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  • Why Do Men With Diabetes Have Erectile Dysfunction?

    Though causes of erectile dysfunction in males are well-described by numerous researchers and scientists, every time it comes to their list in males with diabetes, it appears that far not everything has been studied. In case of diabetes sufferers impotence causes are different. Usually these are impairments in nerves, muscle function or blood vessels. Special treatment is required and Canadian Pharmacy can provide it to anyone who is eager to treat dysfunction.

    What Does Statistics Say?


    Diabetes is regarded as one of the major ED reasons. Diabetics are 3 times more likely to suffer from impotence than any other males. Besides, it is proven that males with blood sugar issues have erectile dysfunction problems 10-15 years earlier than men without it.

    Over the past years the number of diabetics has increased significantly. And though only 5% of all ED patients are diabetics, this number keeps growing every year.

    Most patients buy Generic Medications to treat ED. Those with diabetes are to be very cautions while taking Generic Viagra, Cialis or any other medication type. Why? The thing is that insulin interacts with PDE-5 inhibitors leading to severe body reactions. Still, it doesn’t mean that an impotent male has to get used to his inability. On the contrarily, he has to look for possible ways out. However, in his case an adjusted dose as well as regular medical check-up is a must.

    Who Is At Risk for Impotence Today?


    Knowing all risk factors is of top importance these days. This knowledge will surely help in making right decisions. Males, who are at high risks for ED related to diabetes type II, are the ones who:

    1. are aware of the diabetes condition that they have, yet still don’t meet the goals for A1C, average glucose results;
    2. have high blood sugar;
    3. are over 40;
    4. have high cholesterol levels;
    5. suffer from low testosterone;
    6. don’t go in for sports;
    7. smoke a lot;
    8. are obese.

    If you are in a risk group, apply efforts to change that for good before ED has come into your life and changed your attitude to sex.

    What Can Reduce ED Risks in Impotents?

    These are usually various significant lifestyle changes that both help to cope with diabetes and lower erectile dysfunction risks in young and old males. Here what most specialists and healthcare providers suggest:

    • Blood sugar control

    Control of one’s blood sugar can be done through a special diet. Health Care specialists suggest eating so-called diabetes-friendly food that lessens the amount of damage to nerves and blood vessels. When there’s a place for a proper diet, glucose levels improve the energy level as well as the mood – the factors that can contribute to normal sexual life.

    • Exercising

    It must be regular. Mind adding exercising to your daily routine to control the blood glucose levels, improve blood circulation as well as energy levels and lower stress levels. When all this combines in one, it helps combat ED in most diabetes sufferers.

    ! We suggest exercising for 30 minutes five times a week to get beneficial results.

    • Refuse from smoking

    There is more than just one reason why you should refuse from cigarettes. In term of erectile dysfunction, smoking is able to narrow one’s blood vessels as well as decrease nitric oxide levels, thus worsening erection. The sooner you refuse, the higher your chances for a long and satisfying sexual life is.

    • Refuse from alcohol

    Cutting back on strong beverages is beneficial for one’s health. While having around two or three drinks daily, you contribute to the damage of your blood vessels and development of various ED complications. In addition to that even a pretty mild intoxication makes it tough to achieve hard erection.

    • Control stress

    At times it seems that controlling stress and depression is next to impossible. Still, there are various special techniques that can be used. Learn them to keep your stress under control and don’t let it interfere both with the sexual arousal and ability to have erection. What techniques should you better start with? Pay attention to meditation. Exercising helps a lot as well.

    • Sleep more

    This simple advice offers outstanding advantages. Fatigue is one of the factors that are often related to sexual problems in males of any age. Having enough sleep regularly allows lowering down ED risks and avoiding many other health-related complications.

    Do you suffer from diabetes? Then you probably have ED or you are prone to having it one day. There’s one suggestion for those, who are still strong and active in bed: mild what you eat and exercise more. A tip for those, who are sufferers already – don’t make it get worse. Diabetes and ED may go hand in hand, but you are able to make their bond weak. Use Generic Medications to treat both conditions and stay healthy.

    There’s a ton of indispensable information on diabetes to be found at – http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Diabetes/Pages/Diabetes.aspx

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