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  • Customer Benefits at Canadian Health&Care Mall

    What makes people look for other sources of drugs rather than their local pharmacies? We all have different motives, yet escalating medication prices are perhaps the leading ones. When you order online you save money and time, forget about any possibility to refuse from a treatment course and live your life. However, ordering online has one more benefit that you surely know of – online consultations permitted by law.


    The process is very easy, you know. You look for a drug store that is reliable, find the customer service category and click to start chatting or send an e-mail letter. Things are pretty easy, aren’t they? Then why many patients don’t trust online physicians and pharmacists? It’s because they entrusted their health to the wrong guys. Here at Canadian Health and Care Mall we hire only experienced and licensed healthcare providers, so your health is always in the right hands.

    Are Online Consultations as Effective as In-Person Appointments?

    It depends on the pharmacy you pick. Canadian Health&Care Mall www.acanadianhealthcaremall.com is a reliable and experienced service with specialists, who are real experts in various fields. They are available via online chatting on email. Imagine you have new symptoms and are clueless about their triggers and treatment process OR you’ve decided on the medication to buy but you need to get a professional consultation here and now. Why go to your doctor, if there’s a specialist at arm’s length?

    online consult

    With the provided information, a physician or pharmacist will give the right key to your problem. The discussion can be either long or short, it’s your choice, but regardless of duration it will surely be necessary to arrive at a right diagnosis and learn what medication is top effective in your case.

    What Do Online Doctors Do?

    Aside from providing accurate and necessary information our online doctors are the health professionals who work on various medical articles, too. Today it is really tough to find a professional who could share his own experience and knowledge describing complicated things in simple phrases and words. There are hundreds of different topics that help people understand their diseases better, learn about possible complications, their prevention and treatment.

    When not writing Canadian Pharmacy doctors offer customers talk via email or chat. This service is absolutely free, however, being very helpful and informative, it is never meant to be used in emergencies. Your physician or family doctor is the one you are to address in the first place, while we are the source of a second or alternative opinion that can help in weighing down all pros and cons. Canadian Pharmacy doctors are usually asked about the types of problems that most men find it hard to be discussed with their physicians. Licensed specialist give effective advice on mental and sexual issues more often than on other issues. And you can be 100% sure that whatever is typed and sent remains confidential. This is why hundreds of males and females daily share their worries and problems with those, who won’t laugh or mock at them and will give answers.

    Answering to FAQs about Online Consultation

    Answering to FAQs about Online Consultation

    1. How does this service work?

    Here at Canadian Health&Care Mall any customer is free to ask whatever question he may be interested in during 24 hours per day. Go to the customer service sections and fill in the form. Don’t forget to mention the subject matter to allow a specialist address your issue with a proper approach. Within couple of hours you will get the answer you are looking for.

    1. Should I pay for the service?

    No, you shouldn’t. The service is absolutely free. We don’t charge for the size of a message, frequency of inquiries or anything else.

    1. How does the consultation help?

    Our specialist (physician or pharmacist) will be able to give advice on illness treatment, fitness and nutrition, prevention of complication and the choice of medications, of course. Technicians usually give full answers to interface and order related questions.

    1. What services you won’t be able to assist with?

    We don’t assist with emergency situations and related questions. If any occurs, please contact your physician. We don’t give prescriptions. Again, you should better consult your regular doctor.

    1. Is the number of questions/inquiries limited?

    No, it’s not. As members are never charged for the received consultations, they can use the system repeatedly.

    1. Should I ask about general health only or specific info is provided too?

    You can ask questions concerning general health and specific issues as well. We give tips and recommendations to people with diabetes, excess weight, erectile dysfunction and other disorders.

    1. Is my medical information confidential?

    After being entrusted it to Canadian Health and Care Mall specialist, your medical history remains fully confidential. It is protected by the latest technologies, never shared or sold to third parties.

    Benefits of Online Consulting

    Many users usually benefit from confidentiality, others look for ways to save time, the third ones receive the information that they couldn’t find before. In general, each of customers gets just what he comes for: support, understanding and sympathy that he may lack at home.

    Let’s be precise, all benefits can be divided into three main groups: general, those to customers and doctors. Some of you may be surprised to see there are pros for specialists, yet this is a two-way road that we choose to go.

    General Benefits

    • affordability;
    • easy access;
    • time economy;
    • confidentiality;
    • no risks.

    Online consultation is a great chance to cut down expenses for most patients. Not everyone can afford having multiple in-person appointments, so he chooses online ones that are not less effective. Here at Canadian Pharmacy Mall online chatting and e-mails are absolutely free, while appointments in a doctor’s office are always pricey. Someone can say that it’s silly not to go to a physician and have an online consultation. Well, this should better be told to people, who can hardly afford buying drugs.

    Easy access is another general benefit. Imagine you can consult with a professional from the comfort of your home, office and any other place you are in. You know you symptoms, so all you need right now is the Internet connection and your telephone or computer. It’s not only money that one can save, it’s also about time. Forget about long distances, travelling from town to town, waiting in queues, etc. In case you have done some tests and got their results, you can share your medical history with one of our physicians to get support and recommendations.

    Those with rather embarrassing conditions, like erectile dysfunction, are the greater part of those, who address Canadian Health&Care Mall specialists. Why so? It’s easy to understand: not every man feels confident or calm while talking to a doctor and explaining his issue. An online conversation is the easiest way out. Besides, our specialists are always here to suggest some traditional and advanced treatment forms. Anonymity is always guaranteed whatever concerns you have.

    What about risks? While you are having online consultations and discussions, risks for complications are very low. You can forget about risks of self diagnosis and complications that may appear due to improper pills.

    Benefits to Customers:

    • 24/7/365 access to professional consultation;
    • immediate access to specialists privately and securely;
    • cost and time reduction;
    • advantages of receiving care by using the Internet;
    • possibility of making a survey of different services before choosing the right one;
    • preventing symptoms;
    • getting tips on proper medications and their dosage;
    • additional information about possible discounts and special offers.

    Benefits to Pharmacists/Physicians:

    • practicing all the time, learning new things, improving knowledge and getting more experience;
    • no need to sit the whole day in a patient’s waiting room or doctor’s chamber;
    • delivery of flexibility;
    • provision of high quality service to people who really need it;
    • possibility to offer services to a larger number of patients.

    Who Works at Canadian Health&Care Mall?

    Canadian Health&Care Mall employs full-time pharmacists with experience and knowledge enough to answer any types of questions that can be asked by our customers. While pharmacists answer questions on medications, our physicians consult on various diseases, their symptoms, causes, treatment and complications prevention. They also write articles on different topics revealing truth and facts about different medications, their approved uses and more.

    What Can Be Discussed and Ordered at Canadian HealthCare Mall?

    Over the past 2 years more and more people turned to ordering medications online. Canadian HealthCare Mall has become one of the most popular services among people of different age, sex and status. In addition to affordable medications we suggest option of time saving.

    Normally, those, who order medications on a regular basis, benefit the most. Our antibiotics, pain relievers, weight loss pills and those for erectile dysfunction in men have saved physical and mental health of many men and women. You can surely find them at your local drugstore, BUT you don’t have to wait in a queue. You get them delivered to your doorstep, quickly and confidentially. We provide only genuine pills that are discreetly packaged. The one who handles the package will never obtain information regarding its contents. Anyone can order them in advance from a reputable pharmacy like ours.

    Our support team works daily for those, who have doubts. An online consultant helps consumers determine what medications they need and what dosage is right for them. A free consultation also gives an opportunity of discussing allergies, complications, adverse reactions and dozens of other concerns with a highly professionals pharmacist or other CHCM service representative.

    We are a reputable source of medications for you, your family and friends. Whatever the medical or private information is, you can freely entrust it to us as it will never be shared with or sold to anyone else.

    Canadian Health Care Mall website: https://www.acanadianhealthcaremall.com

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