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  • A Wife’s Important Role in Helping Her Husband Overcome


    In any relationship, a male sexual impotence can take place at some time or other in all relationships. When this happens it not only affects the man, but al­so the woman feels distress. Yes, impotence can deprive the wife of sexual plea- sure and cause personal and psychological distress as well.

    The good news is, there are steps couples can take to overcome male erectile dysfunction and improve their sexual intimacy. And, the woman can play a significant role to help his husband! There’s no need to try to ignore sexual dysfunctions or suffer in silence when there are ways of achieving satisfying sexual relations for the both of you.

    Here are some helpful tips a wife can do to help his husband overcome impotence:

    1. Converse with your husband in a loving way. Just speak with him as a friend. Being judgmental is the least thing you should do, or in fact, something you should never do.
    2. See to it whether the real problem is psychological or physical in origin. Your family doctor can rule out an organic or physical cause.
    3. Note that diseases such as diabetes, cardio-vascular problems, multiple sclerosis and so on create mental blocks that affect the sexual activities. Take the advice of a psychiatrist if necessary.
    4. Talk with a sex specialist who performs surgeries on genital organs. Encour­age your husband to undergo sperm counts tests in case the surgeon would recommend.
    5. Reassure your husband that you love him whatever despite the circum­stances.
    6. Do some special efforts to make your husband feel that you still care for him. Prepare food items or wear dresses that he likes.
    7. See to it that your husband does not have a guilty feeling. See that your hus­band does not feel isolated. Do not be tensed when you talk to each other. This would facilitate better understanding with each other.
    8. Employ a free and new approach to sex from time to time. Allow him to talk frankly about his hidden sexual desires. Discuss with him your expectations in a loving way.
    9. Encourage your husband to seek medical consultation.

    In just about any therapy, the initial thing to do us to realize and admit that there’s a problem. As the couple think about your sexual relationship, try to understand the influence that impotence has had on both of you. Then to­gether decide on how you a plan to approach it and what you’re going to do to help one another cope and better your sexual relationship.

    Thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and in relation to any sexual dysfunctions will have an effect on both your physical and psychological well being.

    Any wife in a relationship with an impotent husband can relate to this experience. It’s not just the husband who suffers, the wife does, too. Wives begin to think about possible reasons for their partner’s sexual dysfunction and wonder if they’re to blame.

    Wives have many of the exact same concerns as men do in regard to impotence. That’s why it’s also vital to open up with one another about what may be causing the sexual dysfunction.

    In around 85% of cases, male erectile dysfunction is caused by something physical, that can be diagnosed and in most instances is treatable, with some even curable. So it’s important for men to see a doctor and have a medical consultation.

    It’s vital to discuss what both partners need from their sexual relationship. To­day in society we’re trained to think and behave a certain way in regards to sex­ual behavior. What you feel sexually when faced with an impotent partner, and what you believe you’re supposed to be thinking and feeling can be two very different things.

    It’s important for husbands to take note that their wives may be having the same frustrating feelings they’re having. But effective communication can help overcome the obstacles of erectile dysfunction while working together to become a team again.

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