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  • Sildenafil May Treat Preeclampsia: Are You Kidding Me?

    After FDA approved Viagra (sildenafil citrate) for treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in men in 1998, there were many proposals for alternative uses of the medication. The idea of using sildenafil for women was in the air. Though sildenafil did not prove itself to be highly effective medicine for treatment of sexual dysfunction in women, some […]

    Early Signs And Prevention Of Urogenital Cancer In Men

    Malignant neoplasms developing in general urinary tract are commonly referred to as urogenital system cancers. This grouping includes kidney cancers, prostate cancers, bladder cancers and testicular cancers. Although all of these diseases demonstrate certain similarities they are in fact different in terms of their behavior and respond to different treatment, so genital organs cancer as […]

    Medical Management and Surgical Management of Peyronie’s Disease

    Peyronie’s Disease is an inflammatory disorder of the membrane that covers cavernous bodies inside the penis. Chronic inflammation of the tissue causes appearing of scars (plaques) that lead to a painful and curved erection. It is not literally an erectile dysfunction, but severe forms of Peyronie’s Disease can occasion inability to have a sexual intercourse. […]

    Molluscum Contagiosum: Canadian Health&Care Mall Research

    Molluscum contagiosum is an infectious disease that is caused by poxvirus. The main symptom of molluscum is small lesions (or growths) on the body that are normally pink or flesh-colored. The growths can appear on any area of the body, and aren’t especially prevalent in any particular location. It was observed, however, that they hardly […]

    Vegetative-Vascular Dystonia: Is It as Scary as It Sounds?

    Perhaps everyone has heard there is such a diagnosis in the medical sphere but the majority of patients don’t really know what vegetative-vascular dystonia is about. As it usually goes with diagnoses, you might feel it is a serious condition which requires serious treatment and lot of nerve and worries from you. So let’s find […]

    Effects of endocrine treatment: can libido and sexual function be preserved?

    Introduction Quality of life for men with prostate cancer is receiving increasing attention and, acknowledging that endocrine therapy remains conceptually a palliative treatment, many patients view preservation of quality of life as an equally important goal of therapy as prolongation of survival. The issue of quality of life is further emphasized by the moves to […]

    Proinflammatory cytokines

    Proinflammatory cytokines, such as IL-1P and TNF-a, have been implicated in endotoxin shock. IV administration of these cytokines induces pulmonary edema and death, similar to the septic shock syndrome. Proinflammatory cytokines stimulate the expression of iNOS and promote inflammatory processes. Neutrophil migration in the airway is increased by chemokines, such as MIP-2, derived from alveolar […]

    Canadian Health Care Mall: The aPTT and dose of heparin

    The aPTT should be measured approximately 6 h after the bolus dose of heparin, and the continuous IV dose should be adjusted according to the result. Various heparin dose-adjustment nomograms have been developed (Tables 4 and 5), but none are applicable to all aPTT reagents, and, for the reasons discussed above, the therapeutic range should be adapted to the responsiveness of […]

    Health&Care Pharmacy: The Peyronie disease

    The excessive secretion of the androgens or estrogens hormones produces modifications that are characteristic for the organism, based on sex and the age at which it acts. This way, the secretion of sexual hormones before the puberty age determines the precocious or heightened puberty, with the apparition of the morphological and functional sexual characteristics before […]

    The Peyronie disease and Canada healthcare pharmacy

    This disease has been described by Peyronie in 1743, its incidence situates between thirty five and sixty years old. The symptoms of the disease consist in the apparition of nodules or indurated plaques of the penis, more frequently situated in the dorsal or lateral region, but which can also appear at the root of the […]

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