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  • This is how diuretics cause Erectile Dysfunction

    Erectile Dysfunction is a problem that affects a lot of men regardless of their race, age, and other factors. While the issue may be more prevalent in some people, every single man on this planet is in the risk zone of experiencing problems with achieving erection. For younger men this problem is much more impactful […]

    Canadian Pharmacy Mall Survey of the Latest Viagra Alternative: Shock Wave Erectile Dysfunction Therapy

    Although medication is considered to be the main method of erectile dysfunction treatment, there are also a few alternative techniques allowing to improve your sexual performance without using ED drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc.. Low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy (LI-ESWT) has proven as the unique technique to restore the erectile mechanism, which is probably […]

    How Much Physical Activity Can Help Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

    There’s a lot of information on how useful physical exercises are and how they help to kip fit, prolong life and prevent many health problems, including serious diseases. But what about specific male problems such as erectile dysfunction? There’s good news for men concerned about their sexual abilities. Sports really can be helpful, but only […]

    Ask The Expert: The Questions About Erectile Dysfunction You Were Scared To Ask

    About the Problem Erectile dysfunction means incapacity to achieve and preserve erection sufficient for satisfactory coitus. Earlier this disorder was known under the name “impotency”. But nowadays this term is used seldom and is considered to be outdated. Erectile dysfunction is characteristic for men after sixty years of age, although such cases may occur among […]

    Can Special ED Rings Treat Impotence?

    No need to panic, if the prescribed PDE5 inhibitors failed in improving erections or led to many life-threatening side effects. Luckily, there’s another way to go. And it’s called a constriction (ED/cock) ring. It is elastic and designed to help males of different age achieve and maintain erections. If you know an erection mechanism, you’ll […]

    Canadian Pharmacy Answers: How Do Thyroid Problems Affect Erectile Dysfunction?

    A healthy human body works like a clock – smoothly to make all processes interrelated. Each process affects progress of the whole system. Hormones in a human body play one of the most important roles being responsible for numerous processes – mostly, the proper development and functioning of all internal organs. For example, thyroid hormones […]

    Does Gaining Weight Means You Are Losing Sex? Canadian Pharmacy about ED and Obesity Bond

    Obesity is related to many health problems and impotence does take its place in the list. When buying effective ED pills from Canadian Pharmacy, make sure you don’t forget of the condition trigger. Excess weight is not something that must be left neglected. There is a vivid link between ED and obesity: obese males report […]

    Delayed Ejaculation: Not Necessarily Erectile Dysfunction?

    One of the most widely-spread causes behind delayed ejaculation is the presence post-inflammatory changes in the reproductive system. A crucial aspect in diagnosing is the patient’s age and the presence of a vascular diseases. Delayed ejaculation is a rare occurring ejaculatory disorder that can be triggered by organic (physiological disorders, surgical operations on the pelvic […]

    Psychological Erectile Dysfunction: When Your Mind’s Playing Tricks On You

    In many cases erection is largely dependent on male’s psychological state. Stress and frustration are the most known triggers of psychological ED; psychogenic impotence is an extremely rare case. Fortunately, psychological problems can be solved in a quite efficient way. The article focuses on the reasons for psychological erectile dysfunction development as well as its […]

    Why Do Men With Diabetes Have Erectile Dysfunction?

    Though causes of erectile dysfunction in males are well-described by numerous researchers and scientists, every time it comes to their list in males with diabetes, it appears that far not everything has been studied. In case of diabetes sufferers impotence causes are different. Usually these are impairments in nerves, muscle function or blood vessels. Special […]

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