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  • Is Mediterranean Diet the Healthiest for Your Erectile Function?

    Your Erectile Function


    Latin word “potential” is the Russian for power and ability to function. Sexology has denoted potency as possibility to conduct normal and fully-realized sexual life: to get excited, reach orgasm, and please a partner.

    What is Potency?

    Sexual intercourse starts with emotional excitement and erection and ends with emission of seminal fluid. A sound man doesn’t have any issues with libido. Penis doesn’t lose flexibility and doesn’t get lax, decreasing in size during sexual intercourse.

    Potency is a desire and possibility to get sexually excited via petting of a partner.

    Impotency is diagnosed if a man has:

    • detained erection and ejaculation;
    • decreased level of sensitivity of sexual organ;
    • disappearing of strong sexual attraction to the opposite sex;
    • loss of arousal just in between coitus;
    • premature ejaculation and absence of subsequent erection.

    Sexual dysfunction occurs at any age, but you shouldn’t get worried. The potency may be restored by means of medications and correct dietary regimen. There are also exercises for erection boost, products enhancing libido and psychological ways to struggle the impotency.

    How to Maintain Potency?

    Men wishing to preserve sexual attraction till extreme age are recommended observing the following rules:

    • The morning should be started with contrast shower hydrotherapy or cold water friction. Hydrotherapeutic procedures improve blood circulation and slow down the process of blood vessels aging which provide a penis with blood.
    • Forget smoking and take a fancy to jogging. Nicotine blocks up vessels and decreases their elasticity. Blood circulation in pelvic organs ameliorates causing erection issues.
    • Replace fat meet with the boiled one, use more vegetables and nuts instead of fast food and semi-finished products. Fatty food contains a lot of cholesterol which leads to overweight, atherosclerosis and potency issues.
    • Have sex regularly to prevent your seminal fluid become stagnant in testicles. Like other muscles, penis needs to be trained; otherwise ejaculation and erectile problems occur.
    • Have a rest often and enjoy your life. Stresses influence potency adversely, whereas a good night’s sleep improves it.
    • Take natural medications. They improve continuance of sexual intercourse and return self-confidence to men.

    Potency depends on clothes as well. Therefore, men should wear only natural underwear and not put on tight pants and trousers compressing testicles. This organ is responsible for testosterone production. Those who like to wear tight clothes have decreased level of hormones, since testicles always overheat and function badly.

    Mediterranean Diet


    Mediterranean diet is the only system of nourishment which is accepted by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 2010. Now it is extremely popular in such countries as Greece, Morocco, and Italy. In December, 2013 UNESCO enhanced the countries list with Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, and Croatia. Each country has its own particular features of this diet, but the basis of it is the same.

    Nutritional consultants pay much attention to the fact that people living in Mediterranean countries do not suffer (or suffer less) from atherosclerosis, cardio-vascular diseases, and their complications – myocardial infarction and apoplectic attacks. What is the reason for this phenomenon? The causes may be in particularities of benevolent climate, heredity, and social life conditions and many others.

    Dieting experts consider a special nutrition system to be a key reason of relative well-being in regards to cardio-vascular diseases and their complications in Mediterranean region. It goes without saying that some people in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece take food in not the same way. Nevertheless, there are reasons to discuss a so-called Mediterranean diet.

    Considerable specific gravity of vegetables, fruits, berries and juices in every-day ration is characteristic for this diet. Olives are generally used for gastronomy and are ingredients of almost any food intake. The menu is characterized by practically complete absence of animal oil along with simultaneous usage of olive oil. Olive oil is constantly utilized on dinner table: during breakfast, dinner and supper. It is used for dressing of various salads of vegetables and sea food and roasting of different products. Moreover, no cases of epigastric burning were reported as opposed to application of culinary fats. Olive oil provides the decrease of cholesterol in blood and blocks the development of atherosclerotic process due to containing of drying fatty acid and vitamin E in it. Besides, olive oil promotes a regular intestinal activity what is more important in case of cardio-vascular diseases accompanied by uncleared bowels. It is also useful in case of biliary dyskinesia, since olive oil is a perfect cholagogue.

    Mediterranean diet deserves a special attention of nutritional consultants by its vegetarian orientation.

    Benefits of Mediterranean Diet for Male Potency

    It is well known that male power depends on various factors, and nutrition is one of the most important. All medical experts recommend observing Mediterranean diet in case he has potency issues.

    It is based on the following principles:

    Eat fruits, vegetables, cereals in combination with fish and other seafood, such as shrimps, oysters, octopuses, mussels, squids and scallops. This combination increases the quality of seminal fluid considerably. This conclusion is made by one of the Italian national research universities.

    The research of scholars included the search for connection between diet (greens, vegetables, seafood) and male fertility. It was exposed that there was a direct dependence between low quality of semen and incorrect dietary regimen.

    Healthy nourishment consists of products rich in vitamins C, D, omega-3 fatty acid, folic acid, zinc, beta-carotene, lycopene, and selenium. Besides, the diet should not include products with trans-fat.

    This is exactly seafood including fish, fruits and vegetables, greens, and non-fat dairy products which influence positively the quality of semen. BUT! A patient should exclude alcohol, coffee, simple carbohydrates, fatty meat, amylaceous vegetables, since they worsen the quality of seminal fluid.

    Thus, Italian researchers concluded that switch into sound ration is highly important for a man. Mediterranean diet is the most suitable for that.

    Full List of Products Which Should Be Eaten

    1. Carbohydrates including cereals, macaroni, bread which may be eaten every day.
    2. Fruits (up to three times a day) and vegetables (up to six times a day).
    3. Olive oil used for any salad.
    4. Fermented milk products (not more than twice a day) and non-fat cheese.
    5. Sea fish (up to 6 times per week).
    6. Non-fat poultry meat (up to four times per week).
    7. Olives, dehydrated fruit, nuts, sunflower seeds (up to once a day).
    8. Potatoes and other root vegetables (up to three portions per week).
    9. Eggs (from 1 up to 4 pcs per week).
    10. Three portions of something sweet or even chocolate.
    11. Red meat (up to four times per month).

    This diet required fresh food either steamed or grilled. Cereals should be soaked 24 hours before cooking.

    Mediterranean Diet Rules

    • Eat more herbal products and think thoroughly your menu in order to differentiate it constantly.
    • Also, consumption of much read meat is not recommended. But still it is important for ration.
    • Substitute dairy butter with olive oil where it is possible.
    • Salt is not to be used, but it may be easily substituted with spices.
    • One glass of red wine may be taken once a day.

    How Does It Work?

    Although Mediterranean diet is not so severe and it may be observed easily, since it doesn’t have any counter-indications from medical point of view. It would be perfect if you refused fast food, refined products and semi-finished goods which are obnoxious for organism. You should allocate your ration properly in particular proportions by means of graduated vessel. This diet allows losing weight. Along with sport and this diet, you will have the figure of your dreams. When it comes to a diet, one should eat 5 times per day, three of which are a main course and two additional ones.

    It is better to systematize your food acceptance and eat at one and the same time with regular intervals between food intakes.

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