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    • Urethra man woman

      Birth Defects of Urethra and ED Treatments

      The urethra is a canal from that allows urine to flow from the bladder to the penis when someone is pissing. Unfortunately, there is a great number of its birth defects that may cause dangerous aftermaths, spoil the life and require the medical treatment. In the following article, you will find the description of most common birth defects of the urethra, their symptoms, possible side effects and ways of treatment. Symptoms that Should Make You Worrying Just as any other types of diseases and dysfunctions, the abnormalities of the urethra cause a number of symptoms which may play a role of the alarm signal. You may find out that your child has the urethra defects by the following symptoms: painful...

    • Female Combined Oral Contraceptives

      Oral contraceptives have properties which you’re clueless about

      Female Combined Oral Contraceptives (also known as COCs) are the most popular means of preventing unwanted pregnancy in the world. Today, COCs by right are considered one of the safest and securest birth control methods. An administration of oral contraceptives delivers women from a psychological discomfort, associated with a necessity to be concerned about the prevention of a crisis pregnancy. But the advantages of these useful pills are not limited to a mere ability to defend a woman from ovum fertilization. In fact, trusted hormonal contraceptive pills like Altavera, Falmina, Introvale, have evident non-contraceptive properties, which you’ve never guessed about. Protection from premenstrual syndrome A premenstrual syndrome is a complex of somatic and psychogenic disorders that occur 2-14 days before a...

    • Sugar Is Everywhere! How to Spot Sugar Rich Products

      Sugar… Sugar Is Everywhere! How to Spot Sugar Rich Products

      While many people believe that the main antagonist in our eternal struggle against excess weight is fat, a multitude of studies have shown that the true enemy is sugar and other simple carbohydrates that make our organism fattier and even dependent on using sugars constantly. There once was an interesting theory that sugar is even more addictive than heroin and in some regards it actually is. Sugar is not considered to be the white death as many health enthusiasts try to label it. Sugar is such a common ingredient of modern foods that we simply cannot afford to stop using it altogether. On a grand scale. Each individual can do a lot to significantly reduce the amount of sugar they...

    • The Effects of Viagra on Male Anorgasmia

      The Effects of Viagra on Male Anorgasmia

      Anorgasmia is the lack of orgasm and satisfaction from sexual intercourse in women and in men. This is a complex problem that may occur due to a number of factors both physiological and psychological. There is primary, secondary, situational, and sporadic anorgasmia. Also, there are three kinds of anorgasmia depending on the severity and symptoms of the sexual disorder.   The pathology develops on the background of sexual incompatibility of sexual partners and disharmony of sexual relations. Anorgasmia is rarely associated with purely physiological abnormalities, diseases of the genital, and other internal organs, so treatment of this condition is usually based primarily on psychological counseling of both partners. Anorgasmia in Men and Women In men, orgasm is directly related to...

    • Nuances of Cialis Use in Diabetes Patients

      Nuances of Cialis Use in Diabetes Patients

      Erectile dysfunction is often associated with the process of aging, but unfortunately, it also affects younger men due to a number of reasons, ranging from poor lifestyle choices to serious medical conditions such as cardiovascular disorders and diabetes. Erectile problems are quite common in men who suffer from diabetes, particularly type 2 diabetes, which is often accompanied by blood pressure disorders. A lot of diabetes patients eventually overcome their ED symptoms by exercising, eating healthier food, and giving up smoking. These lifestyle choices contribute to the health of the cardiovascular system, which is crucial to developing and maintaining an erection. However, it might take a long time for the body to adapt to these changes and show any improvement, and...

    • Bladder cancer

      Early Signs And Prevention Of Urogenital Cancer In Men

      Malignant neoplasms developing in general urinary tract are commonly referred to as urogenital system cancers. This grouping includes kidney cancers, prostate cancers, bladder cancers and testicular cancers. Although all of these diseases demonstrate certain similarities they are in fact different in terms of their behavior and respond to different treatment, so genital organs cancer as well as urinary tract cancer are just convenient generalizations which include a variety of actual diseases. Therefore, in order to detect and prevent them, every type should be approached separately. Bladder cancer The lining of a bladder consists of transitional epithelium so almost any kind of a neoplasm developing in urinary bladder essentially takes its beginning in the cells of that tissue. Hence the other...

    • How Stress Hormones Sabotage Your Virility

      Anti-Anxiety Drugs at Canadian Health&Care Mall for ED Boost

      While reflecting upon stress, we envisage traffic congestion, unpaid bills, chaos at home, tense situations at work, load of undone things, absence of understanding, crying babies, etc. These are undoubtedly causes of daily stress. But the main thing is relation between a man and a woman, misunderstanding which occurs between two lovers, and unwilling to meet a partner halfway. Stress is a catalyst of our quarrels, but the base of most conflicts lies in the fact that men and women cope with stress in different ways. Male reaction on stress distinguishes greatly from the female one and the difference increases as far as the stress progresses. Men and women have not only different reactions on stress, but also forms of...

    • What is Papaverine

      Papaverine for ED: a Surprisingly Cheap Drug that Compares to Viagra

      What is Papaverine Papaverine is a widely used drug belonging to a group of opium alkaloids, though its pharmacological action differs from such analgesic opium alkaloids as morphine or codeine. It has vasodilating, spasmolytic/antispasmodic and hypotensive effects. This makes it helpful in treating conditions involving spasm of smooth muscle. The drug was discovered in 1848 by a German student, who later founded a well-known chemical and pharmaceutical company. It can be obtained from opium or prepared synthetically. Pharmaceutical Forms Papaverine may be available in various formulations, such as hydrochloride salt, adenylate, codecarboxylate, teprosylate. Adenylate and codecarboxylate are oral forms. Papaverine hydrochloride is intended for oral, rectal, intravenous and intramuscular administration; teprosylate – for oral, intravenous and intramuscular administration. Papaverine medications...

    • The Triple Use Of Cialis In BPH Patients: ED, BPH And Hypertension

      The Triple Use Of Cialis In BPH Patients: ED, BPH And Hypertension

      The prostate, also called the prostate gland, is a large gland that is more or less like a chestnut and is part of the gland of the genital apparatus. It is located inside the human body in the area under the bladder (the "sachet containing urine"), near the rectum and placed above the perineal area, ie the area between the testicles and the anal orifice. The sexual and reproductive function of the prostate is to produce the seminal fluid, which is one of the "ingredients" of the semen that is intended to nourish and convey sperm. The evasive connection between Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy and Erectile Dysfunction   When talking about prostate, one often finds it difficult to talk about its...

    • ED in younger men is using diuretics

      This is how diuretics cause Erectile Dysfunction

      Erectile Dysfunction is a problem that affects a lot of men regardless of their race, age, and other factors. While the issue may be more prevalent in some people, every single man on this planet is in the risk zone of experiencing problems with achieving erection. For younger men this problem is much more impactful compared to men of age who are usually much more comfortable with having erectile dysfunction. One of the causes of ED in younger men is using diuretics. There are several reasons why diuretics cause problems with erection and they are related to multiple aspects of physiology and metabolism. As several types of diuretics exists, there are various ways how they affect our bodies. Before we...

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