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  • Canadian Health&Care Mall Performance: Amazing Facts and Astounding Figures

    Online pharmacy service has been growing very fast for the recent years as people have fully realized the advantages of the online ordering of medical drugs. People don’t need to go to the drug store and buy the required medicine; they don’t need to go between several stores in order to find the needed medication. What people need to do is to switch on their computer or smartphone, enter the Internet, find the necessary online pharmacy, choose the medication and order it. That’s it. The only remaining step is waiting until the order is delivered.

    Canadian Health and Care Mall cooperates with different pharmaceutical services

    However, the popularity of the online pharmaceutical resources has turned to be their threat. The favourable situation helped numerous companies enter the pharmaceutical market and begin to offer medical products. Among the new comers the large number of unfair companies started their activity by offering low –quality, counterfeit or even prohibited medicines. The customers began to lose their money or got problems with their health and became disappointed with the online pharmacy services. The situation took a turn for the worse even for the transparent and reliable companies that maintained high standards of business. Nevertheless, even under such tight conditions some companies have managed not only to hold their market position, but also to improve their operational results.

    Among them we would like to mark Canadian Health&Care Mall, an online pharmaceutical service originated from Canada more than 20 years ago. CHCM is a popular online pharmaceutical resource offering a wide range of generic medical drugs to the customers in different countries. Its performance is better revealed in figures and facts that we have collected and presented below. So, let’s have a closer look at it.

    More than 15 years of experience

    Canadian Health and Care Mall started in early 2000-ies. It was a time when people didn’t hear about Internet and all the goods and services were sold in real, not virtual space. So, CHCM started as a network of regular drug stores located in Ottawa and Toronto. After the Internet was created CHCM decided to develop its online branch bringing together the obtained experience and new technologies. It was rather long way which had resulted in the creation of the successful online pharmaceutical service based on the principles of high quality standards, constant development and improvement as well as sincere devotion to the idea of assisting people in their strive to recovering from serious health disorders and maintaining healthy lifestyle.

    More than 1000 product items offered

    Canadian Health&Care mall www.acanadianhealthcaremall.com is a large company that offers a wide range of medicines including erectile dysfunction treatment drugs, oncological agents, antibiotics, antidepressants, vitamins and herbal supplements, antiviral medicines and so on.

    Shift from local to the worldwide company

    The decision to develop online business has been crucial for the whole company as it has helped move to a completely new level and reach astonishing sales results. Nowadays, being a successful online pharmaceutical service CHCM offers medical drugs to the customers worldwide without much consideration to the customer’s location. Canadian Health&Care Mall has developed the fruitful cooperation with the producers and organized the effective logistics. The orders are delivered by regular postal services, by airmail or international courier companies such as UPS, FedEx etc.

    High quality standards at Canadian Health&Care Mall

    Canadian Health and Care Mall cooperates with different pharmaceutical companies which manufacture only certified generic products corresponding to the international quality standards. To become a partner of CHCM the manufacturer of the generic pharmaceutical products is always thoroughly reviewed by the company’s experts. The customers of CHCM benefit from such an approach as the risk of purchasing the counterfeit drugs is completely eliminated and customers can take high-quality generic medications which have the same content and medical application as the branded products do. The basic principle of the operational excellence sets the CHCM Company apart from the other online pharmaceutical companies and improves the customers’ loyalty to the CHCM services.

    Affordable prices

    Due to the fact that Canadian Health Care Mall cooperates directly with the independent legal manufacturers of generics its customers can benefit from two advantages: they don’t overpay for the brand (independent manufacturers don’t usually invest in the brand promotion) and obtain high quality products at affordable prices. No need to add the cost of the office and warehouse rent as well as the salary of the auxiliary staff to the final price of the product results in better prices for the customers. As CHCM deals with the medications which are rather costly while being sold in regular drug stores the saving of 30-50% is very considerable.

    Loyalty programs, bonuses and discounts

    Apart from the attractive prices Canadian Health Care Mall develops and offers various promotion campaigns and loyalty programs for the regular buyers that allow the customers saving even more significant money in the longer term. Regular customers can save up to 20% of the total amount. The more the customer buys, the larger discount he gets.

    Team of experts

    Canadian Health&Care Mall has created a team of highly professional experts working in different fields such as pharmacology, medical science, logistics, marketing and management as well as technical and customer support. All these people make significant efforts for the CHCMr customers to be satisfied with their lives and services CHCM provides them with.

    Constant improvement

    During the last five years Canadian Health Care Mall substantially enlarged the product range by signing contracts with a good number of pharmaceutical companies and extended the logistical possibilities with the help of the well-established cooperation with a plenty of postal and courier services as well as insurance and transportation companies.

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