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  • Injection Erectile Dysfunction Therapy: Is It Worth Suffering Pain to Get Erections?

    There’s always much talk concerning erectile dysfunction pills that work almost in every case. They are affordable, safe, really working, etc. But what bothers both doctors and users is the word almost. Did you know that oral remedies don’t work for everyone? There’s no doubt as to the efficacy of those from Canadian health & Care Mall, but far not everyone is lucky enough to experience it. What is left for other impotent males? They turn to an injection therapy: it is painful but working!

    Injection Erectile Dysfunction


    • fast results (medication works in 10-20 minutes);
    • Viagra erections that feel like natural;
    • no surgical intervention needed;
    • ability to use injections any time, regardless of drinks and foods consumed.


    • possible bleeding;
    • risks of scarring;
    • painful erections;
    • expensiveness.

    Besides, not all patients are proper candidates to undergo this kind of treatment. Those, who normally don’t apply, are men with serious medical conditions and especially people on blood thinners. Why them? Blood thinners are known for increasing risks for bleeding after the needle therapy. Besides, injections are effective only in case they are properly done.

    Is Needle Therapy Something New in ED Treatment?

    It can hardly be called a brand new treatment variant. The possibility of jabs was firstly introduced in 1980s. Some of tested substances are still used, though there are many new, safer and more effective ones that appear day after day.

    ! Today injection therapies (IT) are widely spread for impotence cure. They lead to less side effects and promise faster results than most regular magic pills.

    Most doctors suggest mixing different therapies as their combination can lead to better results. Unfortunately, no modern licensed pharmaceutical company has the right to such combinations. The mix of agents has been used for a decade already and proved its effectiveness in most men.

    On the Effectiveness of Injections

    Today there exist several injectable liquids. They relax the smooth muscle tissues of the penile area and allow the blood flowing in. Normally, an erection occurs during 10-20 minutes after a jab (duration depends on the drug type) and can last up to 30-60 minutes. In some cases the response is 65%, while in others it’s 85%.

    We’ve already mentioned combinations that are prescribed by doctors these days. Why are combinations chosen for needle therapies? The thing is that most men don’t respond to any jab medication used alone. But when there are two different ones combined, the effect is just perfect.

    Expecting Complications after Injections for ED Cure

    As for today, the greatest concern about such therapies is the chance for a prolonged and really hard erection development. It may last for 4-6 hours. And it can be pretty painful. The condition is called priapism that, if left neglected, leads to the area tissue permanent damage. However, this severe condition can be quite easily avoided by choosing the right dosage.

    Speaking of minor adverse reactions to be expected after jabs, these are:

    • swelling: it occurs on the needle site and happens when the drug is discharged under the skin. It never happens with experienced needle users, but is common for freshmen with a poor technique;
    • bruising: it occurs on the needle site, but it can be easily avoided by pressing over it for 3 minutes for a regular patient and 6 minutes for the one on blood thinners;
    • penile area pain: this is an effect of injection agents and other medicines combination. Men with diabetes experience this type of pain almost every time.

    How to Inject? Obtaining Excellent Technique

    Familiarity and practice are two keys to proper jabs. We provide everything you need only for one of them (familiarity), while practicing is your task only. In time you will gain much confidence and will spend less time jabbing. A greater part of users report getting accustomed to needle sensation.

    • Stage 1

    Insert a needle through the remedy bottle. Take a swab as it’s obvious that you have to wipe the vial top. Take the syringe first and carefully take off the needle’s cover. Make sure the needle touches nothing before a jab. Drawing the air amount identical to the medication amount required is one of the toughest tasks. Gently push the needle right through the marked stopper center. Then push the air inside the bottle.

    • Stage 2

    Turn a small bottle with the remedy upside down. Carefully draw the liquid. Tap the syringe several times for bubbles removal. Then take the needle out from the bottle. The cap should be replaced. You will need to change your drawing needle to the so-called injecting 30-gram one. After locating a jab area, wipe it with a new swab. Then take the head of your penis. Gently position the organ along your inner thigh.

    • Stage 3

    Take the syringe and place the needle on the located needle site. Check whether it’s placed at a 90° angle. Be gentle, but act firmly while pushing the needle in to the hub. Fix a finger to make it easier to push the medication in during the next ten seconds. Then remove the needle. Try to apply some more pressure to the place two more minutes.

    Usually, the quantity of procedures doesn’t exceed 12 monthly. The time space between these 12 jabs must be spread evenly. Change the site (the right and left side) of the penis.

    It’ll take time and effort to practice. It may be really painful at times, but as long as no oral medication is effective in your case, Canadian Health&Care Mall teams insists on getting used to a needle therapy.

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