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  • Erectile Dysfunction: Problem of Contemporary Society

    Erectile Dysfunction: Problem of Contemporary Society

    Irrespective of time people suffered and still suffer from erectile dysfunction, however, the main difference is in the number of ill men. If 10 years ago it was a rare issue and only around 30% of males complained about it, nowadays it appears in 90% of men. Surely, people after 40 have this condition much more often than young males, though there are hundreds of cases of youth erectile dysfunction.

    Erectile dysfunction is the inability of man to gain and maintain firm erection enough for a sexual act. It is also called erection problem or impotence. From time to time the majority of men have had this issue, and it is a normal state of things, though bothering very often this condition grows to a problem, or even illness. However, lots of pharmacies offer different solutions for people who want to prevent, improve or get rid of ED. Online pharmacies offer Canadian Pharmacy Cialis, Levitra and Viagra online as emergency measures. Despite of possible and available decisions, before taking a medication one should find the cause of the problem and only afterwards select appropriate pills.

    Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

    Talking about causes of impotence, it is important to take into account both physical and psychological factors. It is more common for elderly people to suffer from ED which appears as a result of physical disease or disorder. As a rule, health conditions striking nerves or blood supply influence the ability to get and keep a strong erection. Among other physical conditions causing erectile dysfunction are:

    • Prostate cancer surgery.
    • Drinking and smoking.
    • High blood pressure, diabetes.
    • Side effects produced by medications.
    • Heart, kidney, liver diseases.
    • Obesity.
    • Parkinson’s disease.
    • Complications of other illnesses, etc.

    Psychological causes of ED are more common for young people and occur in more than half of cases. The psychological issues distract a man and influence his ability to gain and maintain erection. These reasons include:

    • Stress.
    • Depression.
    • Family, relationship problems.
    • Anxiety about erection problems.
    • Economical, financial or social issues making men worry and get agitated.

    Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Treated?

    The answer to this question is definitely YES. Thousands of men continue experiencing this problem over years only because they do not want anybody to know about it. However, modern technologies and online pharmacies in particular allow males to forget about the issue and stay private.

    Having erectile problem for the first time you should not worry, but when the condition becomes repeated it is necessary to consult a doctor and get appropriate professional treatment as fast as possible. The first and the most popular solution of this condition is Canadian Viagra online, Cialis, Levitra and other ED pills. Being extremely expensive not everyone can afford them. But do not get disappointed beforehand. Canadian Health Care Mall is an ultimate pharmacy that offers generic ED pills at the most competitive prices. Everyone will definitely find the right solution for him. All the medicines displayed are safe and internationally approved, checked and tested. The comments and reviews of thankful customers claim that all the drugs presented have a huge effect range and will never let you down.

    Online customers support team will assist you in choosing the most suitable medications. Various types of ED drugs can be bought and taken depending on the severity of the condition, desirable effect and preferable duration.

    All in all, despite the fact that in recent years the number of men suffering from erectile dysfunction doubled or even tripled, the multitude of available solutions grew correspondingly.

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