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  • Canadian Health&Care Mall Shares Sensational Obesity Research Results: Can Obesity Be Turned Beneficial?

    Obesity Profile

    Obesity is occurrence of excessive fat deposits in organs, tissues and hypoderm. This disorder manifests itself in the form of weight gain by 20% and more of average indicators. Moreover, this process occurs due to increase of fatty tissue volume. Obesity is considered to be a serious problem, since it causes psychological and physical discomfort. It is often accompanied by sexual disorders or joints and spine pathologies. Overweight occurrence increases the risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, apoplectic attack, myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis, hypertension, etc. Also, obesity increases possibility of diabetes, renal and hepatic disorders development. As a result, it augments the probability of physical disability and even lethal outcome due to development of the afore-mentioned diseases. It is worth mentioning that women are diagnosed obesity twice oftener than men. The critical age for overweight development is 30-60 years.

    Obesity Profile

    International experts in the World Health Organization state that obesity is a global issue which affects people regardless of gender, age, profession and sexual orientation.

    There are three main types of obesity:

    • Alimentary-constitutional

    This type is most frequently met and is generally present in members of one family. There is predisposition which determines the level of motor performance, alimentary habits, food cravings and energetic consumption. This obesity type occurs when a man’s ration is high in calories and short in physical activity. Generally, similar problems occur in case of constant violation of dietary regimen and hyperalimentation. As a result, hormonal imbalance is generally developed.

    • Hypothalamic

    This obesity type is a result of various pathologies in the work of central nervous system. Very often, hypothalamus pathologies lead this obesity type, since this cerebral section is responsible for functioning of endocrine system. As a result, eating disorders and deviations of hormones balance develop. It should be taken into account that production of the hormone with fat-splitting effect decreases.

    • Endocrine

    This type of obesity is generally developed in case of various pathologies of endocrine system. Moreover, overweight is not the main symptom. This obesity type is met quite seldom.

    Obesity Impacts on Potency

    It is no secret that male obesity besides considerable psychological and physical discomfort causes a lot of accompanying diseases where the most intimidating for the majority of them is impotency. It is well grounded, since according to statistics, men suffering from overweight have erectile disorders as twice as more often than slim and fit representatives of stronger sex. How come?

    There are three main factors of obesity influence on male strength: physiological, psychological and physical.

    1. Physiological factor

    From physiological point of view, obesity influence on potency is quite evident. Male organism is organized in such a way that growth of fatty tissue in organism causes increase of female hormone, estrogen, production. Synthesis of male hormone, testosterone, slows down with occurrence of excessive kilograms. Shortage of male hormones is one the crucial causes of sexual function impairment in men. Due to endocrine profile shift, men suffering from obesity experience not only severe potency pathologies, but also have changes in appearance and become gynecoid. Surpass of female hormones in organism leads to breast growth, voice quality alteration (it becomes high-pitched), etc. Besides, fat deposits cause impairments in male blood circulation. In particular, fully-realized blood supply of sexual organs may impair which leads to erectile disorders.

    1. Psychological factor

    The afore-described physiological changes and appearance alteration are the main cause of serious psychological disorders: depression, deflated self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, etc. It is likely that if a man doesn’t like himself and is not sure in his strength, women won’t like him. Recognition of his appearance unattractiveness and a bunch of obesity accompanying diseases cause man’s weakness in sexual life.

    1. Physical factor

    Physical abilities of a man suffering from obesity are also severe obstacles for him in fully-realized sexual life. Big belly, increased breast, clumsiness and corpulence provoke problems in sexual sphere. In particular, corpulent men generally do not have possibility to realize all their sexual phantasies and preferences due to their bodily constitution. Sexual life of such people and their partners with preservation of erectile function becomes dull and monotonous.

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    Obesity Consequences for Men

    Male obesity is a serious disorder and not only just “particularities of stature”, as some men tend to reassure themselves. Obesity is to be treated. And the earlier you accept this problem and start operation, the less risk for your health will be. Obesity not only causes a number of somatic diseases (such as cardiac disorders, supporting-motor apparatus pathologies, labored breathing, etc.), but also one of the most widely-spread causes of impotency.

    Obesity Consequences for Men

    Besides, hormonal imbalance caused by overweight may result in irreversible qualitative and quantitative changes of seminal fluid. As a result, a man may become infertile.

    The Connection of Obesity and Potency

    Many diseases start occurring after forty years of age, such as inflammation of urinary system, obesity, varicosity, impotency, cardio-vascular diseases, etc. And obesity is the worst, since this very condition causes development of either apoplectic attacks or heart failures or impotency. Overweight issues occur in men after incorrect and sedentary lifestyle. An average day of a modern man is as follows: bed – car – office – car – bed. This schedule will unlikely allow a person to move, and fat gets accumulated. As opposed to women, men’s most large fat deposit is located on stomach area. Since fat tissue is hormonally active, it causes atherosclerosis, diabetes and other disorders development.

    Obesity developed on the setting of boundless consumption of fat food undoubtedly leads to erectile dysfunction. This is because fat tissue prevents from normal production of male hormones, but well produces the female ones (very often corpulent men have effeminate features and high pitched voice). With the age, testosterone level decreases and if there is alcohol, overweight and smoking, these factors accelerate this process; semen activity and motility gradually decreases. Nevertheless, male strength may be preserved even at 60 if particular rules are observed. There is always a way out. The fact that obesity and potency are interconnected is beyond dispute; therefore, in order to avoid possible problems with overweight, it is important to get moving and eat healthy food.

    Does Gaining Weight Means Are You Are Losing Sex? Canadian Health&Care Mall about ED and Obesity Bond: acanadianhealthcaremall.com/does-gaining-weight-means-you-are-losing-sex.html

    Canadian Health&Care Mall Specialists Share Their Opinion

    How often do men suffer from overweight?

    According to statistics, men make 15-20% among all people who have applied to specialists in regards to obesity.

    – What distinguishes male obesity from the female one?

    Fat gets stored on hips and buttocks in women, whereas abdominal type of fat deposition is characteristic for men (fat is stored in stomach).

    – Is it for better or for worse?

    It is for worse when it comes to health. Increased belly puts pressure on diaphragm causing heart to change its position and slants instead of flat-lying. As a result, its area which belongs to diaphragm, myocardium posterior wall, is not supplied with blood sufficiently. It is even noticeable via electrocardiogram. Thus, abdominal type of fat deposition enhances risk of apoplectic attack. Besides, male fat tends to get accumulated in interfascial compartment. More often it gets stored in the area of neck provoking snore and PND – cessation of breathing during sleep.

    – So, what is to be done?

    In case of cost nasal drip syndrome, a man should be constantly turned over asleep. And it goes without saying that he must reduce weight.

    – Corpulent men often complain of impairment of erectile function. Does overweight really impair potency?

    Subcutaneous tissue is not just a fatty layer; it is also a depot of female sexual hormones (estrogens). Obesity causes the growth of estrogen quantity in organism. For women this condition is physiological, whereas it not unnatural for men. Male normal hormonal profile is prevailing of androgens (male sexual hormones). When a man gains weight, he has increased fatty depot and elevated estrogens level. Initially, organism tries to compensate and produce more androgens in suprarenal bodies and testicles, but then their capacities run short and hormonal profile gets shifted towards estrogens prevalence.

    – So, that’s when potency impairs, isn’t it?

    Estrogens excess influences the whole organism. First of all, gynecomastia occurs, i.e. the condition when mammary glands start growing. Second, the pitch of a voice becomes higher. Third, spermatogenesis impairs: semen quantity and motility decreases, and male infertility takes place. In due course, obesity causes impaired potency which is aggravated by hormonal imbalance, disturbance of nerve tissue supply and blood circulation impairment. Besides, estrogens change psychic. Men become apathetic and depressive. They think they have middle-age crisis, but in reality, these are hormonal changes connected with overweight.

    – Why do men gain weight?

    The primary causes are overeating and low physical activity. Modern lifestyle leads to decrease of metabolism. A man is not a getter who hunts for mammoth in the physical realm. He uses his brain and intellect and moves not much. Decrease of daily consumption of calories leads to the fact that their usage in normal quantity results in overweight. Men are not used to keeping to a strict diet. Another factor causing obesity development in men is dishormonal impairments.

    – Who is easier to lose weight: men or women?

    It is much easier for men to lose weight, than women, since male sexual hormones are able to enhance catabolism –  fat decay. Female hormones function the opposite way – activate lipids synthesis.

    – Many men consider that it is enough to visit gym and stop eating after 6PM for weight loss…

    That’s not the case. In case of obesity, gym is contraindicative. Incorrectly selected physical activity may affect adversely heart and impair joints’ condition. Principle of “not eating after 6” will likely be useless. In this case, it is essential to activate targeted fat burning located inside stomach.

    – So, how to get rid of obesity?

    First of all, consult a specialist. Obesity is a disease which means that it must be treated by doctors. Self-medication is not acceptable.

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