in the daytime. Yet, their impressions change at night. How to find out whether you have to start fighting with weight or not? There is one gold standard called BMI – body mass index (1). It can be calculated at home: multiply your weight in pounds by 703. Divide the result by your height in inches squared. Or you can divide the weight in kilograms by height in meters squared.

    When BMI is within the frames of 25-30, it is equal to norm. When the index is above 30, you have weight problems. Have you found yourself at a risk? Then you should start changing your daily ration and losing weight.

    How Obesity Influences Your Testosterone Levels?

    The main male hormone is responsible for large muscles and deep voice, strong bones and male reproductive organ development, libido and sperm count. When the testosterone levels drop, there’s a testosterone deficiency. Some males manage to retain normal levels, yet most fail in their tries.

    Obesity has a great impact on one’s testosterone levels. It lowers them. Recent researches have proven that a single 1-point increase in BMI is equal to a 2% decrease of testosterone levels. A 4-inch increase in the size of the 30-year old male’s waist can decrease testosterone by 75%. This is why many of 40-50 year old males, who like beer and high-fat food, fast food and soda beverages are more likely to suffer from overweight and ED as its result.

    Body and Sexual Life Affected by Obesity

    There are various conditions that obesity contributes to. From a metabolic point of view, it adds to diabetes as it is able to make the body produce more sugar. People with excess weight have:

    • high cholesterol levels;
    • heart diseases;
    • sleep disturbances (2);
    • sleep apnea;
    • depression;
    • snoring;
    • daytime fatigues.

    Excessive sweating and frequent rashes are in the list as well. Sufferers have terrible pain in ankles, knees and back. Some of them are at risks of having stroke, cancer or gall bladder disease.

    Erectile dysfunctionSooner or later such diseases lead to erectile dysfunction. Canadian Pharmacy www.acanadianhealthcaremall.com is the source of many effective ED pills, but they can hardly help a really overweight person. Their consumption must be accompanied with a healthy diet and exercising. The penis requires a sufficient blood flow to work properly. People with excess weight suffer from blood pressure issues, thus their arteries may be clogged or the blood supply may be insufficient.

    What Must Your Weight-Loss Program Include?

    It surely depends on the weight and other health issues that come in pack. In any case, even a small weight decrease brings great results:

    • over 50% of males, who lost pounds, have already regained their normal erections and now have a normal sexual life and satisfying intercourses;
    • after losing weight males show reduced inflammatory activity and oxidative;
    • about 10% of former sufferers have cured ED for good.

    Canadian Pharmacy can become your source of high quality generics for impotence treatment, yet there is much work to be done to add to the provided results. Include more fresh fruit and vegetables to your daily ration. You don’t need to refuse from meat, it’s just that you are to stop buying and eating junk and fast food or drink soda beverages. Turn to healthy fats and carbs.

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    It is suggested to start eating at least 300 calories less that you did before to see first results. Eat less and turn to a physical activity. Jog or ride a bicycle for 30 minutes 5-6 days per week. This is a nice approach to achieving awesome results within several months. Even males with diabetes and heart diseases have improved their results, when combining such approach with ED pills consumption.

    Remember, you can address a reliable Canadian Pharmacy whenever you need ED pills to treat your ED. Yet, if you want to cure it, add a new diet plan and sports to the pills you buy. This kind of combination has won many users’ hearts and proved its effectiveness.

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