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  • Canadian Health&Care Mall: No Lyrics, Just Facts

    Canadian Health&Care Mall – www.acanadianhealthcaremall.com, or CHCM Pharmacy Service challenges the core concepts of selling medications online. A standout among fraudsters, scammers and grey dealers, Canadian Health and Care Mall is a breath of fresh air and a reliable platform gaining momentum at a lightning speed. Canadian Health&Care Mall: No Lyrics, Just FactsSince the first foundational stone has been laid (a digital one – yes, this drugstore focuses on online space only), the company has evolved into a handy service providing the experience you barely comparable with the ones you get at conventional stores. By 2015 Canadian Health&Care Mall has became mature enough to step forward with its ambitions and launch a massive campaign aiming at reloading the image of an online drugstore.

    It is essential to plunge into the depths of drugstore history to understand how exactly the platform is going to bring its plans to life. Otherwise, one may think the loud words are just divorced from reality. So let’s take a quick excursion into the past and see how the company arrived at such a huge mission and what resources it is going to employ to succeed.

    The cradle of game changing actions

    In 1998 the web was different. With its poor speed, quite complicated accessibility and dozens of other headaches, internet represented a technology leaving so much to be desired. Its investment attractiveness raised more questions than gave answers. And this is where a risky bet was placed – Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy founding fathers have recognized the future in the technology and a huge role of ecommerce in it. Almost 2 decades after we can proudly admit an extremely risky affair paid off well. So the pioneer drugstore was out there long before the industry has almost completely discredited itself. However, unlike many online pharmacies from the first and the following waves, Canadian Pharmacy Mall was guided by a long-term strategy implying progressive development and constant improvement, so the fast buck prospect has never been the goal of the drugstore.

    From milestone to milestone

    Throughout its existence the positive tendency of growth in terms of returning customers and orders shipped hasn’t slowed down in its growth; on the contrary, the growth was estimated at the minimum of 5% (28% maximum in 2013). Impressive results are the merit of savvy approaches and techniques all around – from promotion methods to hiring reliable, devoted specialists. The contribution of people working at Canadian Health and Care Mall is priceless – the staff has grown from just 3 individuals to over 600 members, grinding away to make sure you get stunning quality, affordable medications delivered to your door. The team has managed to secure win-win contracts with manufacturers, distribution companies, delivery services, promotion agencies… today the list is replenished on almost a weekly/bi-weekly basis.

    Stepping up

    It took plenty of time for the drugstore to tune inner and outer processes, pick up the necessary tools and instruments and grow its customer base. Now we are ready to shake the world of online pharmaceuticals and change the rules of the game. The drugstore has set an impressive development pace and it is now ready to conquer new heights. We do supply quality medications at dirt-cheap prices; as we run our own warehouse, the in-stock level is maintained at 98%, which means you can get the necessary medications whenever you need it; one can take advantage of free professional consultations and lightning speed delivery, not to mention a generous to a fault loyalty program… we offer more than you can get at a conventional store around the corner or your favourite online drugstore. We offer even more than you can imagine. That’s why we throw down a gage to the traditional way of shopping for drugs online.

    No lyrics. Just facts

    When you give a promise and set an ambitious goal, each word should be backed up by actions. So let cold facts speak for us. Since 1998 our team has increased in size by 20,000%, the number of orders shipped has exceeded 3 million, the amount of returning customers has grown by 6,000%. We are now shipping medications even to the most far-removed corners of the globe: each $150+ order includes free Airmail shipping, while $200+ orders come with advanced insurance that excludes any risks. We have launched and maintaining a loyalty program that now enables you to save up to 30% on each order, while the amount of money saved by our customers has exceeded 1 million dollars. Since the day our drugstore we have held 1,000+ promotions and issued $100,000 of bonuses and personal discounts. We know what’s what in online drugs market and we are hungry for more.

    Short and long-term plans

    The new standard of online pharmaceuticals service implies seamless access to professional consulting, educational and info resources. We are working hard to broaden the context of online pharmacies use – and here are some of our plans. At the moment you can find dozens of drugs categories: from hair regrowth to cardiovascular diseases remedies. By the end of the 1st quarter of 2016 we are planning to introduce professional consultations for each section. We have initiated a huge redesign of our website: a loyalty program is going to be digitally reshaped and enhanced, personal account areas will get accreted with more features (more notifications, ability to track discount progress, etc.). This huge mission is planned to be implemented by March, 2016. We are also developing an app for iOS, Android and WindowsPhone that will make the access to our online instruments even more handy and easy.

    We can’t disclose some of our marketing plans, but we promise that we are not going to reconsider our pricing model – affordability and accessibility are and will always be the core principles we will never abandon.

    The future of shopping for drugs available today

    Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy is the platform you should give a try to to understand how far the most savvy services have made it in online meds sales. Once tried, you will almost surely be back. We know and watch what we say: over 50% of our clients are returning customers and a large percent of people stays with CHCM Pharmacy since the day it has been established.

    Canadian Health&Care Mall website: https://www.acanadianhealthcaremall.com

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