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    • Canadian Health&Care: What is diabetes?

      There are two main types of diabetes: Type 1 - this type of diabetes usually appears in younger people under the age of 40 but may occur at any age. It is treated by insulin injections and diet; Type 2 - this type of diabetes usually appears in people over the age of 40 but is becoming more common in younger age groups as a result of the increase in obesity in the general population. Type 2 diabetes may go undetected for many years and because people do not always feel unwell, it may be discovered by chance at a routine medical. It usually responds well to diet or tablets but as it is a progressive condition, most people need...

    • Health&Care Pharmacy: The Peyronie disease

      The excessive secretion of the androgens or estrogens hormones produces modifications that are characteristic for the organism, based on sex and the age at which it acts. This way, the secretion of sexual hormones before the puberty age determines the precocious or heightened puberty, with the apparition of the morphological and functional sexual characteristics before it is time and, also, of the hyper-eroticism, especially at boys. Sometimes, even in the case of the installation of a normal puberty, chronologically speaking, it can produce an intense secretion of sexual hormones, with the consecutive apparition of the juvenile eroticism. This growth of eroticism at pubescent and adolescents can lead, often, at the apparition of the masturbation. But the pubescent erotic exacerbation is...

    • The Peyronie disease and Canada healthcare pharmacy

      This disease has been described by Peyronie in 1743, its incidence situates between thirty five and sixty years old. The symptoms of the disease consist in the apparition of nodules or indurated plaques of the penis, more frequently situated in the dorsal or lateral region, but which can also appear at the root of the cavernous bodies or close to the gland. In the beginning, the induration appears like a unique nodule or multiple of high consistency, and then like some cartilaginous plaques which in time, during the evolution, unite. In some cases, also produce calcifications at the level of the indurations, giving them a bony consistence.  Because of these histopathological modifications, the patients accuse pains and deformations of the...

    • Health&Care: Blood pressure

      TREAT THE PERSON, NOT THE NUMBER The Rule of Threes is an important guide for prioritizing the basic needs to preserve and maintain human life. Without air for three minutes, our brain shuts down due to lack of oxygen. Without water for three days, out body enters shock. Without food for three weeks, our tissues and organs run out of nutrients to enable bodily functions. Clean air, pristine water and nutrient dense foods are essential components of our lives. I have yet to meet someone who can live without drinking water. Ironically, the pharmaceutical industry has convinced many allopathic medical doctors that water is the cause of high blood pressure.  The easiest, but most dangerous, way to lower blood pressure...

    • Penile Enlargement: the Lies

      For most men, sexual health problems tend to increase as they age. Both physical and mental factors related to aging can have a significant impact on sexual performance. Unfortunately, going back in time is not an option because we have not invented the Time Machine yet. However, there is a safe and relatively effect solution for men seeking penis enlargement and improved sexual function, including ED. The Priapus Shot is the method of injecting the penis with a substance created from your blood known as Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM). PRFM is created via an exciting new medical technology called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) being used to help “heal” numerous conditions as wide-ranging as joint replacement, crush injuries of the...

    • Mind Medicine

      RESEARCH STUDY WITH ASTHMATICS DEMONSTRATES POWERFUL RESULTS Canadian Pharmacy The importance and potency of imagery as a technique for alleviating asthma was demonstrated in a research study funded by the Office of Alternative Medicine of the National Institutes of Health at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. The study compared an asthma control group using no imagery with the asthma patients who did use imagery. It demonstrated that 47 percent of the asthmatics in the imagery group significantly decreased or discontinued medication without compromising pulmonary function. None reported side effects; these statistics signaled that the imagery had a substantial positive result. The corresponding figure for the control group, however, was just 18 percent, and here patients were able only...

    • Health&Care: Prevention – Sleep

      In order to be healthy, one shall know when to go to bed and when to get up. When you go to bed on time, your body will rest, and your spirit will study. The sleep is the physioastral life on the Earth. Eating is just the physical life on the Earth. Work is the mental life on the Earth. Only while sleeping, one gains his energies. Eating is a process, during which energies are put into action, and the work is usage of the already gained energies. A day will come, when people may live without sleep. Sleep is a rest only for those, on whom the rational beings work. In this way their consciousness will raise. In order...

    • Treatment Through Gymnastic Exercises

      The exercise is used for adjusting the front part of the brain. II exercise. This exercise is like the first one, but the left arm is raised up under an angle of 45° from the shoulder level and the right one is to be let down under the same angle, at which you squat six times. During that exercise, focus your mind on the heart. The exercise serves for regulation of the emotions. III exercise. Bring both arms back, palms facing each other, and row forward, at which squat 6 times. During that exercise, focus your mind on the spine. The exercise serves for regulation of the spine. IV exercise. Raise the left arm up and forward to the east,...

    • A Wife’s Important Role in Helping Her Husband Overcome

      Impotence In any relationship, a male sexual impotence can take place at some time or other in all relationships. When this happens it not only affects the man, but al­so the woman feels distress. Yes, impotence can deprive the wife of sexual plea- sure and cause personal and psychological distress as well. The good news is, there are steps couples can take to overcome male erectile dysfunction and improve their sexual intimacy. And, the woman can play a significant role to help his husband! There’s no need to try to ignore sexual dysfunctions or suffer in silence when there are ways of achieving satisfying sexual relations for the both of you. Here are some helpful tips a wife can do...

    • Blood Pressure – The Silent Killer

      What Are the Complications of Raised Blood Pressure? For many years raised blood pressure may cause no symptoms. Occasionally, raised blood pressure can be associated with headaches and nose bleeds, but usually only when the blood pressure is very high. However, high blood pressure makes the heart and arteries work harder, causing damage over the years. This can lead to a heart attack or stroke at an early age. Fortunately, treatment can reverse most of these effects. However, raised blood pressure can have devastating consequences by putting extra strain on the system over a long period of time. These complications can include blindness, kidney damage, heart attacks and mini-strokes, as well as full-blown strokes. These complications can come on suddenly...

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