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  • Erectile Dysfunction: 5 Unpleasant Facts and Treatment Options

    To say that erectile dysfunction is an unpleasant condition means to say nothing; it causes more bother to men, both physical and mental, than any other disease. However, not all men understand what this diagnosis implies. Here is the info on some although common still requiring explanation facts as well as treatment options that Canadian […]

    Viagra Off-Label Uses: Top Facts You Would Want to Know

    Since Canadian Health and Care pharmacy handles worldwide distribution of Viagra, we want all our customers to get more knowledge on the medication that isn’t as simple as it may seem. All of us (even those not affected by the condition directly) know what Viagra is usually taken for. The drug is the very first […]

    Top Advantages of Private Canadian Health Care

    In addition to public health care services providers such as public hospitals and primary care physicians Canada has developed private health care sector. A number of private clinics with better facilities and equipment are also at patients’ disposal. Even though such services are costly in comparison to public ones, they are also of high demand […]

    Still Buying Drugs in Traditional Drugstores? Stop as There Is a Much Better Way

    This is the question that turns up in heads when customers get their first order from Canadian Health Care Mall online service. Why Online Pharmacy The reasons are often of rather intimate nature. The thing is that erectile dysfunction is a very actual problem and sufferers rarely have a desire either to see their doctors […]

    Best Erectile dysfunction pills – Opt for the Best Impotence Pills for Men

    Erectile dysfunction, or ED, known as male impotence is man’s inability to gain or maintain an erection. This problem occurs when blood cannot flow openly to the penile chamber. Some good, harmless, safe, and effective drugs are used to treat erectile dysfunction. This article finds out and gives the review to the best ED medicines […]

    Combined Oral Contraceptive Pills

    The combined oral contraceptive pill (COCP) is a contraceptive in tablet form to be taken every day. They contain two hormones, estrogen and progestin, hence their name. The pill provides a very safe protection against pregnancy. The pill makes you not get any ovulation. It also affects the mucus in the cervix so that it […]

    Menstrual Problems Research with Canadian Health&Care Mall

    It is very common to have discomfort associated with menstruation. The reason why some get trouble and others do not is largely unknown, but it may depend on how sensitive you are to certain hormones. Treatment You can try your prescription painkillers against menstrual cramps. If they do not help, your doctor can prescribe other […]

    Dealing With Sexual Inadequacy Pharmacologically

    Complacency of a man rests with his image of a lover. Virility is something that is measured by size, quality, quantity and vigor, and this is the simple law of the land. You can resent it or be fine with it, but when the media have their say, the rest of us are left with […]

    Сomplications of vasoactive intracavernous injection therapy

    The follow-up of approximately 4000 patients treated world-wide with papaverine alone or in combination with phentolamine has been published8, in addition, long-term results with intracavernous injection therapy based on prostaglandin E1 have been reported. Reported side-effects have included hematomas, burning pain after injection, urethral damage, cavernositis or local infections, fibrotic changes of the corpora cavernosa, […]

    Intracavernosal injection therapy for erectile dysfunction

    The management of patients with erectile dysfunction has recently been grouped into three different levels. Initially, patients should be advised to control every clinical abnormality or life-style factor associated with a higher risk of erectile dysfunction. Usually, this first step alone is not able to cause a significant improvement of the patient’s erectile function, and […]

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