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  • Is Mediterranean Diet the Healthiest for Your Erectile Function?

    Your Erectile Function Latin word “potential” is the Russian for power and ability to function. Sexology has denoted potency as possibility to conduct normal and fully-realized sexual life: to get excited, reach orgasm, and please a partner. What is Potency? Sexual intercourse starts with emotional excitement and erection and ends with emission of seminal fluid. […]

    Medical Management and Surgical Management of Peyronie’s Disease

    Peyronie’s Disease is an inflammatory disorder of the membrane that covers cavernous bodies inside the penis. Chronic inflammation of the tissue causes appearing of scars (plaques) that lead to a painful and curved erection. It is not literally an erectile dysfunction, but severe forms of Peyronie’s Disease can occasion inability to have a sexual intercourse. […]

    Ask The Expert: The Questions About Erectile Dysfunction You Were Scared To Ask

    About the Problem Erectile dysfunction means incapacity to achieve and preserve erection sufficient for satisfactory coitus. Earlier this disorder was known under the name “impotency”. But nowadays this term is used seldom and is considered to be outdated. Erectile dysfunction is characteristic for men after sixty years of age, although such cases may occur among […]

    Who should and shouldn’t take Dapoxetine?

    Unfortunately, erectile problems are familiar to lots of men nowadays. According to the statistical data such disorders are becoming typical even of young and physically healthy people. Modern pharmacology offers a great variety of solutions that help protract the erection. Dapoxetine is one of the medications that successfully treat the symptoms of men’s sexual disorders. […]

    10 reasons why sex strengthens your health

    It’s a common knowledge that sex is one of the greatest pleasures in the world. However, physical pleasure is not the only advantage of having active sexual life. In fact, sex can improve our health in many ways. Let’s discuss the most important ways how sex can make us healthier. 1. Stronger immune system According […]

    Managing ED Within A Relationship By Canadian Pharmacy Viagra Prescriber

    What does the loss of sexual drive mean for a man? In most cases the loss of sexual drive means that man’s world has been ruined completely. The man may get depressed and destroy his personal relations as well as suffer from the low self-esteem. Of course, such psychological condition may affect his professional life […]

    The Best Viagra Alternatives at Canadian Pharmacy Mall

    Canadian Pharmacy Mall https://www.acanadianhealthcaremall.com offers more than you can imagine. Many newcomers ask our experts about the chemical free alternatives for curing episodic and rare outbursts of erectile dysfunction. The talk is about natural supplements capable to replace Viagra’s effects – at least partially. Do not expect miracles that only Viagra can offer but if […]

    Sex Therapy as a Revolutionary Treatment for Males with Issues

    Psychosexual counseling has recently become a new effective form of erectile dysfunction treatment. Unlike many other similar therapies, it is normally a short-term one and includes 20 sessions with a sex therapist maximum. Unfortunately, it appears to be useless, if your impotence is triggered by physical issues rather than psychological. However, when the condition is […]

    The Dangers of Using and Abusing Viagra

    Many men are tempted to boost their sexual performance with medications prescribed for erectile dysfunction (ED) without actually experiencing this condition. However, abusing these drugs is dangerous and can damage your health. Pharmaceuticals like Viagra are part of a drug group called phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors. These medications are designed to help men suffering from ED, […]

    Understanding Sexual Health: Top 7 Facts You Need to Know

    Sexuality plays one of the most important parts – if not the most important of them all – in the human life. Understanding sexual health is crucial for those who want to stay healthy and happy. You have to exercise regularly to keep reproductive organs healthy Physical activity may be one of the most significant […]

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