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    Find Answers to Most Popular Questions Here OR Contact Our Canadian Health and Care Mall Support for More Information

    Whatever question appears before, during or after making an order, you definitely need a quick and clear answer to it. This is what the list of FAQ is complied for. Here you will find clear explanations of how shipping & delivery service works, what products we have and what their peculiarities are, etc.

    Shipping & Delivery Details

    Q: Which shipping methods do you use? Which shipping company (s) do you trust?
    A: Fast and safe delivery is provided by Express Courier and Regular Airmail. While the first company makes it possible to deliver medications to the US citizens, the latter one works internationally. Regular Airmail is also referred as the US Postal Service with the waiting period of two or three weeks. However, the package can be delivered earlier. Express Courier’s waiting period is nearly 8-14 business days. The delay at customs takes much time, yet that doesn’t depend on our delivery service.

    During the shipping time any buyer can track his package. It helps him remain worry-free during the entire process and enjoy a new experience. For more details concerning the shipping methods and duration, you are welcome to address our support personnel, who will assist you in dispelling your worries and fears.

    Q: How long should I wait for my package?
    A: The duration depends on the chosen shipping method. If your package is in hands of Express Courier, you will wait for it from 8 to 14 days. With Regular Airmail the waiting period can last up to 21 days. Of course, not all clients must expect their magic pills not sooner than in three weeks! The orders are mostly shipped within 10 days after the confirmation. A 21-day period is the maximum idle time. You will get an e-mail right after the order is shipped. It will notify that the package of yours has already left the facility.

    All orders are shipped on business days only: from Monday to Friday and with the exception of public days. For more details concerning your personal waiting period, reread our basic shipping rates and special info about a particular product.

    Q: What is the usual estimated time? Does the distance really matter?
    A: It is defined by the chosen shipping method. Express Courier delivers packages within 8-14 days (it delivers only to the US citizens), whereas Regular Airmail requires 10-21 days. Why so long? We do understand that usual online orders are delivered much faster, when you deal with other kinds of online-based companies. However, you need to realize that the greater part of our parcels is delivered outside Canada and the USA, and this is why it needs more time to be delivered at your doorstep. When a parcel is shipped to European or Asian countries, it has to go through several border control procedures and this is why it arrives later.

    Q: Do you deliver outside of Canada and the USA? Where can I check, whether my country is the destination?
    A: We certainly do. Our company works internationally. If you need to learn whether your country is one of our destinations, check the list we provide. However, additional restrictions may apply (like shipping charge or whatever). For more details, contact our service before filling in all personal details.

    Q: Is privacy kept during the packaging process?
    A: The kind or type of package used is a question of great interest for one reason only: any client wants to know whether his rights to anonymity and privacy are respected. If you are dealing with us, we make sure that the ordered medications are packed in the package that remains unmarked during the entire shipping process. No one will ever find out what is inside the envelope or parcel. We guarantee the personal data ultimate protection. Besides, we keep working on shipping anonymity improvement, so new options are to be expected.

    Q: What should I do, if my order is delayed?
    A: That is not a problem to start worrying about. Start with checking your shipping time. Keep in mind that any delivery can take up to 3 weeks. When it takes longer, it may be delayed at customs, which never depends on our service. 99% of all our customers get their orders successfully. If the order is lost, it still can be reshipped or reimbursed, if it was insured.

    You can contact us immediately and let our service know that your package is delayed. Our team will provide the reasons of delay and set a new waiting time.

    Q: What if my package/product arrived damaged?
    A: This almost never happens, if you deal with our company. However, time changes and no one is protected. When the medication is in an unsatisfying condition or something else is wrong with the order, contact our customer support and notify the problem. Please take pictures and write a detailed description of what is wrong and what you aren’t satisfied with. Attach the pictures and wait till we consider the case. We will either refund your payment or resend the package free of charge.

    About Generic Drugs, Their Use, Efficacy and Basic Differences

    Q: What are generic medications? Why are they called generics?
    A: Generic drugs are the quality copies of brand name medications that feature the same dosage, positive and negative effects, intended use, strength and safety, administration route, etc. Generics’ pharmacological effects are just the same as in case of brand counterparts. They just aren’t produced by the original manufacturers.

    There’s a common misconception that generic medications require much more time to produce any effects. That’s impossible, because the FDA always required these medications to work as effectively and fast as their original-brand copies. The difference between these two kinds is in shape, name and price. A generic version may be called by the active ingredient’s name. Generics are cheaper solutions that save lives of people around the globe.

    Q: Is it OK for my drugs to differ from originals?
    A: Neither generic drug will look exactly like its brand counterpart. Why? The answer is simple: that would be the copyright law violation. CA and US trademarks don’t allow generic drugs to look like the brand-name ones. Inactive ingredients, flavors, shapes, colors and names must be different, yet the active ingredients should remain the same.

    Q: Are generics as effective as the brand drugs?
    A: Yes, they are. There’s nothing in their formula that leads to different or opposite effects. A generic copy ensures both equivalent action and effect as in case with its brand counterpart. It shows the same results as long as it delivers the same active ingredients to the bloodstream. Though the therapeutic effects and benefits are the same (as well as side effects and risks), they are cheaper and this is why regarded as more beneficial than brand medications.

    Q: Do you cooperate only with pharmacies that provide FDA-approved drugs?
    A: Yes, we do. The pharmacies that we cooperate with provide only FDA-approved medications and have gained authority in many world countries. A long-term collaboration convinced us and our users of their reliability and trustworthiness.

    Q: What affects the price of generics? What makes generics so affordable?
    A: The main reason why clients get concerned is the low cost of generic pills. They have doubts whether the price is influenced by the low quality. However, FDA always requires generics to be as effective as brand pills. So, what’s the reason?

    Generics are only cheaper because the manufacturers don’t spend any money on marketing. When any company brings a new medication onto the market, it always spends a great sum of cash on research, development, promotion and marketing. There’s no truth in the myth that a generic drug is a low-quality drug. The standards are the same, yet marketing expenses are very different.

    Q: Are Canadian drugs everything you can suggest? Or do you provide products from different world countries?
    A: The main thing you should know is that we never work with companies from Indian, Pakistan or other lands from the same region and with the same negative reputation. We dispense drugs from the affiliated pharmacies. We cooperate with the so-called international fulfillment centers. The latter ones are fully approved by the country’s regulatory bodies.

    Q: I can’t find the drugs I am looking for. Is it possible to get them ordered?
    A: There are rare cases when the drug you are looking for is out of stock. You can contact us via online support or e-mail support@acanadianhealthcaremall.com and let us know what drug you are searching for. We can order the medication from suppliers. If it is not available, our support service will contact you letting you know. In case of frequent and popular requests, we will surely broaden the offer on a regular basis.

    Q: Do I need to be home to sign the receipt? And what if I am not at home?
    A: You surely do. Both of our delivery methods (Express Courier & Regular Airmail) require your signature. The signature is the key to verifying that the ordered package was delivered to you. If you aren’t at home, you will get the notice with detailed instructions as to how to retrieve the package at a local office. A new delivery time can be arranged as well.

    Q: I made an order more than 21 days ago. Where’s my package? Why haven’t I received anything?
    A: This case is rare, as usually all packages are delivered within twenty-one days maximum. In case the problem occurs, please, contact us immediately. Let us know about the delay. Our team of professionals will find out the details, suggesting an optimal way out. We will reship the package within a short period, in case the order is insured.

    Ordering & Processing.

    Q: How to make an order?
    A: For a quick search of the drug that is needed, use either the embedded search engine or the offer list. After finding the right medication, add the required quantity to the basket. Think over the shipping method. Choose the payment method and bonus pills. Fill in the form specifying the credit card information as well personal details. Then you will receive the confirmation e-mail.

    Q: How do I use my promo code/discount coupon?
    A: There’s a “Your discount coupon” field. Enter the code into it. After entering you may continue the ordering process. Your discount will be subtracted from the subtotal automatically.

    Q: What are the payment methods available within your service?
    A: Our Company accepts payments that are empowered by Master Card, Visa, eCheck and American Express.

    Q: Is it safe to use the credit card here?
    A: It’s always safe as long as you deal with us! Be sure that we take precaution to make any transaction secure. Our service utilizes standard security measures like Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). And this is why any submitted account information is safely isolated from any sort of unauthorized Internet access.

    Q: Can I cancel my order? How can I do it?
    A: Before you receive any shipping confirmation, you have the right to order canceling. After receiving a confirmation e-mail, canceling is impossible.

    Personal Data Safety and Return Policy

    Q: Can I return the ordered medications, if I no longer need them?
    A: We collaborate with licensed pharmacies. Our staff protects safety of all clients. It protects interests of other parties that are somehow involved. So, be sure that neither of prescription/ non-prescription products is returned. No matter what the reason is. Neither brand nor generic drug is returnable according to the pharmaceutical law. Any kinds of sales are final. And this is why before making any kind of order, always consult your physician concerning the needed drugs.

    Q: Is the ordering process discreet?
    A: Yes. Your personal info remains safe and protected. It’s not sold, shared or published. Only the doctor is aware of the order made. After the drugs are packaged neither envelopes nor parcels have any signs, names and logos on them.

    Q: Can my personal information be absolutely safe with you? Are there any special tools that you use?
    A: Yes, always. Any personal info is encrypted using SSL. We adhere to the PIPEDA which is the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. So, customer’s personal info is viewed by trained and authorized staff that opens it only to complete the order. It is also used for arranging the shipping & delivery process. We never give your personal data to anyone for any reason.

    Additional Services and Customer Support

    Q: Do you provide online consultation?
    A: If any question occurs and you require immediate help and advice, send an email with your name, contact information and the time that is optimal to have a chat (support@acanadianhealthcaremall.com). Our highly qualified and licensed physician will get in touch with you via the embedded chat. Any questions and talks will remain confidential, so you may ask whatever you need to know. Keep in mind that provided tips and recommendations aren’t incontestable: this isn’t a clinical examination.

    Q: Can I sign up for automatic refills?
    A: We offer the option of automatic refills for all our clients. The option was initially created for all the customers, who have to undergo durable treatment courses and need to make the shopping process easier. Clients will have as many refills as were authorized by the healthcare providers. Nowadays the maximum authorized supply term is one year.

    While refilling a prescription, no additional info is ever required (except for the medication that should be refilled). If there’s any sort of change in one’s personal information (address, phone number, etc.), there’s the need for an update. Besides, there’s no prescription required during the refilling process. Whenever the original prescription expires, we notify our clients of the need to send us a new prescription that is allowed to be used for another year.

    Q: How do I subscribe to or unsubscribe from newsletters?
    A: When creating an account with Canadian Pharmacy, you can decide on receiving our newsletters. If for any reason you change your mind and decide to unsubscribe, use your personal account settings: follow the unsubscribe link to stop getting newsletters via e-mail.

    Q: What is your spam policy?
    A: We never deal with sending irrelevant and inappropriate messages to a large number of our clients. We believe that there’s no need to turn to spams in order to make our clients know more about our new offers and discounts.

    Each of our customers has the right to opt for getting newsletters while creating his personal account. A newsletter is not a spam. It contains useful information about special offers, bonuses, loyalty programs and discounts. It’s not a junk e-mail from a pharmacy. If newsletters bother you, you can unsubscribe from them any minute you like.

    Q: I’m not subscribed to any newsletters, yet still I receive spam messages. What should I do to stop it?
    A: Address the Sam Policy info blog. Note that we don’t send any spams. If you receive any, contact out customer support, specifying all details and copying spam e-mail texts. Our support team is going to check all details and provide the optimal tips for you to get rid of suspicious senders. If you are interested in the fastest way possible, mark such letters as junk.

    Q: How do I contact your customer support?
    A: Follow the customer support ticket page and ask any questions that appear. We hire only the most professional and experienced doctors, who can give trustworthy and reliable tips. At the same time, we ask you to be realists: no online consultation will ever substitute a professional clinical examination. Our experts go by the symptoms and cases that you describe, while local physicians judge by what they see.

    Best Regards, Canadian Health and Care Pharmacy Servicewww.acanadianhealthcaremall.com

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