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  • Top 10 Anti-Cholesterol Drugs at Canadian Health&Care Mall

    Cholesterol Characteristics

    Cholesterol is a special soluble composition of steroids and lipids which is synthesized in liver or organism or gets absorbed with the food. It is no secret that cholesterol is contained in each cell of organism and participates in many important processes including building of cell membranes as well as hormones, testosterone and estrogen.

    There are two main types of cholesterol:

    • “good” cholesterol of high density preventing from accumulation of depositions in vessels;
    • “bad” cholesterol which is considered to be dangerous due to low density of lipoproteins which tend to cipitate, i.e. get attached to blood cell walls.

    Therefore, increased index of cholesterol is an alarm sign of atherosclerosis development or occurrence of heart or apoplectic attack. Decrease of cholesterol is in these cases a very important matter and at the same time – very difficult. Since along with the diet, a patient should take other remedies with similar functions. Therefore, a perfect efficient solution for cholesterol decrease may become medicinal products. Let us consider the most effective variants referring to various classes together with Canadian Health&Care Mall.

    Cholesterol Characteristics

    First-choice medications – statins

    They are the most widely spread medicines for reduction of cholesterol level in blood and clearing of vessel walls. Drugs belonging to this class, such as rosuvastatin (Crestor), atorvastatin (Lipitor) and simvastatin (Zocor) are distinguished by manifestation rate of hypolipidemic effect. Statins mode of action lies in blocking of specific enzyme which stimulates production of cholesterol in liver especially at night. In view of this peculiarity, therapists prescribe to take statins once a day before going to bed. Moreover, statins may have a therapeutic benefit in case of hepatosis. Nevertheless, statins are counter-indicative to patients suffering from severe hepatic failures. Sometimes they may cause nausea, vomit, diarrhea, stomachache.

    Statins advantages:

    1. High efficiency of cholesterol decrease;
    2. Fast effect even after the short-term administration;
    3. High safety rate after long-term intake;
    4. Decreased risk of cardio-vascular disorders.


    Changing lipids metabolism – fibrates

    Medications of this class influence the production of low-density lipoproteins. They also decrease the level of triglycerids. Fibrates differ from statins not only by mechanism of action, but also by their impact on cholesterol of various densities. Medications of this class help to produce high-density cholesterol as opposed to statins which influence only low-density cholesterol. Sometimes in order to strengthen the effect of medications, doctors prescribe drugs of both classes as a comprehensive treatment. As a result, low-density cholesterol level decreases, whereas high-density cholesterol level enhances. Just as in the first case, the occurrence of analogical side-effects is observed. Fibrates group includes Atromid, Tricor, Lopid.

    Fibrates advantages:

    • Decreased level of triglycerids;
    • Decreased risk of acute pancreatitis;
    • Enhancement of “good” cholesterol indexes
    • Low risk of cardio-vascular diseases.

    Omega-3 essential fatty acids

    Cholesterol level decrease and blood vessels clearing of cholesterol plaques procedures involve polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3, such as cod-liver oil. Medications of this class have similar mechanism of impact on cholesterol of high and low density, as well as its synthesis of triglycerides. They influence effectively many important functions of organism, take antiarrhythmic action and decrease heart and vessels pathologies risk. Omega-3 is a medication which is used as an auxiliary remedy to the official method of therapy.

    Inhibitor of cholesterol absorption

    The main characteristics of this group of medications lie in blockage of cholesterol absorption from intestines. This allows decreasing the cholesterol level in blood efficiently.

    The main advantages of this class are:

    • High safety rate, since the absorption in blood is excluded;
    • Possibility of combination with statins or other medications;
    • Recommendations for use to people with hepatic diseases.

    Niacin or nicotinic acid

    Niacin is a B complex vitamin. It is contained in food, but it may also be taken in larger dosages via medicinal products, such as niaspan as per doctor’s prescription. It reduces the level of low density lipoproteins and increases the level of high density lipoproteins. The main side-effects are hyperemia, rashes, and headaches.

    Bile acid sequestrants

    These medications take action in the middle of intestines where they get attached to bile and do not allow it to get reabsorbed into blood system. Bile mainly consists of cholesterol. Therefore these medications get reduce cholesterol penetration in organism.  Sequestrants act as a linking element the action of which results in natural clearance of bile acid. Low level of this substance causes its increased production by organism. As a result, the level of cholesterol in blood decreases. Bile acid sequestrants act locally not absorbing into blood, but have a specific taste. Their visible effect is fixed only in a month after the intake in accordance with assigned frequency. The most spread side-effects include constipation, gases and indigestion. The most well-known examples of bile acid sequestrants are cholestyramine, colestipol, and colesevelam. Cholestyramine and other sequestrants are supposed to be taken along with statins and fibrates.


    Ezetemibe decreases the level of low density lipoprotein. This new class of medications for cholesterol level decrease protects from cholesterol reabsorption in intestinal canal.

    Inegy (Simvastatin + Ezetrol)

    This is a combined lipid lowering drug which decreases the absorption of cholesterol and relative herbal sterols in intestinal tract and inhibits cholesterol synthesis. The combination of Simvastatin and Ezetrol make their couple complement each other in regards to mechanism of action. Cholesterol gets into blood plasma resulting from intestinal absorption and endogenous synthesis. Inegy decreases the enhanced level of overall cholesterol, low density lipoprotein, apolipoproteins, Apo B and increases the level by means of double inhibition: absorption and cholesterol synthesis.

    Biologically active supplement

    Today pharmacies and specialized stores offer biologically active substances without doctor’s prescription which allow decreasing cholesterol concentration. In comparison with the drugs, biologically active substances are checked only for the purpose of safety. Their pharmacological efficiency is not applicable. Moreover there is a huge variety of positive feedback about this group of remedies. Biologically active substances clear “bad” cholesterol fast and efficiently. Complex of ingredients influence positively heart, vessels, stabilize hepatic function, do not allow lipoproteins to get absorbed by absorbing them on themselves.

    Herbal remedies

    These medications are optimal in not high indicators of “bad” cholesterol level or in combination of complex therapy of atherosclerosis. A patient may take one or several drugs of this group simultaneously. Perfect cholesterol characteristics refer to strawberry, dog rose, arrow-wood, hawthorn and chokeberry. It should be borne in mind that herbal remedies and biologically active substances may be used for decrease of cholesterol level only in cases when this solution is agreed with attending doctor. Besides, it is important to control blood chemistry values.

    Very often the task of low density lipoproteins concentration proves to be very difficult. Only a specialist of high qualification may take into account practically all moments of concern for such condition and offer an efficient remedy for cholesterol. Only this way, it is possible to prevent from severe consequences of cardio-vascular diseases.

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