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  • Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder and Drugs at Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy

    While many consider Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder not a genuine condition, it is recognized by the vast majority of medical specialists as one of the most concerning sexual dysfunctions not due to its severity but due to its prevalence. Many people have this condition although some may simply not recognize it or even consider it a problem. When the latter is the case and a notable lack of sexual desire is not a problem for you, consider yourself a lucky person. However, low sexual performance or the lack of libido are often causes for various problems in your social life and to some degree your health.

    Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

    One of the most important problems is certainly the fact that low sexual desire often leads to conflicts between sexual partners. When people start spend less time engaging in sexual activities, they start doubting the sincerity of the relationship. Couples that experience such problems usually demonstrate a noticeable lack of communication and one side will always express that they do not trust their partner. All suspicions and the lack of trust leads to constant quarrels and reduces the quality of the relationship. This may also negatively affect the very self-esteem of your sexual partner.

    Another factor that we must respect is health. While low sexual activity is not something that may lead to problems with health. In the long run, men who regularly engage in sexual activities have lesser risks of developing benign prostate hyperplasia earlier in their life. Despite BPH being an inevitable health condition, any sane man would like to postpone for as long as possible. Healthy sexual life allows for better psychological condition and dramatically improves your self-esteem.

    What Is HSDD or ISD?

    It is hard to pinpoint which drugs are the most effective mean of treatment of such conditions if you do not fully understand them. Hypoactive sexual disorder (often shortened to HSDD) is a quite common condition characterized by a notable lack of sexual desire and total absence of sexual fantasies. The diagnosis is usually made by a medical specialist who judges whether a person has genuine HSDD. Another name for this particular condition is ISD or Inhibited Sexual Desire. Both names are common amongst medical authorities.

    You should not confuse it with complete genuine asexuality which a mental disorder that can be diagnosed quite easily. There are different types of HSDD that can be identified by a specialist. For each scenario you can find appropriate medications and means of treatment making the very process of curing the condition quite simple if you acknowledged it early.

    There are three major types of HSDD or ISD:

    1. This is the most common condition that many people have to some degree. This means that people simply lack sexual libido and do not want to engage in sexual activities. Such conditions can be infused by drugs, health issues, psychological issues, stresses, and many other factors.
    2. In such scenarios people may be still sexually active and have sexual fantasies but lack desire for their specific partners. In such cases, counselling is heavily advised alongside specific types of medications that are usually prescribed for general cases.
    3. When a sudden drop in libido follows a period of completely normal sexual desire, we characterize HSDD as an acquired condition. Unlike genuine lifelong conditions, this is usually induced by external factors like drugs, stresses, and others.

    One of the general points of criticisms targeted at this condition is that many asexual people consider it offensive referring to the point in history when homosexuality was something that doctors tried to cure. However, many experts are firmly standing on the idea that reduced sexual libido is not asexuality and does reflect a concerning shift in one’s mentality. The very fact that a person that had normal level of sexual libido stopped being active sexually willingly is a fact that deserves attention to say the least. Any change in normal behavior is something that should concern people.

    What Can Cause HSDD?

    As mentioned above, there are three types of HSDD that can be diagnosed. One of the least concerning of them is generalized lifelong condition that usually indicates either asexuality or mental issues that are prevalent from the earliest ages. Direct causes are not yet fully identified by medical community and many experts can describe what HSDD is and what may lead to it, but no one can pinpoint exact causes of this condition despite its high rate of occurrence.

    The case for generalized lifelong types of HSDD is simply impossible to truly identify. While various psychologists tried their hardest to explain why such conditions may bother men, it is necessary to observe and study patients from their vey childhood which is obviously impossible due to many reasons. People who have generalized lack of sexuality cannot explain why they don’t want any sexual stimulation. They simply consider it normal despite understanding that it is abnormal in some ways and would like to change it.

    Acquired conditions are less tricky. Their causes may be different and come from a very broad spectrum of factors, they are much easier to identify. Acquired conditions usually start from a distinguishable point in a patient’s history. One can usually pick the right moment when the condition was acquired. This may happen due to various external reasons including notably low levels of hormones (namely testosterone), psychiatric complications, and/or medications and drugs. A therapy that adjusts or counteracts negative effects of these factors can be efficient.

    How to Treat HSDD?

    Doctor writing and holding a patient prescription after medical

    Many people who have noticed a drop in their sexual libido wonder whether it is possible to bring back sexual desire and maybe treat some other problems that may be related to them. One of such problems is premature ejaculation. This problem may dramatically decrease one’s self-esteem and force them to feel insecure about their sexual performance and thus decrease their libido. There are medications that can address both problems simultaneously. A whole selection of such medications you can find at Canadian Health & Care Mall.

    Some types of HSDD can be cured based on what caused it. Treating the source of the problem is usually an effective way to deal with the problem itself. Searching for the root of the issue is not as hard as some may think. In fact, it is quite easy to identify what led to the case of HSDD. Intimacy difficulties, communicational issues within relationships, and sexual addiction – all these factors can lead to a severe case of ISD/HSDD. Physiological issues that may induce HSDD are a lack of hormones or an increased amount of prolactin.

    Hormonal therapy is a very dangerous process and should be initiated after significant amount of contemplation and consultations with your trusted doctor. The lack of testosterone is a serious matter and should be addressed as such. It is also important to generalize the problem and address it as a much broader set of issues that can be cured by a single medication. What this means is that you need to understand that HSDD is usually only a part of a much larger issue that very often has a mental background.

    HSDD/ISD frequently develops alongside stresses, depression, mental disorders, and physiological changes. Note that many conditions like such can be treated by antidepressants many of which may also help with premature ejaculation. Such drugs may be dangerous, but they can be used in isolation which significantly reduces their danger.

    It is not recommended to use unorthodox treatment methods, untested methods like Ayurveda, and drugs that are not approved by FDA. We strongly suggest you to try constructing your treatment plan based on your overall health condition and choose reactionary drugs accordingly. If you have an acquired form of HSDD that could be induced by mood swings and depression, you should definitely consider using a therapy that addresses depression instead of aphrodisiacs to treat HSDD.

    There are several drugs that are recognized by the community of doctors as frontline means of treating HSDD/ISD. All of them as well as antidepressants and specific drugs for sexual disorders you can usually find at Canadian Health & Care Mall.

    Modern Drugs to Treat HSDD

    One of the most frequently suggested drugs for HSDD is Flibanserin which is more known under its brand name Addyi. This drug was specifically designed to treat low libido in women, a condition that often manifest the pre-menopause period. While some sceptics believe that this drug has only its placebo effect, various clinical trials showed that there is a satisfying statistical improvement compared to placebo. The difference is not mind boggling but certainly justifies the effectiveness of the drug. Note that this drug is for women only.

    Another drug that many specialists prescribe as an effective way of treating NSDD is Bupropion which is more known under its brand name Wellbutrin. This is a very famous antidepressant that has been around for ages. It is a very effective drug when it comes to treating various psychological disorders including depressive conditions and mood swings. As such, this medication is also a good mean of treating HSDD in all its forms excluding generalized lifelong conditions that should be addressed from a slightly different angle and may require more diagnosis and analysis before forming an efficient treatment plan. Note that Bupropion is available in its generic forms and some men use it as a drug against premature ejaculation.

    Where to Purchase Drugs for HSDD

    Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy www.acanadianhealthcaremall.com showcases a very wide range of drugs that can be used to treat hypoactive sexual disorder. If you need a reliable medication that will help you with this issue, choosing a website with rich choice is the way to go.

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