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  • Sex Therapy as a Revolutionary Treatment for Males with Issues

    Psychosexual counseling has recently become a new effective form of erectile dysfunction treatment. Unlike many other similar therapies, it is normally a short-term one and includes 20 sessions with a sex therapist maximum. Unfortunately, it appears to be useless, if your impotence is triggered by physical issues rather than psychological. However, when the condition is the result of stress, depression or anxiety, sex therapy may be a best treatment option for you!Psychosexual counseling

    What Does Sex Therapy Include?

    To start with, this counseling service is fully confidential and is designed to help males with their relationship as well as sexual health problems. A reliable service has several experienced relationship counselors as well as sex therapists, who offer support, when ED issue is caused by factors other than physical.

    Covered treatment options and approaches are quite different. A general list includes:

    1. Biofeedback;
    2. Anxiety reduction;
    3. Reduction of desensitization;
    4. Systemic and/or interpersonal interventions;
    5. CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy;
    6. Communication enhancement;
    7. Homework exercises;
    8. Behavioral assignments;
    9. Education.

    As long as ED in relationship is always the couple’s issue, cooperative couples benefit from results faster than those, who choose to be treated alone.

    Trendy Types of Sex Therapies

    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    It was already mentioned in the previous section. CBT is one of the counseling types that assist people in building psychologically healthy relationships. It changes the couple’s outlook and feelings. The approach is based on the theory that no matter what sort of difficulty is faced, it’s never a problem. The reaction is what causes problems the most. The therapy touches upon:

    1. Sexuality;
    2. Self-esteem;
    3. Relationships.

    If there are any destructive patterns that cause ED, this sex therapy deals with them in the most effective way.

    • Physical + Psychological Well-Being

    Exercising improves both the physical and mental health of an ED sufferer. It helps lower stress, improve blood circulation as well as the general well-being. Stress management via exercising makes a great improvement in the sex life of most couples. Those males, who exercise regularly and vigorously for around 30 minutes daily, experience ED more rarely than those, who don’t.

    • Sensate-Focus Sex Therapy

    This is a comparatively new treatment approach that offers different kinds of psychological workouts under a single notion – sensate focus. The therapy is created for couples only as it involves both partners. During the course the couple is always affectionate, however not sexually. A therapist helps concentrate on sensations that may bring pleasure without making one focused on sex only.

    • Relaxation Therapy

    If impotence is caused by stress and work-related problems, it may be eliminated with the help of a relaxation therapy. Breathing patterns are the basis of the relaxation therapy.

    Here are few popular and effective examples most therapists start with:

    1. Deep breathing;
    2. Rhythmic breathing;
    3. Mental imagery.

    The latter technique is also called the guided imagery during which partners learn how to create peaceful and calm images in their minds.

    3 Things to Know about Sex Therapies

    Finding a good therapist is the key. You are to take time and patience and find a real professional to help you in coping with your problems. Look for a person, who has ‘sex therapist’ in the professional title. He/she has degree in sexual education aside from degrees in social work, psychology, family therapy and medicine.

    Take your partner with. Impotence or other related issues aren’t the problem of a male only, especially, if he’s married. Of course, you may have a one-on-one appointment, but it’s the usual way with the very first scheduled meeting. Later on you need to come along with your partner.

    Find out more about the psychological side of sex. It’s a common problem for a male to be concentrated on the physical side only. Yet, emotional issues contribute to the issue as well. During the sex therapy you will be able to learn more about the performance anxiety, open communication lines, partners’ needs and sexual preferences.

    FYI, sex therapies are not for everyone. If your sexual issues are related to your physical conditions and limitations, this kind of therapy will be useless in your case. A therapist will help you when the problem is emotional or mental in nature. According to the latest studies, sex therapies help resolve issues in 50-70% of those, who have scheduled visits. It won’t do any good, if partners drop out of the treatment course after several sessions. Besides, the greater part of work is done by the couple, not a therapist. A professional guides towards the treatment and new skills, yet he can’t force anyone follow the guidelines.

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