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  • What Can Cause Male Pattern Baldness at the Age of 20?


    The loss of human hair occurs daily. Normally, a person should not lose more than 100 hairs a day. When excessive loss of hair occurs, it is necessary to take measures on our own or refer to a doctor. Compared with women, baldness appears more aggressive and occurs several times more often in men. For example, men in the age group from 40 to 50 years, run the risk of baldness of more than 50%. Baldness in men usually begins with the occipital region, passing on the crown, but some loss starts with frontotemporal bald patches.

    Causes of hair loss are the following:

    • heredity;
    • an excess of testosterone in the body;
    • increased sensitivity of hair follicles to the male sex hormone;
    • increased activity of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase which converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone;
    • stressful conditions;
    • violations of the diet;
    • severe infectious processes (tuberculosis, syphilis);
    • injuries and burns of the scalp;
    • thyroid disorders;
    • heavy metal intoxication (arsenic, cadmium, mercury);
    • medication (anticancer, antidepressants, antipsychotics).

    Testosterone plays an important role. This hormone pauses the growth phase of the hair follicles, producing thin lifeless hair and baldness gene triggers further processes and provokes early baldness. Therefore, the most important cause of hair loss in men can be called androgenetic factor provoking the weakening and the loss of strands. This factor contributes to the development of androgenetic, or diffuse alopecia areata. Androgenic alopecia occurs in 80% of balding young men and is characterized by the appearance of bald patches in the frontal zones and thinning at the crown. The occipital region does not suffer, because the follicles that are located there are not sensitive to male sex hormones. Diffuse thinning and loss of tresses occurs evenly across the head.


    Diagnosis of Alopecia in Men

    Male Pattern Baldness


    The first step on the path to the cure of baldness is making a diagnosis of the type of alopecia. Modern diagnostic methods include:

    Common methods of diagnosis:

    • General blood analysis;
    • Blood chemistry;
    • A blood test for the content of thyroid hormones
    • A blood test for the content of sex hormones in the body
    • Special diagnostic methods

    • Spectral analysis of hair (method of diagnosis that examines the composition of trace elements in the body, causes of diseases, disorders of mineral metabolism, eating disorders);
    • A sample of hair from pulling (slightly pulled hair);
    • Research on fungal infection using Wood’s lamp;
    • Research on skin peeling (the scalp is treated with potassium hydroxide).


    Treatment of Alopecia in Men


    Doctors prescribe androgen deprivation therapy including medication and popular recipes. This therapy helps stop hair loss, but will not restore the previous density and splendor of hair. Many pharmacies online such as Canadian Health&Care Mall has a lot of options for drug-based baldness therapy for young men, and can provide quick delivery at a reasonable price.

    In case of low efficacy of drugs the only option for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia is the radical method – hair transplant. In this case, the hair from the occipital region, where the follicles are less sensitive to testosterone, is transplanted to the frontal and parietal region.


    Drug-free Methods


    There were received lots of positive feedbacks from men who had been treated laser radiation of low-intensity.  This is done by virtue of the medical irradiating devices that are in the form of a comb that stimulates the blood circulation in the area of ​​the weakened follicles and the power along the entire length of the hair. It is recommended to undergo the courses of radiation throughout the year. Interestingly, the results will not disappear after cessation of treatment.

    Recommendations to change the diet: limit the amount of irritating foods (spices, spicy and salty products, alcohol, coffee, bakery, fast food, chips, crackers, soda), drink non-carbonated water, add more fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, and dairy and protein foods to your menu, take a course of multivitamins. Reception of multivitamin complexes, nutrient deficiency elimination with dietary supplements can help to get rid of a disease like alopecia in men.

    Buying shampoo and mask for baldness for men, pay attention to the composition. Ideally cosmetics for balding young men should contain at least one of the following ingredients: panthenol, plant extracts, nicotinic acid, camphor, menthol.

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