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  • 10 reasons why sex strengthens your health

    It’s a common knowledge that sex is one of the greatest pleasures in the world. However, physical pleasure is not the only advantage of having active sexual life. In fact, sex can improve our health in many ways. Let’s discuss the most important ways how sex can make us healthier.

    sex strengthens your health

    1. Stronger immune system

    According to the latest research performed by American experts, people who have regular sex take fewer sick days at work. If you are sexually active, then your body is more prepared to fight against viruses, bacteria and other micro germs that can cause diseases.

    The scientists at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania have obtained similar results when studying college students above 18. The young people who had weekly sex had higher levels of antibodies than those who made love less frequently.

    2. Boosted libido

    People with active sexual life generally have better libido. As a result, they get more pleasure and are more satisfied with their romantic relationships. Such people continue to have a happy sexual life even when they reach a certain age when their peers start experiencing first problems with libido.

    For ladies, sex increases vaginal lubrication and blood flow to vaginal tissues, thus making sex more pleasant and craved for.

    3. Lower blood pressure

    According to the research made by one American company, there is a correlation between sex and blood pressure. Namely, regular sex (especially in loving couples) decreases systolic blood pressure which is the first and the most crucial indicator on any blood pressure test.

    4. Lower heart attack risk

    Sex can also make your heart stronger. Sexual life helps to balance the levels of estrogen and testosterone, which, in its turn, makes you less prone to heart disease. One of the recent studies shows that the chances to die of heart disease are two times smaller for men who make love at least twice a week.

    5. Better shape

    Sex can be part of your weekly (or daily) physical exercise aimed at losing weight and having a more toned body. When making love, you train your heart, use numerous muscles and burn approximately 5 calories per minute. It isn’t the same as gym but it’s still something you may want to consider.

    6. Lessened pains

    The professors from the State University of New Jersey say that sex is a great anesthetic. When you make love, your body releases a hormone that raises your pain threshold.

    Whether you reach orgasm or just do some quick stimulation, you will most probably eliminate many kind of pain. Women also note that sex is useful for lessening monthlt cramps and headache.

    7. Lower prostate cancer risk

    The American Medical Association recently published an article which claims that men who had regular ejaculations were less likely to suffer prostate cancer. This works not only for normal sexual intercourse but for other forms of ejaculation as well (nocturnal emissions and self-stimulation).

    8. Improved bladder control for women

    When a woman has orgasm, her pelvic muscles contract, thus making pelvic floor more toned. This is a key factor for preventing incontinence which almost 30 per cent of women face at a certain stage of their lives. You can further enhance the effect by performing Kegel exercises (contracting and relaxing your pelvic muscles while making love).

    9. Better sleep

    Many people note that they fall asleep more easily after making love, and this is not a coincidence. During orgasm our body releases the hormone prolactin which helps our body to relax (both physically and mentally) and get ready for a sleep.

    10. Lower stress

    Making love can also make our life less stressful, so next time you reach for a sedative drug, consider going to the bedroom with your partner.

    Researchers proved long ago that touches and hugs help to release a natural “feel happy” hormone. Being close to the beloved one soothes our stress and anxiety and signals to our brain that the situation is not as bad as we used to think. Besides, sex can also boost our self-esteem which makes us stronger in our fight against stress.

    Therefore, sex is not only a way of getting pleasure but also a powerful source of health and happiness. Consider sex as something more than a weekly night enjoyment, and your health will improve greatly.

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