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  • Sugar… Sugar Is Everywhere! How to Spot Sugar Rich Products

    While many people believe that the main antagonist in our eternal struggle against excess weight is fat, a multitude of studies have shown that the true enemy is sugar and other simple carbohydrates that make our organism fattier and even dependent on using sugars constantly. There once was an interesting theory that sugar is even […]

    Foods that Help to Combat Depression – Make the Palette of your Life Brighter

    Depression can happen even to the most cheerful natures. Specialists say – if you suspect depression, you need to change your menu. How to do this? Find the full information below. Almost in all cases, the way our day, week or even month run depends upon our mood. The human mood can be unexpected and […]

    Is Mediterranean Diet the Healthiest for Your Erectile Function?

    Your Erectile Function Latin word “potential” is the Russian for power and ability to function. Sexology has denoted potency as possibility to conduct normal and fully-realized sexual life: to get excited, reach orgasm, and please a partner. What is Potency? Sexual intercourse starts with emotional excitement and erection and ends with emission of seminal fluid. […]

    Top 7 Dangerous Ways to Lose Weight

    From 80 up to 95% of the fair sex representatives at least once have felt the urge to lose weight. Most women are so obsessed with this idea that they constantly try more and more new ways of weight reduction. Considerable part of these methods is poorly performing, whereas others are not safe for health. […]

    Experience Post-Workout Sluggishness? Try These Simple Tricks!

    There is no need to tell you that exercising is good for your both physical and mental health. A good workout charges you with energy, boosts your immune system, fighting different diseases, controls weight, promotes a better sleep pattern, contributes to your sexual life and gives you a chance to develop your social skills. That’s […]

    Viagra Can Benefit Prostate Health

    Doctors agree there are two most optimal drugs classes that are preferable for prostate health in general and BPH in particular: 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors and alpha blockers. The first ones block the testosterone-dihydrotestosterone conversion. This option is viewed as perfect for males with enlarged prostates as they do more than relieve symptoms: they increase the urinary […]

    What Is True about Viagra and Its Effect on Vision?

    Viagra is known both for its positive and negative influences. Which of the kinds is eye-related? Read to find out what and when should be expected after you administer a single dose of this ED medication. Viagra ED medication is involved with vision problems in some males, yet it doesn’t mean that you will go […]

    Breathe Easily with Ventolin Inhaler at Canadian Pharmacy Mall

    Many people have serious problems with breathing. They try to find the medicine that will help to get rid from heavy breathing at least for some period of time. Ventolin is one of the most effective medicines that can give the possibility to live a normal life. Ventolin: what Kind of Medicine is that? Ventolin […]

    Circumcision: Health Benefits and Risks

    To circ or not to circ – that is the question for many parents. Let’s compare benefits and risks. Circumcision: definition and major facts Circumcision stands for a surgical removal of the penis’ foreskin covering male genitalia. Factually, circumcision is an ancient ritual that has religious origins, but it is also quite common today as […]

    Top 5 Natural Supplements for Your Kid

    Parents who have a growing child constantly ask the team of Canadian Health&Care Mall experts about the necessity of using vitamin supplements that are offered at this website and in regular drugstores. First and foremost, your child DOES need the daily use of synthetic vitamins that were made specifically for kids. But the proper nutrition […]

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