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  • 7 Reasons To Choose Canadian Health&Care Mall

    Sourcing medicines online is one lifehack that helps saving money on something that is not so exciting to shop for. But while the thrill might not be there, pharmaceuticals is something all of us have to invest in, at some point in our lives. And we better be wise and judicious when it comes to spending our buck to buy medicines, especially off a place that we’ve never visited in person. Canadian Health&Care Mall team will clue you in for why it is best to choose a pharmacy like ours if you want to play it safe.

    The quality of Canadian Health&Care Mall drugs

    Canadian HealthCare Mall

    Just like the ABC starts with A, good health starts with quality pharmaceuticals. This puts your druggist in line with your doctor. Choosing the pharmacy meticulously will secure your chances of fast recovery or an efficient ongoing therapy.

    Canadian Pharmacy generics have long been known as reliable medicines of high quality. The key to sourcing our supplies is to always deal with manufacturers whose standards are high. The medicines that you buy at Canadian Health&Care Mall come from overseas, where production of generic pills is legal, since the patents of original manufacturers expire there first. It is also essential to ship pharmaceuticals according to safety and hygiene standards, and this part of our work we could not be more particular about.

    On our hit list you will always find such popular medicines as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and their derivatives. They are completely synonymous with their brand counterparts, being identical in effects, composition and safety. They are irreplaceable items on our bestsellers list, always in demand and never staying around at our stocks for too long. If the proof of the pudding is in the eating, the way our repeat customers sweep them off to refill tells a tale.

    But the fact that we primarily focus on ED drugs does not mean that we have this one bias. Far from it, Canadian Healthcare Mall can offer its customers pills for each and every condition that there is, and you are certain to find any drug you need, of authentic quality and a great price.

    How we can make it work for you with Canadian Health&Care Mall discounts

    While the quality of the drugs that we sell ranks highest on our priority list, the next best thing about Canadian Healthcare Mall is that we go out on a limb to come up with the best prices for every item on our list. This is made possible by thoughtfully picking our suppliers and doing great work in the logistics department. And since we deal primarily with generic medicines, this broadens the scope of possibilities there.

    Generic drugs cost a fraction of the price of their brand counterparts, this is a known fact. If you still find it quaint, here is the rationale behind it. The pharmaceutical company that is the original discoverer of a medicine invests a lot of resources into developing the substance, patenting it, branding and promoting. A high cost of brand medicines can thus be attributed to economical returns. This is why each original developer patents the product, securing monopolistic rights to manufacture.

    But once the original patent is past its expiry date, other manufacturers can apply for a patent. The patent is only granted under condition that the applicant manufacturer’s production conditions meet the safety standards imposed by international healthcare authorities to ensure that the drugs are effective, safe and identical to their original counterparts. The produce of such manufacturers is what they call generic drugs. The price of a generic equivalent of the brand medicine is taken several notches down.

    On top of the low prices for quality generic medicines that we quote at Canadian Health&Care Mall, we regularly come up with between 10% and 20% off our most popular products. You can also find Canadian Pharmacy discount coupons in our newsletters or at the home page of our website – these can be applied to any product on our offer list. But what tops that is the unique offer that we have for our loyal customers: ask for a discount in an email to our support team, and you are guaranteed to receive it!

    Canadian Health&Care Store bonuses will take it even farther, with gifts that come as perks with every order, and free shipping and insurance for orders starting from $150 and $200 respectively.

    Canadian Healthcare Privacy Policy

    Did you ever wonder about realization of your rights to privacy of your health information and how it chips in with shopping at an actual pharmacy store? Getting your drugs at a local drugstore may be the fastest way to get them, but we already established that it is also a more expensive way to do this, and, what’s more important in terms of privacy of your health matters, it doesn’t even come close to being as confidential as online shopping is.

    At Canadian Health&Care Mall the security of your personal information is our priority. We use 256-bit SSL encryption to make sure that your credit card details do not float around in vendor systems. We never share or sell your personal details. And your every order comes discreetly packed.

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