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  • Past and Present Days of US Pharmacology

    US Pharmacology

    By definition pharmacology is the biomedical science of drugs and their effect on the human body. This science is quite young, developed as a separate branch in the middle of the 19th century. However, information about medicinal plants as an important part of pharmacology is dated back to Egyptian hieroglyphs, ancient Greece and later to Middle Ages.

    Modern pharmacology covers and includes several adjacent sciences:

    • Toxicology studies ways to treat poisons.
    • Pharmaceutical chemistry is about drug chemistry.
    • Pharmacodynamics researches the influence of drugs on humans.
    • Materia medica watches the full living cycle of drugs.
    • Pharmacy studies preparation and dosing of drugs.

    All branches of pharmacology are constantly developing and collaborating. It can be observed watching the highlights of contemporary medical conferences.

    Contemporary Tendencies

    Availability of over-the-counter products made it vital for each and every customer to have information about any pill or drug. That’s why among the main tendencies for modern pharmacology market there is global socialization. But for numerous social networks, there are international meetings, conferences and workshops organized all year round in the USA and abroad.

    As for contemporary scientific tendencies within the last few years pharmacoepidemiology and biopharmacology have been developing both in the US labs research institutes and worldwide. Besides that we are witnessing the increasing in progression number of Pharmacology Schools, research institutions and innovations in this field.

    Regulation Bodies

    It goes without saying that the activity connected with research and influence on the human body needed and still needs strict regulation. US Bureau of Chemistry was founded in 1906 and later on it was renamed to famous Food and Drug Administration, or FDA. Since 1931 US FDA is severely monitoring the quality of medications in accordance with standards and laws.

    Drugs approved by FDA include branded pharmaceutical products, OTC drugs and biological therapeutic products. Objective pharmaceutical analysis done by FDA is internationally accepted and known. It’s a kind of safety guarantee for customers and top liability index for pharmaceutical market companies.

    Secure Pharm Shopping

    The responsibility for drugs quality falls not only on manufacturers of pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutical providers and drugstores are also responsible for the products’ quality and correspondence with international standards. Be always advised to choose only trusted providers with good customers’ reviews, approved and certified medicines.

    Canadian Health&Care Mall is the oldest and one of the most reputed drugstores in Canada and the US. It provides only licensed and certified products and guarantees the best customer service on the market. Together with an agreeable pricing policy and vast variety of offered products from pharmaceutical market leaders it takes care of both your health and your pocket.

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