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  • This is Nuts! Fun Health Facts From Canadian Health&Care Mall

    Besides the numerous references to the known hypocholesterolemic properties of walnuts, in the literature we can find some evidence about their protective effect against prostate cancer. These benefits are mainly due to phytosterols, molecules very similar to cholesterol in plants. This analogy between the two molecules causes phytosterols to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, […]

    Canadian Health&Care Mall Explains – Viagra vs Home Remedies Against Erectile Dysfunction

    Viagra is a very popular and effective drug, the #1 remedy for men with erectile dysfunction (ED) worldwide. Viagra is also known under its generic name, sildenafil citrate, which is, in chemical terms, a citrate salt of sildenafil, a selective inhibitor of cyclic guanosine monophosphate-specific type 5 phosphodiesterase (PDE5). The active component of Viagra boosts […]

    Whether Levitra is the Right Drug for Me?

    What Is Levitra (Vardenafil)? Levitra is a medicine which is generally similar to Viagra and designed for men suffering from erectile dysfunction (impotency). Levitra cannot completely treat ED, and a patient needs to take it each time he is going to have sex. There were developed a variety of drugs designed to help men suffering […]

    Birth Defects of Urethra and ED Treatments

    The urethra is a canal from that allows urine to flow from the bladder to the penis when someone is pissing. Unfortunately, there is a great number of its birth defects that may cause dangerous aftermaths, spoil the life and require the medical treatment. In the following article, you will find the description of most […]

    The Effects of Viagra on Male Anorgasmia

    Anorgasmia is the lack of orgasm and satisfaction from sexual intercourse in women and in men. This is a complex problem that may occur due to a number of factors both physiological and psychological. There is primary, secondary, situational, and sporadic anorgasmia. Also, there are three kinds of anorgasmia depending on the severity and symptoms […]

    Nuances of Cialis Use in Diabetes Patients

    Erectile dysfunction is often associated with the process of aging, but unfortunately, it also affects younger men due to a number of reasons, ranging from poor lifestyle choices to serious medical conditions such as cardiovascular disorders and diabetes. Erectile problems are quite common in men who suffer from diabetes, particularly type 2 diabetes, which is […]

    This is how diuretics cause Erectile Dysfunction

    Erectile Dysfunction is a problem that affects a lot of men regardless of their race, age, and other factors. While the issue may be more prevalent in some people, every single man on this planet is in the risk zone of experiencing problems with achieving erection. For younger men this problem is much more impactful […]

    Women’s Breast Health and Problems Prevention

    Today many women are concerned about their breast health, especially breast pain, lumps and nipple discharges. Breast health should start with awareness of what is normal and what is not. A woman should learn how to examine herself at home and when to have a professional consultation. Unfortunately, no woman can be absolutely sure she’s […]

    20 Symptoms Of STDs You’d Better Be Able To Recognize Early

    Unfortunately, STDs are a part of many modern people’s life. The risk to join the ranks of unlucky ones shouldn’t and cannot prevent people from having sexual life, but it should encourage them to take measures for protecting themselves. And it’s useful to know most common STD symptoms in order to be able to immediately […]

    Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder and Drugs at Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy

    While many consider Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder not a genuine condition, it is recognized by the vast majority of medical specialists as one of the most concerning sexual dysfunctions not due to its severity but due to its prevalence. Many people have this condition although some may simply not recognize it or even consider it […]

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