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  • Menstrual Problems Research with Canadian Health&Care Mall

    It is very common to have discomfort associated with menstruation. The reason why some get trouble and others do not is largely unknown, but it may depend on how sensitive you are to certain hormones. Menstrual Problems


    You can try your prescription painkillers against menstrual cramps. If they do not help, your doctor can prescribe other pain medicines.

    If you have PMS, it may help, including exercise and relaxation, but if necessary you can also get birth control pills, diuretics or antidepressant medication.

    Heavy bleeding can be suppressed with prescription drugs. If you have problems with irregular periods, pills or hormonal therapy might be the key solution.

    Sometimes you should contact a doctor

    Menstrual pain in young women is very common and is not a sign of illness. But if an adult woman has been free from painful periods for many years and then begins to experience painful menstrual bleeding, she should contact a general practitioner or gynecologist to do a medical examination. It can be an inflammation of the uterus or a fallopian tube, for which it is important to get a timely treatment. It may also be due to a fibroid, ie a harmless muscle lump in the womb, or anything else that can be treated. Another reason may be endometriosis, which means that there is bleeding endometrium in places other than inside the uterus.

    Where to seek help?

    In most cases, menstrual problems are harmless. But if they are perceived as very unpleasant, you can seek treatment for help with relief. If you are young, the first step should be to visit a youth clinic or school nurse. If PMS or menstrual pain is the main problem, one can turn to the health center’s general practitioner first.

    If you miss a period, it may be the first sign that you are pregnant. Reliable pregnancy tests available in most pharmacies.

    If you have menstrual disorders that lasts for a long time may sometimes, you need to get a referral to a gynecologist for investigation.

    If you suspect that you may have anemia, you should first turn to a reception where you can get their blood count checked.

    PMS can be treated in several ways PMS

    PMS is not dangerous, but one in ten women in Canada wants some kind of treatment for it. There are different ways to self-treat mild PMS. It is important that you take it easy and do not get stressed, that you are resting, sleeping properly, and doing things you enjoy doing.

    You can take prescription pain medications against menstrual cramps. To get the best relief medication should be taken as soon as you notice the slightest sign of pain. There is pain medication containing ibuprofen, such Ibumetin or aspirin or paracetamol, Alvedon or painkillers. The drugs are available without prescription. One should always follow the dose recommended on the package.

    You can get all of the above pills inexpensively at Canadian Health&Care Mall with anonymous and speedy delivery. Your privacy will be respected at every stage of your ordering with our pharmacy, a drugstore that has gathered a huge fan base thanks to the generous policy of knocked down prices for quality meds.

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