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  • Top Advantages of Private Canadian Health Care

    Top Advantages of Private Canadian Health Care

    In addition to public health care services providers such as public hospitals and primary care physicians Canada has developed private health care sector. A number of private clinics with better facilities and equipment are also at patients’ disposal. Even though such services are costly in comparison to public ones, they are also of high demand among locals. Moreover, private healthcare insurance plans are used as an extra to existing ones for complete health care coverage.

    So what are the main benefits of Canadian private health care when it is the only possible option and what are the drawbacks of it?

    Evident Benefits of Private Health Care

    As a healthy alternative to public health care services, private sector is gaining more scores now because it covers and corrects some flaws of the public system.

    • Private clinics are usually better equipped, that’s why if you need specialized tests, X-rays or MRI scan fast, just visit any private clinic in your neighborhood. As for public hospitals, only those situated in big cities can be called fully-equipped. Still, they also boast of rather long queues.

    • It is a time saving option for any group of patients. Unfortunately, public hospitals do miss fast services providing. If you need urgent medical aid with no delays, private sector is more helpful than public.

    • You can choose your doctor/specialist or ask for replacement of the current one, when you are not satisfied. This option is for private clinics only.

    • Private clinics also cooperate with the leading national pharmaceutical dealers, Canadian Health&Care Mall, for instance, so any prescription or OTC medicine is not hard to find. Besides, thanks to constant discount offers the prices are pretty agreeable.

    • Private insurance companies cover the bigger cost of services that are not covered by public health care system. Such policies require extra fees; still they do support and lessen healthcare expenses if needed.

    No matter if you are using a provincial health card of public health care or prefer private clinics, all prescribed medicines are covered by patients. Canadian Health Care Pharmacy has very strict regulation procedures as for quality of drugs, so you can be sure that you purchase high quality products, be it common heath pills or ED medicines like Viagra or Cialis.

    Cons of Private Health Care Sector

    Health Care Canadian

    In spite of so many pros, private health care sector in Canada created a gap and somehow broke the equality promoted by public system. It also has some drawbacks and many Canadians do prefer to limit their healthcare plan with public services because:

    1. In comparison to public health care programs which are not cheap by origin, private insurance policy involves higher costs.

    2. Even the most thoroughly selected private health insurance plan does not cover all health benefits, so you need to select what is of bigger priority.

    While the necessity of private clinics and insurance is fiercely debated, medical services provided by private sector are used more often in Canada.

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