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  • Video Digest: Canadian and US Generic Drugs Videos on Youtube

    So who told you that generic drugs is all about fake and counterfeit products? The topic of generic drugs is covered by individual bloggers and CBS-caliber channels. Every week we gather the most nutty videos from the web, and this time we are starting with YouTube; from hot news, FAQs to major events of today […]

    Our Health and Care Online Pharmacy – Best Place to Buy Cheap Medicine

    Being a well-known and reputable online pharmacy, Canadian Health Care Mall presents the best services and the most efficient products. Canadian Pharmacy has a worldwide reputation of a reliable and safe place to buy medicines. Besides, competitive prices are another point that always attracts customers. Great correlation of quality and value creates the unique formula […]

    Erectile Dysfunction and Young People: Is It a Heart Disease Forerunner?

    Erectile dysfunction is a rather common problem in men that is not normal at any age, especially if you are young. Although quite many men have ever suffered from it at some point and in most cases it is connected with psychological and situational factors, erectile dysfunction should not be disregarded because it can result […]

    Healthy Benefits of Canadian Pharmacy Mall You Didn’t Know

    Our health depends on so many factors namely country health&care policy, environment, our lifestyle and food we eat. However, some health disorders are hard to predict even if we do our best to stay healthy. So we all fall sick from time to time and that is the time for us to search for a […]

    Canadian Health&Care Mall: Direct Influence on Medication Prices

    Being one of the most popular, well-established and reputable pharmacies, CHCM influences the prices on the pharmacological market a lot. First of all, it deals with the most qualitative medicines produced by approved manufacturers from different countries. Selling generic drugs the pharmacy gets the opportunity to offer lower prices, so all the famous medicines are […]

    How to Buy Viagra from a Reliable Canadian Health Care Mall?

    Canadian Health Care Mall is best service to buy Viagra online. One should not even doubt about the veracity of this statement. This is the drugstore that hardly needs introduction. It is a well-known, popular and appreciated company that got the fame of a reliable, cheap and qualitative platform with the best products. The main […]

    How to Become a Well-Qualified Pharmacist in Canada

    Having worldwide fame and popularity, the profession of pharmacist is one of the most reputable and required in Canada. They are considered and appreciated as medication management experts that serve in healthcare institutions. The main goals of each separate pharmacist are to collaborate with clients, support their families and maintain good relations with other healthcare […]

    Viagra Off-Label Uses: Top Facts You Would Want to Know

    Since Canadian Health and Care pharmacy handles worldwide distribution of Viagra, we want all our customers to get more knowledge on the medication that isn’t as simple as it may seem. All of us (even those not affected by the condition directly) know what Viagra is usually taken for. The drug is the very first […]

    Where Does Good Acne Therapy Start?

    Canadian Health and Care Mall is famed for its on-budget solutions for the most popular conditions, both medical and aesthetical. The problem of acne lies somewhere in between those two fields. Acne is common from early puberty and about every third individual is so severe symptoms that he / she wishes to treat the symptoms. […]

    Health&care Management in Canada

    Due to the development and improvements in the healthcare system, more and more people, both inexperienced and professional doctors, become increasingly interested in the sphere of healthcare management. Hospitals, healthcare centers, insurance companies and other institutions are in need of people to keep them on track, administer and popularize. However, it is not that easy […]

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