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  • What Is There Behind Canadian Pharmacist Job?

    To begin with, pharmacist occupation stands high in the Canadian Priority Occupation List, or POL. POL listed occupations are regulated by the Canadian Government and Migration Service. The problem with nation’s potential is that it seriously lacks some skills. So this list includes occupations which are always in demand both in public and private sectors. But for other Health&Care field occupations like dentists and family physicians, Canada also experiences shortage of professional pharmacists and offers agreeable conditions for native employees and migrants. Let’s see what the main duties and core requirements for this job are.

    List of Duties

    Canadian Pharmacist

    The most demanded hospital and community pharmacists have the common list of duties. They:

    • Check all prescriptions for correct dosage
    • Calculate, combine, mix and fill out right drug proportion on request
    • Distribute prescribed drugs among patients and different Health&Care units
    • Provide comprehensive consultation on possible side effects and contraindications
    • Keep regular records of all controlled drugs including narcotic or poison
    Guarantee quality preparation and proper packaging of the order
    • Monitor lacking products
    • Order Canadian Medications online from trusted providers together with various pharmaceutical supplies
    • Are ready to advise generic or OTC alternatives.

    As for industrial pharmacists, their duties are mostly related to participation in research and development of new drugs, testing, coordination and promotion of these new products both within Canadian Pharmacy and among health professionals.

    Although people skills are not listed in the list above, they are mostly required by HR and help in pharmacist’s daily work. As soon as this job is a complex one, it involves both professional pharmacy knowledge and different kinds of interpersonal skills such as communication, active listening, flexibility, negotiation and persuasion. Besides, it’s also important to have at least basic knowledge of Psychology.

    So this job is not about mere dispense of pharmaceutical products and simple consultation. Contemporary pharmacists are dynamic, proactive professionals who provide all the mentioned above services and strive for the highest customer care levels. And that’s how pharmacists at Canadian Health Care Mall work. This leading online drugstore has severe requirements for candidates, so only professionals work here.

    Requirements of Pharmacist Job

    The list of requirements varies from one Canadian province to another, still in general in order to be eligible for this occupation a candidate should comply with at least three minimal requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree in Pharmacy from any named university.
    2. High score at the national exam held by Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada.
    3. Training and practical skills.

    Besides, there is also a special governmental program for migrants. So by passing a specialized exam and gaining more than 62 points you can receive a full-time job.

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