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  • Canadian Health&Care Mall: The Rise Of The Company

    Canadian Health&Care Mall:Rise Of The Company

    Canadian Health&Care Mall stands out from the crowd and this is not just a rant – throughout its existence the business has been growing and evolving in all the crucial business aspects. With the rapid development of the internet of things, online shopping has become widely accessible as hundreds of thousands of new companies have appeared on the map. The flooding of grey business dealers was inevitable, as Klondike of the 21st century was too alluring to ignore it.

    Naturally, one of the most big industries has become the target for zillions of responsible sellers, grey companies and black market dealers. It may sound weird, but not many fair companies have managed to keep afloat. And Canadian Health and Care Mall story deserves some attention, as this is the survivor that not only managed to gather a legion of loyal customers, but also keep product and customer service level at a truly decent level.

    The secrets behind the success of Our Pharmacy, one of the most appreciated pharmaceutical businesses, as well as short and long-term goals of the company fall into the scope of the article.

    The philosophy Established in 2001, doubtlessly, the company was a pioneer of the market. The internet development has been quickly gaining momentum, and while others have been investing heavily into brick and mortar pharmacies, the founding fathers of the company discerned the impressive potential of the web. Initially it was decided to concentrate all the efforts on the digital presence, so the company started as an online-only company.

    In 2001 it was a risky move, given the fact that it was agreed upon to start with a quite narrow line-up of products. Moreover, the mission was burdened by the approaches the company has chosen: all the transactions and products must be transparent and legal, while all the products must be original.

    These foundation stones have been laid in the very beginning and the concepts remain unshakable throughout 15 years of operation. The company keeps oath to fair play: Canadian Health&Care Mall cooperates with manufacturers directly, works with the most reliable payment systems and provides simply stunning customer service.

    The products and the pricing model

    The problems of online pharmaceuticals market are many: from relatively minor issues, like non-discreet packaging to crucial ones, like extremely slow delivery or even counterfeit products. Although the industry slowly, but steadily gets regulated, the main responsibility lies on the seller itself. So if a business’s focus is quick cash, be sure it will sacrifice even basic customer service features, not to mention such luxury as refund program or online consultations. In aspiration to earn money quickly, the pricing model of so many online businesses cannot stand the dumping pressure. Guided by short-term goals, the companies have the only mechanism of influencing the price – manipulation.

    Working with manufacturers directly

    In Canadian Health and Care Mall case things are different. Launched in far 2001 as an exclusively online project, the company has been implementing the long-term goals, and obviously its growth during the first decade was not rocketing. As soon as the company has achieved the level of revenue, allowing the considerable business development, a large program on ongoing improvement has been initiated. The company offers an absolutely affordable pricing model, and it proudly admits it is not the result of temporary efforts, but the fruits of its long term strategy.

    Thus, Our management has secured mutually advantageous contracts with the direct manufacturers. From India-based generic companies to Big Pharma players, a huge constraint of mediators was eliminated and an impressive operational expenses cut was achieved. In addition, thus the company has managed to position itself as quality drugs seller, as the quality was guaranteed by the manufacturers themselves.

    The lightning speed delivery

    One of the most acute issues of shopping online for drugs, slow delivery, has also been partially leveled due to the gigantic effort of Canadian Pharmacy business developers. The long years of trouble-free cooperation have enabled the company to work with delivery and distribution companies on win-win terms, which in its turn have made the drugs the company offers even more accessible. Of course, the new contracts meant a significant impact on delivery speed – thus, the business was among the first players on the market offering next day delivery opportunity for certain groups of customers. With the new partnerships the average time for delivery has been decreased by 36%, which meant that the order is normally supplied within 3 business days.

    Fair promotion, the minimum of expenses

    Finally, the efforts in terms of online promotion initiated long ago have started paying off during the last years. Unlike dozens of other quick-cash-oriented businesses, the company has been investing into legit online promotion methods. What does it mean? Although search engines, the drivers of eCommerce in general, are working hard to get rid of the ways for their manipulation, online pharmaceuticals market is too affected by the too savvy SEO experts. If you don’t play fair, the odds to hit the top positions in Google in relatively short periods of time are quite good; however, you will not be able to hold leadership for months (or even weeks).

    Canadian Pharmacy has been investing in fair promotion ways, best suited for long-term goals and paying off after months or years accordingly. The company is not involved into spontaneous money dumping that hits the total price of the entire lineup. The natural promotion campaigns, initiated a while ago are now paying off, allowing the company to save on operational expenses.

    Customer service at the forefront

    The functioning of a successful company, concentrating its efforts on long-term goals, is hardly possible without quality products and decent customer service. The term customer service is quite comprehensive and includes dozens of aspects. It seems that Health&Care Mall Pharmacy has defined a number of priority directions: customer support, shopping experience and refund program seem to be the core aspects the business bets on.

    As for the customer support, any Our customer can take advantage of free, comprehensive consultations. Although due to the legal aspects online consultations cannot be considered fully professional, the company has a stuff of employees with medicinal background, ready to provide you with guidance on the choice of the drug, mechanisms of action, side effects and many more. The turnaround for replies leaves nothing to be desired – the replies are provided quickly during normal business hours.

    A fine shopping experience is ensured by an easy to comprehend and navigate website, a rich selection of drugs and a good number of payment options. Moreover, the company has recently announced a major website renovation – a global redesign is the project the company developers are working on and the release is scheduled on early 2016. The company reps promise a significantly reworked and improved personal accounts, a fresh, modern design and an enhanced performance.

    A refund program Canadian Health and Care Mall offers is totally alien thing for the world of pharmaceuticals. It seems that customers got used to the rules of the games black and grey dealers have set to that extent, so a must-have feature looks quite bizarre. We breaks the thinking pattern – yes, it runs a savvy refund program that removes all the questions regarding the quality of the end product and trustworthiness of the company. Nothing left to be added.

    Why make the choice in favour of Canadian Pharmacy?

    This is where you enjoy the benefits of working with an industry innovator and a proven, reliable drugs supplier. Your health is the most valuable thing you have and with Canadian Health&Care Mall you can be sure you buy finest quality drugs at a best price. A quick delivery in conjunction with simply stunning customer service is something you will certainly love. An advanced loyalty program, boasting generous discounts and almost bi-weekly promotions will help you considerable amounts of money on the long run. Canadian Health and Care Mall is a choice of thousands Canadians and abroad buyers, it’s a well-established company you can count on. Just give it a try and you will understand why it stands out from the crowd.

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    www.acanadianhealthcaremall.com – Canadian Health&Care Mall Company.

    Support Mail: help@acanadianhealthcaremall.com

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