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  • Whether Levitra is the Right Drug for Me?

    What Is Levitra (Vardenafil)?

    What Is LevitraLevitra is a medicine which is generally similar to Viagra and designed for men suffering from erectile dysfunction (impotency). Levitra cannot completely treat ED, and a patient needs to take it each time he is going to have sex. There were developed a variety of drugs designed to help men suffering from ED. The first remedy was the so-called PDE5 inhibitor represented by a trade mark Viagra containing sildenafil. The second solution was Levitra and then – Cialis.

    Very often psychological factors are considered to be primary factors of erectile dysfunction. Nevertheless, after occurrence of Levitra it was discovered that ED was mainly a physiological problem. Since such diseases as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, high blood pressure and elderly age often cause the problems with occurrence and preservation of stable erection.

    Before development of Viagra analogues, such as Levitra and Cialis, ED was cured by means of direct medical injections in penis or implantation. With occurrence of Levitra, these unpleasant and expensive procedures remained in the past. As of today, most men are able to have fully-realized sex by just taking one yellow pill.

    Levitra doesn’t cure erectile dysfunction. This remedy is to be taken before sexual intercourse. In some time, when sexual arousal occurs, stable natural erection will take place. This effect lasts several hours and then gradually disappears. Levitra is not aphrodisiac. It will not boost sexual desire, but allow a patient to get normal erection with sexual stimulation. Levitra takes its action not on cerebrum, but on body. Men who took Levitra were surprised with the fact that they do not experience medicine’s effect until they have sexual excitement. Nevertheless, when they are aroused, the action is felt momentarily.

    “Levitra”: What Does It Mean?

    “Levitra” is a made-up brand which doesn’t have any particular meaning. Apart from the fact this is an invented word, it may be studied why exactly this word was used to name this trade mark.

    First, the word “Levitra” sounds like “levitation” which means “raise up”, “soar” and is a perfect hint that after Levitra administration, patient’s penis must get erected. Besides, it may be suggested that Levitra originates from French article “le” and Latin “vita” meaning “life”. The word “Levitra” has some similarities with the name “Viagra”. “Levit-ra” and “Viag-ra” end with “ra” and both words contain three syllables. When a new medication is issued, it is given two names: the common name and branded name. “Levitra” is a branded name, whereas “Vardenafil” is a common name. The brand is used for marketing, since this name is easy-to-remember and -pronounce by consumers and physicians.

    Major pharmaceutical companies spend dozens of millions U.S. dollars on advertising of their new medications; and therefore, development and promotion of their brands require enormous resources. Bayer patented “Levitra” on the 8th of February, 2000. Levitra is manufactured by German producer, Bayer Corporation, whereas British pharmaceutical company, Glaxo Smith Kline is occupied by its world-wide distribution. This medication is developed and issued by the German company, Bayer. Orange/yellow pills of Levitra have a cross-shaped trade sign of Bayer.

    Levitra Mechanism of Action

    Levitra Mechanism of ActionLevitra’s action is a complicated chemical process which may be described by one phrase. Relaxation of smooth muscle cells of cavernous bodies in penis depends on provision of calcium ions release from unstriated cells. This process is mainly regulated by nitrogen oxide which activates a special enzyme, guanylate cyclase. Guanylate cyclase in turn increases synthesis of secondary mediator, cyclic guanosine monophosphate which promotes to deflux of calcium ions from unstriated muscles in cavernous bodies. This process leads to relaxation of smooth muscle cells enhances blood supply to cavernous bodies and thus, allows men to achieve and preserve erection. PDE5 destroys cyclic guanosine monophosphate causing contraction of smooth muscle cells of penis. Hence, inhibition of this enzyme by Levitra increases the content of cyclic guanosine monophosphate and alleviates erection occurrence.

    Optimal Dosage of Levitra

    Bayer issues Levitra in pills of 2.5 mg, 5mg, and 20mg of vardenafil. Indian companies issue Levitra generics containing 60mg of active substance. For initial intake of Levitra, it is recommended dividing the tablet of 20mg into four parts and taking the dose of 5mg. Then, it is important to estimate the way this minimal dose impacts patient’s organism and increase it, if required. Men over 65 years of age or those who take particular medications are recommended administering even smaller dosage of Levitra. First of all, it is worth consulting by a specialist in regards to Levitra dose in each individual case. The lesser dose of Levitra is applied, the better. Lower dosages have less quantity of side-effects, so in case the effect of small dose is suitable for a patient, there is no importance to increase it. The most cost-effective way is to purchase Levitra in the dose of 20mg. Divide the pill into four parts by 5mg each and take 1 part. If the dose of 5mg is not effective or has insufficient impact, increase the dose to 10 or 20mg. Maximal daily dose is 20mg. Do not exceed this dose, since first of all, medicine’s action won’t enhance and second, it is not safe for health.

    Organism of elderly people especially over 65 years, experience a slower absorption of Levitra’s active substance; therefore, they feel the positive effect to the full by taking even smaller dose. Administration of some medications may also be a cause to reduce the recommended dosage. Thus, if you take any medications constantly and decided to try Levitra, take advice of your physician or pharmacist. Levitra is to be taken not oftener than once a day. The medicine is not allowed to be combined with other medications for potency boost, such as Cialis and Viagra.

    Onset Time

    Levitra takes its action within 15 minutes after the intake and approximately in 1 hour it reaches its peak capacity. Co-administration with fatty food may prolong the onset time. Levitra effect lasts up to 4 hours. Nevertheless, consumers reported that long-term impact lasted 1-2 days.

    Is Levitra Suitable for Women?

    Levitra was neither thoroughly tested in women, nor approved for usage by faire sex. Any woman must take decision of Levitra administration only after preliminary consultation by a gynecologist.

    Levitra with Food and Alcohol

    Combination with food

    Levitra may be taken with food, but it should be remembered that fatty food may slow down absorption of vardenafil. One of the greatest advantages of Levitra is the fact that food taken does not weaken its action. Nevertheless, absorption process may be decelerated by extra fatty food; therefore, if there is no possibility to take Levitra fasted, try to eat fish and vegetables instead of meat.

    Intake with alcoholic beverages

    According to the results of research studies, Levitra’s positive effect is preserved even after intake of moderate quantity of alcohol. Also, Levitra taken simultaneously with small amount of alcohol is not dangerous for organism. Nevertheless, there were no research studies regarding the combined action of Levitra and alcohol on organism where the latter is traditionally a cause of weak erection. Thus, if you plan to apply Levitra, you need to refuse alcohol for a while.

    Levitra Side-Effects

    Levitra Side-Effects

    The most wide-spread side-effects are headache, redness of skin, nasal congestion and indigestion. These adverse effects are weakly pronounced and disappear shortly. All symptoms (apart from headache) may be decreased by taking a lower dose of the medication. Besides, frequency and intensity of side-effects will reduce within several weeks of Levitra administration due to accustomization to the drug.


    A patient is prohibited to take Levitra in the following cases:

    • Allergy to vardenafil;
    • Administration of ritonavir, indinavir, drugs for HIV;
    • Nitrates-containing medicines, such as glycerin trinitrate for cardiac angina intake;
    • Age over 75 years and intake of antifungal medicines;
    • Apoplectic or heart attack in the past medical history;
    • Severe hepatic, renal or cardiac disorders;
    • Low blood pressure;
    • Vision losses in the past medical history.

    Solutions to Reduce Possible Levitra Side-Effects

    First of all, in order to reduce side-effects, it is required to decrease medicine’s dosage. The lower the dose is, the lesser the chances are to experience adverse effects. Also, there are other ways to cope with side-effects. Try to decrease the quantity of water taken after Levitra which may allow eliminating headache and nasal stuffiness. It is possible to take Levitra fasted in order to check if this measure helps to reduce side-effects. If Levitra is taken long, organism gets accustomed to the drug causing reduction of side-effects. All in all, Levitra adverse effects are rather mild and disappear within a couple of hours.

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