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    Latest News - Canadian Health&Care Mall

    • A Quick Word on Psychological Sexual Disorders

      [Epistemic status: this really speculative piece is not an article on sexual dysfunctions and/or psychology. You’d better go to PubMed for that]  I. It’s early in the morning and I’m already drunk. Well, that’s how I start my essays. Especially at the end of International Masturbation Month. In this article, we’ll examine the problem of the “sexual disorder” in today’s medicine and why it is a problem. As a bonus, we’ll have a really quick overview of the sexual disorders treatment toolbox. II. Before we move any further, let me work on my thesis. Firstly, there are 2.1 gazillions of sexual disorders (say, there were 549 paraphilias back in 2009), and not so many people know the difference between a...

    • Male Pattern Baldness

      What Can Cause Male Pattern Baldness at the Age of 20?

        The loss of human hair occurs daily. Normally, a person should not lose more than 100 hairs a day. When excessive loss of hair occurs, it is necessary to take measures on our own or refer to a doctor. Compared with women, baldness appears more aggressive and occurs several times more often in men. For example, men in the age group from 40 to 50 years, run the risk of baldness of more than 50%. Baldness in men usually begins with the occipital region, passing on the crown, but some loss starts with frontotemporal bald patches. Causes of hair loss are the following: heredity; an excess of testosterone in the body; increased sensitivity of hair follicles to the male...

    • Canadian Health and Care Mall cooperates with different pharmaceutical services

      Canadian Health&Care Mall Performance: Amazing Facts and Astounding Figures

      Online pharmacy service has been growing very fast for the recent years as people have fully realized the advantages of the online ordering of medical drugs. People don’t need to go to the drug store and buy the required medicine; they don’t need to go between several stores in order to find the needed medication. What people need to do is to switch on their computer or smartphone, enter the Internet, find the necessary online pharmacy, choose the medication and order it. That’s it. The only remaining step is waiting until the order is delivered. However, the popularity of the online pharmaceutical resources has turned to be their threat. The favourable situation helped numerous companies enter the pharmaceutical market and...

    • Injection Erectile Dysfunction

      Injection Erectile Dysfunction Therapy: Is It Worth Suffering Pain to Get Erections?

      There’s always much talk concerning erectile dysfunction pills that work almost in every case. They are affordable, safe, really working, etc. But what bothers both doctors and users is the word almost. Did you know that oral remedies don’t work for everyone? There’s no doubt as to the efficacy of those from Canadian health & Care Mall, but far not everyone is lucky enough to experience it. What is left for other impotent males? They turn to an injection therapy: it is painful but working! Advantages: fast results (medication works in 10-20 minutes); Viagra erections that feel like natural; no surgical intervention needed; ability to use injections any time, regardless of drinks and foods consumed. Disadvantages: possible bleeding; risks of...

    • Alcohol

      One of Recent Health&Care Study Doubts: Is Alcohol Really THAT Dangerous

      There’s so much said about alcohol, yet there remain even more strange and ambiguous things. Some say that its moderate amounts are really great for health. Others are sure that alcohol consumption must be eliminated from life for good. Who’s right? Ideas vary both between consumers and scientists. Let’s see what we at Canadian Health and Care Mall www.acanadianhealthcaremall.com have discovered about alcohol and its effects on health. It Is Toxic and Carcinogenic. It’s No Surprise! As known, the human organism produces around 3 grams of ethanol daily. This amount is needed for its normal functioning, and especially for the gut flora fermenting. Luckily, the body can metabolize as well as detoxify these three grams of ethanol. If it couldn’t,...

    • topw

      Being a Super Star in Bed: Top Tips from Canadian Health&Care Mall

      Erectile dysfunction is the condition that, probably, each man has experienced, but not everyone talked about. Unfortunately, this undesirable issue strikes the majority of men, irrespective of their age and social status. The condition brings much inconvenience, embarrassment and disappointment into life. Besides, the problem serves a basis for further difficulties, including relationship conflicts, low self-confidence and self-respect, while the main complication remains the same – inability to enjoy healthy sex. Since the blood flow is restricted, a man cannot receive proper erection and hold it. Nevertheless, there is one good moment here – the condition is treatable. What is more, customers may opt for medications without being recognized and without meeting a doctor. Canadian Health&Care Mall is an exclusive company...

    • The Worst Advice on Erectile Dysfunction Treatment We’ve Ever Heard

      The Worst Advice on Erectile Dysfunction Treatment We’ve Ever Heard

      The first and foremost things that men need after experiencing ED are advice (from a doctor, the Internet, friends, etc.) and proper treatment of course. While high-quality pills can be ordered from Canadian Health Care Mall www.acanadianhealthcaremall.com at the costs that are affordable to anyone, there usually appear many problems with tips, recommendations, suggestions and variants are numerous. Unfortunately, their greater part is far from being reliable. Is there a chance for you to figure out which advice is trustworthy and which is not? We could say ‘hardly’ a few years ago, and today we suggest getting acquainted with the worst advice ever to make a distinction between fantasy and reality. Do You Have ED? Just Accept It! This is...

    • Male Menopause: Top 10 facts, No myths

      Male Menopause: Top 10 facts, No myths

      Great number of people consider male menopause to be a kind of modern myth based on the idea that if there is a female menopause why there isn’t a male one. Canadian Pharmacy has collected TOP 10 facts about the male menopause Fact 1. Male menopause is often referred to as “andropause” and is connected with age-related hormone changes resulting in a deficiency of testosterone in the man’s body. A 20 year old man has a peak level of testosterone. After he reaches his 30s his T level starts decreasing by 1% per year and falls by 50% by the age of 70. An optimal testosterone level is considered to be within the limits of 300 – 1,200 ng/dL (nanograms...

    • Canadian Health&Care Mall: No Lyrics, Just Facts

      Canadian Health&Care Mall: No Lyrics, Just Facts

      Canadian Health&Care Mall - www.acanadianhealthcaremall.com, or CHCM Pharmacy Service challenges the core concepts of selling medications online. A standout among fraudsters, scammers and grey dealers, Canadian Health and Care Mall is a breath of fresh air and a reliable platform gaining momentum at a lightning speed. Since the first foundational stone has been laid (a digital one - yes, this drugstore focuses on online space only), the company has evolved into a handy service providing the experience you barely comparable with the ones you get at conventional stores. By 2015 Canadian Health&Care Mall has became mature enough to step forward with its ambitions and launch a massive campaign aiming at reloading the image of an online drugstore. It is essential...

    • your health

      Improve your health with Canadian Health&Care Mall top-quality generic drugs

      For a lot of people shopping for drugs can seem like a tiresome task that they would like to avoid. However, thanks to the possibility of online shopping the search for medications is no longer something that will make you feel stressed out and frustrated. Those who are used to shopping offline know that it’s not always easy to find the right drugs at the shop for affordable prices, and you have to visit at least several pharmacies to find everything you need. With the help of Canadian Health&Care Mall service, you can order the medications in the most convenient way without wasting hours of your time. Why are the drugs at Canadian Health&Care Mall website so affordable? Nowadays, there is...

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