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    How Stress Hormones Sabotage Your Virility

    While reflecting upon stress, we envisage traffic congestion, unpaid bills, chaos at home, tense situations at work, load of undone things, absence of understanding, crying babies, etc. These are undoubtedly causes of daily stress. But the main thing is relation between a man and a woman, misunderstanding which occurs between two lovers, and unwilling to meet a partner halfway. Stress is a catalyst of our quarrels, but the base of most conflicts lies in the fact that men and women cope with stress in different ways. Male reaction on stress distinguishes greatly from the female one and the difference increases as far as the stress progresses.

    Men and women have not only different reactions on stress, but also forms of support they need to relieve tension. One of the main differences is manner of behavior in stressful situations. Men tend to shrink into themselves in order to let the problem and bad feelings percolate, whereas women get overwhelmed with emotions. In order to collect themselves, men and women require completely different methods. Men feel better when they get on with solving of problems, whereas women feel relief when they talk about their issues. Lack of understanding and resentment of these differences create unnecessary tensions in gender interrelation.

    Not All Stress Hormones Are Created Equal

    Medical experts have proven that stress level in our organism is measured by hormones. Our organism produces chemical substances called hormones which act in the capacity of catalysts of chemical changes at the cellular level influencing growth, development, energy, and mood. When we are in love, we feel on the top of the world and are filled with energy. We feel euphoria. Our organism produces feel-good chemicals. When the amount of these hormones is large at the beginning of relations, pressure and bustling of daily life shift in the background. When charming of romantic freshness melts away, mundanity, worries, problems at work come, hormones level of good mood drops, and stress hormones degree starts to grow. Relations start cracking.

    Love and sex (three years of them) give us feel-good chemicals free of charge, but when honeymoon period terminates, we have to earn them. Reaction of our organism on stress is expressed in the level of adrenalin and cortisol. These hormones are produced in our organism by internal secretion gland, suprarenal capsule. When we are in distress, suprarenal capsules emit adrenalin, cortisol and other hormones in blood which give energy flash and clarity of consciousness; feelings get tough, physical strength and endurance increase. Adrenalin and cortisol perform the function of survival in situations when life and death are at stake.

    These hormones provided our predecessors with survival mechanism in dangerous situations. But if we are under condition of incessant severe stress, these hormones destruct immune system gradually. Energetic deposit decreases, propensity for diseases grows. Under the influence of continuous stress, a man is seized by the feeling of anxiety and panic which decrease our capacity to feel happiness. Light depression weakens our passion.

    Stress activates functioning of systems of human organism. Mechanisms of hormone production gets started including the whole complex of organs, glands and vessels. During stress, the most active among glands are suprarenal capsule and hypophysis. Due to production of hormones, a man preserves the condition of stress which may acquire chronic form. Therefore, it is important to control hormonal balance.


    • Mechanism of production

    CortisolFirst, reaction in cerebrum on impact factors (such as weather change, physical exertions, malnutrition) causing stress occurs. The reaction of brain is accompanied with direction of nerve impulses in hypothalamus. Hypothalamus in turn activates the production of hormone which is transported in hypophysis. These actions lead to synthesis of adrenocorticotropic hormone. When corticotrophin gets in general circulation and transfers it in suprarenal capsule. While getting into suprarenal cortex (organ producing hormones), corticotrophin provides cortisol’s secretion. When hormone produced in suprarenal capsule reaches cytoplasm of hepatic cells, a connection between cortisol and proteins is set. The connection is manifested in the form of physical reaction of body on external factors.

    • Impacts on organism

    Increase of cortisol in blood provokes increased arterial blood pressure. Cortisol is considered to be destructor, since it inhibits aggressive response on stress. Cortisol is enemy of muscles mass in the world of athletes. When this hormone’s level is increased, a man becomes bad-tempered; stressful condition follows him everywhere. Synthesis of hormone causes destruction of proterin mass in human organism.

    What does cortisol?

    • Constricts vessels;
    • Speeds up metabolism;
    • Provokes pain feeling;
    • Increases arterial blood pressure;
    • Launches regeneration of cells in case of inflammation.


    • Mechanism of production

    Adrenalin is produced not only in suprarenal capsule, but also in cells of other organs. Adrenalin rush is regulated by neuroendocrines of medullary substance. Hormone is synthesized from tyrosine amino acid. During stress, cerebrum sends nerve impulses around the whole body. When they reach suprarenal capsule, there is a reaction of adrenalin rush in organ’s cortex. Human organism always contains adrenalin, although in weak concentration. When hormone descends below normal index, a man becomes weak and apathic. Adrenalin rush occurs under extreme conditions. Very often adrenalin content in blood explains people’s love of extreme sports.

    • Pluses and minuses of influence

    Adrenalin rush makes heart beat faster causing the risk for apoplectic attack. Strong stress results in additional production of hormone, whereas oversupply of hormone influences adversely physical and emotional health.

    Adrenalin impact on a person is manifested positively and negatively for organism:

    • Relaxes muscles of bronchial tube of intestines;
    • Speeds up metabolic process of organism;
    • Brings the body in tonus;
    • Provides feeling of strength (not always feasible).

    Adrenalin production launches such adverse processes in organism as:

    • Boosts arterial blood pressure abruptly stimulating the work of myocardium. Influence on myocardium increases heart attack risk considerably;
    • Makes heart beat faster, narrows vessels. It is worth mentioning that such effect is not in all occasions negative;
    • When a hormone is produced, pressure on respiratory organs enhances. Thus, risk for episodes of asthma increases. Level of sugar in blood drops abruptly.


    Adrenalin and norepinephrine are similar in accordance with the principle of production and influence on a person. Norepinephrine rush occurs as a result of reaction on stress. Like adrenalin, norepinephrine is produced on tyrosine amino acid. Before production of this hormone, tyrosine gets transformed into dihydroxyphenylalanine. This substance is transported via blood to cerebrum where dihydroxyphenylalanine produces dopamine. And only then it becomes basic component of norepinephrine.

    • Mechanism of action

    Norepinephrine gives feeling of happiness. Norepinephrine influences person’s organism softer than adrenalin. It is interesting that suprarenal capsule produces norepinephrine not only due to reaction on stress, but as a response on pleasant events and feeling of happiness. Hormone is produced during view of pleasant film or taking delicious food. When a person feels apathy, he or she needs to do something pleasant in order to cause production of the hormone and normalize emotional condition. When suprarenal capsule emits hormone, the following changes are observed:

    • Frequent heart beat;
    • Increased blood pressure;
    • Changed breath rate;
    • Pupils enlarge.

    Restoration of balance

    In order to maintain quality of life, balance of hormonal profile should be controlled. But in case the hormones level is lower or higher than normal concentration in blood, balance may be restored. Restoration occurs due to correct dietary regimen, healthy life style, moderate physical exertions and usage of food supplements after consultation by a specialist. For normalization of hormonal profile, it is important to include lean fats contained in red salmon, nuts, olive oil and avocado. It is important to keep a check on dietary calories and not to drag the quantity of consumed calories lower the deadline. It is different for each person.

    Change in hormonal profile causes lack of sleep; therefore, it is important to sleep not less than eight hours. Therefore, sports activities are included to daily schedule. A person should limit caffeine intake (it is present in coffee, tea, and cola). It is recommended quitting obsessive habits, such as smoking and alcohol. Swimming, bicycle, football and basketball are considered to be useful kinds of sport. Medical experts recommend taking food supplements, like omega-3 fatty acid, ginseng, vitamin D.

    Stress Related Erectile Dysfunction (+psychological ED)

    One of the causes of ED development is stress. In norm, this condition is a normal reaction on danger preparing organism for struggle or escape. Human body is designed for experiencing stress and combines nervous, hormonal, cardiovascular and other systems. Nevertheless, a man doesn’t come across stressful situation ending with relief in modern life. Due to this, organism bears increased load leading to difference disorders, such as erectile dysfunction, for instance.

    Erectile dysfunction is one of the most widely-spread symptoms of chronic stress. Problems with erection may occur due to malfunctioning of hormonal and cardiac systems or emotional and behavioral problems as well. These factors form psychogenic cause of erectile dysfunction. This discomfort is so strong that it prevents from natural processes. Its source may be evident and unknown. It may be directly or indirectly connected with sex and be conscious or unconscious. It is not easy to get rid of discomfort, restore balance and acquire psychological comfort.  This discomfort takes a strong impact on natural processes in body: psychogenic and physical. This unity is highly pronounced in vegetative nervous system. It regulates work of all organs, makes body move, feel, react and function. Intimate life is a type of social communication where the leading role belongs to interpersonal relation, sex, genitals, love. Sexual intercourse is its crucial component. It has two goals: taking pleasure and provision of future generation. Psychogenic ED makes this process half meaningless.

    Anti-Anxiety Medication at Canadian Health&Care Mall

    Canadian Health&Care Mall offers you a perfect choice of anti-anxiety pills allowing to cope even with the most severe cases:

    • Venlaxor – antidepressant having practically no side-effects rousing patients from the deepest depression;
    • Zyprexa – has no serious adverse effects and is effective instantly;
    • Imovane is the most cutting-edge sleeping pills;
    • Paxil is antidepressant eliminating panic, fear, phobias, anorexia, and prolongs sexual intercourse;
    • Pramistar improves memory and makes the process of information storage easier;
    • Eglonil treats nerves and stomach simultaneously. The result is almost momentary;
    • Finlepsin cures cramps and neurites, and stabilizes mood;

    Natural Anti-Anxiety Supplements

    Natural Anti-Anxiety Supplements

    Sedatives of herbal origin were applied to treat nervous system diseases long ago. Mechanism of their action lies in regulatory influence on cerebrum: inhibition of excitative processes and activation of suppression. These medications take mild soothing and anti-anxiety effects. Soporific effect of this group of medicines is absent, but they alleviate incipiency and provide tight and tranquil sleep.

    Natural anti-anxiety supplements are well tolerated by patients without taking any serious side-effects. They do not build up addiction or psychological dependence. They enhance the action of some medications, such as analgesics, soporifics, etc. which sooth nervous system. Due to useful effects of sedatives and minimum of side-effects, these medications became extremely popular in medical practice, especially in treatment of elderly patients.

    According to statistics, there are several groups of anti-anxiety medicines the leading role of which belongs to supplements of herbal origin:

    • common valerian medicines;
    • common peony medicines;
    • motherwort medications;
    • passion-flower extract;
    • Combined medications.

    Common valerian medicines contain a lot of active substances which decrease anxiety level of central nervous system and reduce spasm of smooth muscle cells (spasmolytic effect). Indications to use are as follows: insomnia, nervous irritability, and neurocirculatory dystonia.

    Common peony medicines contain active components taking mild sedative action on human organism. Indications to peony use are neurasthenia, somnopathy, neurocirculatory asthenia. They are issued in the form of tincture. Peony medicines are contraindicative in case of hypersensitivity to the medication.

    Motherwort medications include agents taking not only mils sedative, but also hypotensive (decreasing arterial blood pressure) action. They are applied for neurosis, anxiety, and neurocirculatory dystonia treatment.

    Passion-flower extract decreases irritability od central nervous system taking sedative action. Due to the intake of passion flower, patients experience improved mood, decrease of anxiety and psychological tension. Indications to its use are neurasthenia, depression, alarm conditions, psycho-emotional stresses, etc.

    ED Medication at Canadian Health&Care Mall

    According to Canadian Health&Care Mall specialists, vegetative nervous system may be influenced by special medicines for potency improvement, such as Viagra. Drugs for ED treat on chemical level. In case sexual attraction exists, Viagra will enhance and prolong it. Occurrence of sexual excitement causes release of nitrogen oxide in cavernous body. This ensures blood supply to penis and subsequent erection. Viagra and its components influence the process of nitrogen oxide release, enhance erection duration and its strength.

    Such medicines as Viagra are absolutely safe for health and do not build up tolerance. But the thing is that psychological discomfort sometimes leads to absence of sexual attraction.

    Sexual desire occurs only in two cases:

    • Due to stimulation of sexual organs and concentration on them;
    • Due to recollection of object of passion and concentration on his image.

    Apathy may spread on all spheres of life including intimate part, and block sexual desire. If there is no passion, Viagra will be useless and won’t be able to help a man.

    Should Viagra be taken in case of psychogenic erectile dysfunction? It depends on situation and individual particularities of a person. It is highly recommended reading instruction and determining oneself. Similar medicines take local action. Active substances do not stay in organism longer than for 24 hours and then are completely cleared. In order to steer life in the right direction: treat but not aggravate, it is better to figure out why sexual intercourse causes psychological discomfort.

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