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  • How to Keep Great Sexual Health Up to Old Age?

    Sex after 70 is not impossible? What nonsense! Several tips will help you remain sexually active anytime. Just follow the rules described in our article.

    Sexual Health over 60 Is the Result of Your Entire Life

    Sexual Health over 60 Is the Result of Your Entire Life

    When people read articles about the problems which become so obvious after 40, their only wish is to postpone that unlucky date. They try to take everything from life and forget about the reason of that sad statistics. Health complications are the result of life experience, both positive and negative. Sexual life is very changeable too. If everything is OK, men and women want each other and have unforgettable nights. When something terrible happens, the desire vanishes. Speaking about old age, people try to avoid the theme of intimate life. They believe that there is nothing to talk about. It’s a wrong point of view. You can be sexually active even at 80 if you take care about your future now.

    Men and Women’s Sexual Dysfunction

    Scientists proved that both men and women can have problems in their intimate sphere of life. Men have difficulties with penis rising and women with low libido. When husband and wife have such problems together, they avoid sexual intercourse. They don’t know that there is a great choice of medicines which can help overcome these difficulties. Some drugstores even sell a double pack with Female Viagra and Generic Viagra for men. They can also find such gift from Generic Cialis and other drugs. As a result men have long lasting erection and perform their excellent job with great pleasure. Women bring their sexual arousal back and scream from delight.

    How to Protect Men’s Health?

    There are several rules that should be followed in case you don’t want to have erectile dysfunction earlier or at all:

    1. Eat the right food.

    If you choose the meals which contain a lot of vitamins, minerals but have little fat, you’ll be healthier and protected from unwanted diseases. It is also necessary not to eat heavy for digestion food before sleep to let your body have a good rest at night.

    1. Take care of your weight

    Overweight people have difficulties to perform different actions. The organism cannot cope with daily workload and gets more complications. Keeping fit you can spend your energy on better things and avoid early health problems, like premature ejaculation, for example.

    1. Drink a “clever” portion of alcohol.

    We don’t say that you must not drink alcohol at all. We say that there should be a measure. It can be a glass of red wine or a cocktail but not a bottle of Martini or whiskey.

    1. Go in for sport.

    Active life and sport make the muscles stronger. Sport helps to improve the work of cardiovascular system and respiratory system. It leads to the general health stabilization.

    1. Do morning exercises

    Morning exercises wake up the whole organism spreading the necessary amount of oxygen to each part of the body.

    1. Little of Kegel exercises

    These exercises overload the pelvis part of the body that can harm the erection in future.

    1. See regularly your urologist.

    If you examine your body yearly or even oftener, you reduce the possibility to have health complications.

    1. Do hormonal tests.

    The lever of testosterone should be normal. If you lack it, you’ll have to take some drugs to bring it back in norm.

    1. Steroids should be avoided.

    It’s a well-known fact that those who take steroids sooner or later don’t feel sexual arousal because of the blockade in the brain. As a result, they don’t want sex.

    1. Don’t smoke

    Smoking is a body polluter. It’s better to live without it.

    1. Have appropriate yearly vacation.

    All-inclusive rest allows you to relax, renew powers and vital energy. It is required for those who want to remain a god in bed longer.

    1. Take care of your genitals.

    Traumas and injuries may seriously affect your sexual strength.

    1. Lessen worries.

    The less you worry the healthier you are.

    Women Health: Things to Remember

    Speaking about women’s sexual health, we should admit that she should follow the same rules like that of men’s. The only thing is that women, in general, do not take steroid and are not interested in Kegel exercises. Instead of urologist woman should regularly see their gynecologists. Hormonal misbalance, serious troubles, diseases, bad habits, heavy fat food and passive way of life may reduce libido and sex drive. Women are also very sensitive after the childbirth or gynecological surgeries. Only patience, love and care may bring them back to norm.

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