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  • Top 7 Dangerous Ways to Lose Weight

    From 80 up to 95% of the fair sex representatives at least once have felt the urge to lose weight. Most women are so obsessed with this idea that they constantly try more and more new ways of weight reduction. Considerable part of these methods is poorly performing, whereas others are not safe for health. The most hazardous ways of weight improvement will be described in this article.

    Intake of various pills, diuretics and lapactics

    Intake of various pills, diuretics and lapactics

    With increasing frequency we may meet an advertisement of wonder-pills for weight loss promising fast and efficient riddance of annoying kilograms. Unfortunately, a huge variety of such medications is not only ineffective for weight reduction, but is fraught with severe consequences of the whole organism. As a rule, legal trustworthy pharmacies do not trade in these drugs. You may come across Thai tablets, sibutramine, rimonabant, etc.

    Diuretics clear liquid from organism resulting in weight loss. Nevertheless, the effect is temporary. Incorrect dietary regimen and metabolic failures causes the continuation of fat pool production. Regular intake of diuretics may lead to abnormality of fluid-and-electrolyte balance, renal functioning and other severe consequences of dehydration. The attempts to reduce the weight by means of lapactics are not less dangerous. This method is fraught with development of intestinal tract dysfunction.

    Forced catharsis

    This is another hazardous way to struggle against overweight. It is extremely popular among young girls striving to keep shape in accordance with model parameters at whatever the cost. People applying this method cause vomit after food acceptance mechanically or by means of corresponding medications. As a result, food is not digested, and organism gets deprived of useful substances. Stomach will become accustomed to reject the food, but since it still wants to be nourished with food, a man acquires a special condition named bulimia. It is characteristic for it to alternate the periods of uncontrolled over-eating with fits of unprompted vomit. People suffering from bulimia have a complete pathometabolism. In order to restore metabolic function and return to a normal regimen, a long-term treatment is required, which is not always successful.

    Bariatric surgery

    This operation decreasing stomach volume is not so complicated, but medical experts do not recommend it in the capacity of reducing aids. The thing is that after the intrusion, complications may occur, whereas effect may be either not enough visible or too excessive. A person whose stomach volume is reduced by means of surgery is not able to eat a lot of food. But if he or she continues eating high-calorie products and lead a sedentary lifestyle, the adaptation may occur and weight will stop disappearing. Sometimes the weight of just operated patient reduces so fast that he gets literally exhausted in several months, and skin has no time to adapt and hang down in ugly lines.

    Tongue grid

    One of new remedies stimulating decrease of food acceptance is tongue grid which is implanted in tongue surface by means of surgery. While carrying this device each food acceptance brings feeling of discomfort, whereas products flavor is not felt. The grid is installed for month and then removed. It is considered that for this time a patient must lose weight and become unaccustomed to big portions of food. In actual practice, long-term effect is observed quite rarely. After grid removal patients usually lose composure trying to reward themselves with sweets after experienced inconveniences and gain reduced weight rapidly. Besides, this method is fraught with complications caused by allergy to material the grid is made of. The risk of sepsis is very high as well.


    This may seem absurd but adherents of the so-called prana-nourishment refuse food completely. They consider that clean energy of the sun or air may help to achieve harmony with nature, spiritual enlightenment, health improvement and rejuvenescence. It is worth mentioning that all their attempts end up with at least frustration or much more lamentable consequences. Four or five weeks of such practice lead to permanent changes in organism, invalidity or sometimes to lethal outcome.

    Cotton balls eating

    Cotton balls eating

    This overwhelming method is sometimes practiced as well. In order to reduce food acceptance, cotton balls are swallowed after sopped in juice, smoothie or sweet water. It is quite evident that filling of stomach is a direct way on surgeon’s table.

    Parasites eating

    Some women are ready to go to any lengths for beach-ready body. There is another way of weight loss based on introduction of intestinal parasites into a person’s alimentary system. The mechanism is simple: a woman swallows a capsule containing parasitic worm embryo. After it survives in body and releases its owner from additional weight, she takes a medication killing the parasite. It is not excluded that after such procedure weight will decrease. Anyway, this method of weight improvement cannot be called safe, since intestinal parasites do not only eat food taken by a person-carrier, but also poison his organism with metabolic byproducts.

    A person who is unsatisfied with his or her figure may correct it. Anyway, one should not fall beyond the scope of the rational. Canadian Health&Care Mall warns that extreme ways of weight loss are dangerous and not quite efficient. The best results in long-term perspective are achieved by physical activities along with correctly organized dietary regimen. Anyway, there is a list of approved medications which may be helpful in achieving of good shape.

    Let us examine them.

    • Xenical is issued in the form of capsules with orlistat as an active substance. Medicine’s action is based on prevention from absorption of edible fats. Enzyme lipase is emitted by gastric and small intestine mucosa. Exactly this enzyme is responsible for lipolytic digestion in intestinal tract. The active components of the medicine block this enzyme. Like the majority of pharmaceutical products, Xenical has side-effects, such as change of intestinal habits, presence of fats in feces, stomachaches, and flatulency.
    • Goldline is a capsulized remedy with the active substance, sibutramine. It influences the brain’s satiation center inhibiting the feeling of hunger. It may have the following adverse effects: insomnia, dryness in mouth, flatulency, high blood pressure, cardiac pains.
    • Redcon1 Double Tap is perfect fat burner which may please a person with a result. It will take a complex effect, inhibiting appetite, increasing metabolism, improving mood, etc. The product acts upon three directions: energy and central nervous system stimulation, increase of lipolytic digestion. It contains green tea, caffeine, octopamine, carnitine, etc. BUT! This product is ideal only in combination with physical activities.
    • Rio Labs Rio Lean Extreme contains a great variety of super-quality ingredients leaving no hope for overweight. Very strong energy and CNS stimulation, concentration and mood improvement. This remedy makes metabolism faster, enhances thermogenesis, and blocks appetite. The important particularity of this product lies in the fact that it improves the work of thyroid body.
    • Pharma Legal Methilean is a classic fat burner with the effects of CNS stimulation, slight inhibition of appetite, thermogenesis, and diuretic effect. It contains such components as caffeine, dandelion root, ginger, ephedra, devil pepper, etc.
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