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  • Top 3 American Major Healthcare Employers

    Johnson & Johnson In 2014, he American job search portal was headed by the medical concern Johnson & Johnson. It is followed by the chip maker Broadcom and the oil company Chevron. The rating is based on a survey of employees of the largest companies in 2013 and 2014. They had to evaluate their employer […]

    Vision Problems Associated with Top ED Pills: How Real Are They?

    There are too many health conditions and side effects that Viagra and other ED drugs are linked to. No need to name them all. It’s just enough to say that most of them can be avoided, if correct doses are taken at the right time. What really interests users the most is whether or whether […]

    Everything You Need to Know About PDE5 Inhibitors

    If you have spent some time browsing online pharmacies, and paid attention to the descriptions of certain drugs, you might have noticed that some are classified as PDE5 inhibitors. PDE5 does not sound like a term the common man needs to know, as it resembles a chemical formula of some sort, yet the prevalence of […]

    A Quick Word on Psychological Sexual Disorders

    [Epistemic status: this really speculative piece is not an article on sexual dysfunctions and/or psychology. You’d better go to PubMed for that]  I. It’s early in the morning and I’m already drunk. Well, that’s how I start my essays. Especially at the end of International Masturbation Month. In this article, we’ll examine the problem of […]

    Canadian Health&Care Mall: What Health Experts Don’t Want You to Know?

    Did you ever suspect that doctors weren’t telling you everything that they know? Did you wonder that maybe they are withholding some information for personal profit? Some people might call you a conspiracy theorist, but, in reality, you might be on to something. In this article, we would like to share with you some of […]

    How to Become a Well-Qualified Pharmacist in Canada

    Having worldwide fame and popularity, the profession of pharmacist is one of the most reputable and required in Canada. They are considered and appreciated as medication management experts that serve in healthcare institutions. The main goals of each separate pharmacist are to collaborate with clients, support their families and maintain good relations with other healthcare […]

    Health&care Managers Serving Best in Health&care Industry

    Health&Care industry plays an important role in the whole world’s medicine and is particularly well-developed and successful in Canada. More and more people are becoming engaged in this sphere, and their number is rapidly increasing. Though the job is not easy, and even vice versa, exacting, hundreds of graduates start working in this field each […]

    What Is There Behind Canadian Pharmacist Job?

    To begin with, pharmacist occupation stands high in the Canadian Priority Occupation List, or POL. POL listed occupations are regulated by the Canadian Government and Migration Service. The problem with nation’s potential is that it seriously lacks some skills. So this list includes occupations which are always in demand both in public and private sectors. […]

    Past and Present Days of US Pharmacology

    By definition pharmacology is the biomedical science of drugs and their effect on the human body. This science is quite young, developed as a separate branch in the middle of the 19th century. However, information about medicinal plants as an important part of pharmacology is dated back to Egyptian hieroglyphs, ancient Greece and later to […]

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