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    • Canadian Health&Care 3

      Top 10 Facts About Canadian Health&Care: High Quality Program In Action

      Canadian Health&Care system is perhaps one of the most controversial of those that exist in the world today. It’s often misunderstood by foreigners, yet appreciated by the citizens. It has many advantageous points that can change your vision of the way a high quality medical service should be. Keep reading to find out more. FACT 1: FIVE MAIN PRINCIPLES OF CANADIAN HEALTH&CARE The five principles are comprehensiveness, public administration, portability, universality, accessibility. According to these principles, all insured residents of the state get the equal levels of health care. The residents also have free access to all types of healthcare services. The provincial health insurance administration is carried out by public authorities and on a non-profit basis only. FACT 2:...

    • Antidepressants

      Viagra and ED Brought On By Antidepressants

      Most people know the incredible effects of Viagra. This is a very famous product, which is of great popularity in all world markets. Even those people, who have never used it, heard how great it is. Viagra was initiated by famous the British Company to treat problems with ED. ED or erectile dysfunction is a serious disease of men, which leads to impotence. Viagra is capable to solve this acute problem. Nevertheless, there are some other properties of this miracle medication. It is capable to help while such ailments as enlarged prostate, pulmonary hypertension or spreading of malaria. This list is even longer, because scientists believe that it can treat some other health complications. One of such is curing of ED...

    • ED Rings

      Can Special ED Rings Treat Impotence?

      No need to panic, if the prescribed PDE5 inhibitors failed in improving erections or led to many life-threatening side effects. Luckily, there’s another way to go. And it’s called a constriction (ED/cock) ring. It is elastic and designed to help males of different age achieve and maintain erections. If you know an erection mechanism, you’ll find it easier to understand how the ring works: when a male is sexually aroused, the penis is filled with blood. The sufficient flow of blood allows achieving an erection. But when a male finds it hard to maintain it on his own, a constriction ring will do that for him. What Is an ED Ring? In scientific circles an ED ring is also called...

    • Hearing Loss

      Hearing Loss after Viagra: Temporary or Permanent?

      Much is said and written about Viagra blue pills and their amazing effects for the treatment of erectile dysfunction issues. But all benefits remain far behind, when side effects take the stage. Hearing loss has been recently reported as one of the major and scary adverse reactions to be expected. Does Sildenafil Citrate really lead to hearing loss? And is it permanent? How Does Viagra Lead to Hearing Loss? After the problem was reported for the first time, several studies took place right away. They aimed at finding out whether Sildenafil Citrate – the core Viagra ingredient – leads to deafness in those, who take it. Luckily or not, not much has come out of those multiple researches. However, there’s...

    • The Highest Quality and Affordability – the Main Principles of Canadian Health&Care Mall

      Search for the drugs capable to improve sexual life sometimes becomes a real challenge, especially for those people who do not dare to speak out about their problem, considering it purely shameful. The ideal solution to this problem would be the purchase of impotence pills at online pharmacy like Canadian Health&Care Mall (CH&CM, acanadianhealthcaremall.com) that offers a large amount of special brand & generics drugs from domestic and foreign manufacturers. Newcomers who visited our service for the first time always wonder how come Canadian Health&Care Mall offers so many popular erectile dysfunction pills like Viagra and its generics at such low cost. CHCM also differs because it is not an online pharmacy but an education medical center and web resources where...

    • how-may-a-typical-man-suffering-from-ED-be-defined

      Who Is a Typical Viagra User?

      Scientists have developed a new medicine for increase of blood flow to cardiac muscle and decrease of arterial blood pressure. Anyway, the expected result was not achieved. But it was discovered that this drug provided a considerable blood supply to male sexual organs resulting in improved erectile functioning. This medication acquired the brand name “Viagra”.  So, how may a typical man suffering from ED be defined? Generally, this is a person with overweight which is in fact a symptom indicating the onset of a cardio-vascular diseases and diabetes. He spends more time watching TV, smoking cigarettes and misusing alcohol. Nevertheless, erectile dysfunction goes far beyond these characteristics. According to the research studies results, Viagra may also be useful for the...

    • Who should and shouldn’t take Dapoxetine?

      Unfortunately, erectile problems are familiar to lots of men nowadays. According to the statistical data such disorders are becoming typical even of young and physically healthy people. Modern pharmacology offers a great variety of solutions that help protract the erection. Dapoxetine is one of the medications that successfully treat the symptoms of men’s sexual disorders. In this article we will talk about the specific features of the given remedy. Dapoxetine is widely applied in the modern medical practice. It is manufactured in the form of pills. The active ingredient of Dapoxetine has the same name. This substance is a selective inhibitor and participates in the serotonin uptake. The dosage of Dapoxetine pills may vary from 30 to 90 mg of...

    • Canadian Health Care Mall

      Zithromax (Azithromycin) at Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy

      What is Zithromax (Azithromycin)? Zithromax is a brand name of the drug azithromycin. This is an antibiotic medication that is effective in treating a number of bacterial infections. The drug is a result of many years of hard work from a team of researchers in Croatia. The pharmaceutical researchers had a breakthrough in 1980 when they first created the substance Azithromycin and learned of its properties. In 1980, the drug was patented, and quickly caught the attention of the whole pharmaceutical industry, going on to be sold in Western Europe, the United States, and eventually, many other parts of the world. The success of the drug can be attributed to its great effectiveness. In fact, it is included in the...

    • health&care system

      Canadian Health&Care Mall Gives the Green Light to Americans

      As any professional platform providing a service in Health Care area we analyze customers’ inquiries in different aspects including assortment, gender, geography and average price of purchase. Thus, keeping your anonymity, we reveal the whole picture of internet deals that gives us understanding what you need, where we can improve our offer and help you to save. Diving into the whole lot of data gathered through the years, we have found a stable growth in the share of US customers. We cannot say, it was very surprising for Canadian Health&Care Mall team , as we kept in mind our US neighbor establishing our service, but now we wish to share with you our modest research on the main differences in...

    • 10 reasons why sex strengthens your health

      It’s a common knowledge that sex is one of the greatest pleasures in the world. However, physical pleasure is not the only advantage of having active sexual life. In fact, sex can improve our health in many ways. Let’s discuss the most important ways how sex can make us healthier. 1. Stronger immune system According to the latest research performed by American experts, people who have regular sex take fewer sick days at work. If you are sexually active, then your body is more prepared to fight against viruses, bacteria and other micro germs that can cause diseases. The scientists at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania have obtained similar results when studying college students above 18. The young people who had...

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