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    Latest News - Canadian Health&Care Mall

    • How Does Canada Regulate Medications?

      What should you pay special attention when ordering the drugs? The world community has accumulated a large number of open and sensitive issues related to trafficking in falsified and substandard medicines, as they not only are a huge health risk, but also threatens human life and undermines the credibility of the health system. Over the past decade the environment in which the strategy of fight against counterfeiting have changed substantially. With the development of international trade, the expansion of the Internet and its commercial use, the presence of "free zones" in international trade and increasingly easy access to modern printing and production resources has become more difficult to fight effectively against manufacturers and distributors of counterfeit medicines. The problem of...

    • Cheer Up: The Antidepressants from Canadian Pharmacies That Can Actually Help

      Application Sphere of Antidepressants The principle area of usage of antidepressants is treatment of depression. As a rule, these drugs are recommended in the capacity of the first line medicinal products for therapy of moderate or severe depressive conditions used in combination with talking therapy, such as cognitive-behavioral for instance. Antidepressants may be used for the treatment of other psychic disorders and impairments including: Anxious disorder; Obsessive-compulsive disorder; Panic disorders; Severe phobias, such as agoraphobia and social anxiety disorder; Bulimia; Post-trauma stress disorder. It is not infrequent that depression occurs on the setting of sexual issues. In these cases psychotherapists recommend attending counseling sessions. Although some antidepressants (e.g. tricyclic) initially were not developed as analgesics, it was possible that they...

    • Medical Management and Surgical Management of Peyronie’s Disease

      Peyronie's Disease is an inflammatory disorder of the membrane that covers cavernous bodies inside the penis. Chronic inflammation of the tissue causes appearing of scars (plaques) that lead to a painful and curved erection. It is not literally an erectile dysfunction, but severe forms of Peyronie's Disease can occasion inability to have a sexual intercourse. Causes of the disease are actually not known; sometimes injuries and genetics are claimed to be an origin of the condition. It mostly occurs in middle-aged men, but it is not the rule. The men who developed scar tissue in other parts of the body (e.g. Dupuytren's contractures) have a higher probability to get Peyronie's Disease. Peyronie's Disease Symptoms You can hardly notice any changes...

    • Top 10 Anti-Cholesterol Drugs at Canadian Health&Care Mall

      Cholesterol Characteristics Cholesterol is a special soluble composition of steroids and lipids which is synthesized in liver or organism or gets absorbed with the food. It is no secret that cholesterol is contained in each cell of organism and participates in many important processes including building of cell membranes as well as hormones, testosterone and estrogen. There are two main types of cholesterol: “good” cholesterol of high density preventing from accumulation of depositions in vessels; “bad” cholesterol which is considered to be dangerous due to low density of lipoproteins which tend to cipitate, i.e. get attached to blood cell walls. Therefore, increased index of cholesterol is an alarm sign of atherosclerosis development or occurrence of heart or apoplectic attack. Decrease...

    • Top 7 Dangerous Ways to Lose Weight

      From 80 up to 95% of the fair sex representatives at least once have felt the urge to lose weight. Most women are so obsessed with this idea that they constantly try more and more new ways of weight reduction. Considerable part of these methods is poorly performing, whereas others are not safe for health. The most hazardous ways of weight improvement will be described in this article. Intake of various pills, diuretics and lapactics With increasing frequency we may meet an advertisement of wonder-pills for weight loss promising fast and efficient riddance of annoying kilograms. Unfortunately, a huge variety of such medications is not only ineffective for weight reduction, but is fraught with severe consequences of the whole organism. As...

    • Priligy (Dapoxetine) vs Viagra Super Force vs Malegra DXT

      Very often men use the word impotency to tell about the insufficient ability in intimate sphere. But nowadays therapists do not use this term. National Institute of Public Health in U.S. suggested substituting this word into “erectile dysfunction”. This term is utilized widely and means not only disorder to ED, but also a number of other symptoms including orgasm failure or weakening of sexual attraction. There are two types of erectile dysfunction: initial and secondary. In case a man is not able to commit a fully-realized sexual intercourse at no time, it is called congenital or primary dysfunction. The most widespread type is secondary, when a man had a normal sexual life but then due to several factors he appeared...

    • Ask The Expert: The Questions About Erectile Dysfunction You Were Scared To Ask

      About the Problem Erectile dysfunction means incapacity to achieve and preserve erection sufficient for satisfactory coitus. Earlier this disorder was known under the name “impotency”. But nowadays this term is used seldom and is considered to be outdated. Erectile dysfunction is characteristic for men after sixty years of age, although such cases may occur among young men as well. This condition practically excludes fully-realized sex, but it should be borne in mind that we may talk of ED only in case it takes place not once, but in a quarter of all intimate dates. In order to treat the disease, a patient should arm himself with patience. First of all, he should find out the cause of ED and ascertain...

    • Canadian Health&Care 3

      Top 10 Facts About Canadian Health&Care: High Quality Program In Action

      Canadian Health&Care system is perhaps one of the most controversial of those that exist in the world today. It’s often misunderstood by foreigners, yet appreciated by the citizens. It has many advantageous points that can change your vision of the way a high quality medical service should be. Keep reading to find out more. FACT 1: FIVE MAIN PRINCIPLES OF CANADIAN HEALTH&CARE The five principles are comprehensiveness, public administration, portability, universality, accessibility. According to these principles, all insured residents of the state get the equal levels of health care. The residents also have free access to all types of healthcare services. The provincial health insurance administration is carried out by public authorities and on a non-profit basis only. FACT 2:...

    • Antidepressants

      Viagra and ED Brought On By Antidepressants

      Most people know the incredible effects of Viagra. This is a very famous product, which is of great popularity in all world markets. Even those people, who have never used it, heard how great it is. Viagra was initiated by famous the British Company to treat problems with ED. ED or erectile dysfunction is a serious disease of men, which leads to impotence. Viagra is capable to solve this acute problem. Nevertheless, there are some other properties of this miracle medication. It is capable to help while such ailments as enlarged prostate, pulmonary hypertension or spreading of malaria. This list is even longer, because scientists believe that it can treat some other health complications. One of such is curing of ED...

    • ED Rings

      Can Special ED Rings Treat Impotence?

      No need to panic, if the prescribed PDE5 inhibitors failed in improving erections or led to many life-threatening side effects. Luckily, there’s another way to go. And it’s called a constriction (ED/cock) ring. It is elastic and designed to help males of different age achieve and maintain erections. If you know an erection mechanism, you’ll find it easier to understand how the ring works: when a male is sexually aroused, the penis is filled with blood. The sufficient flow of blood allows achieving an erection. But when a male finds it hard to maintain it on his own, a constriction ring will do that for him. What Is an ED Ring? In scientific circles an ED ring is also called...

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