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  • What Wikipedia Doesn’t Tell About Erectile Dysfunction

    You think you know everything about erectile dysfunction? Bet you don’t, and here’s our article on the most unexpectedly important erectile dysfunction aspects. Nope, it is not about Viagra online or natural nutrients – pure facts backed by statistics only.


    Vitamin D deficit

    Vitamin D is crucial when it comes to potency. According to Dr. Michos, working at John Hopkins Hospital, an increasing number of clinical trials states that a deficit of vitamin D in human means a higher risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. Although the studies on correlation between the lack of vitamin D and erectile dysfunction have not been conducted, there’s plenty of evidence between the connection of heart diseases and ED issues (which is explained by the impeded blood flow in the arteries). So the insufficiency of vitamin D can be reasonably linked to erectile dysfunction.

    To keep the vitamin D concentration at a normal level, enrich your daily nutrition with salmon, eggs and ricotta cheese; including soy products is also a way to go. Spend more time in the sun – this is one of the natural sources of vitamin D.

    You work in healthcare, food service or police

    According to Pharma Stats quiz, an overwhelming majority of people subjected to stress on a regular basis have a higher risk of facing erectile dysfunction issues. Well, looks like a common fact, doesn’t it?

    However, the quiz reveals that the most subjected to stress professions are policemen, food service personnel, Health&Care workers and firemen. Naturally, these people fall into a higher risk group of erectile dysfunction.

    You watch too much porn

    One of the world’s most frequently visited adult platform, PornHub, has launched a survey in 2013 to study the behaviour of its users. Thus, it was found that nearly 10% of respondents had problems with stopping watching porn. Excessive pornography consumption may lead to psychological issues and physical sexual satisfaction decrease.

    The studies of APA state that those males who watch too much porn tend to have problems in bed, so the issue is closely linked to erectile dysfunction manifestations. Porn addiction in general has became a major stumbling block in the sexual relationship of both partners, so female addiction can also be considered in the complex of issues.

    Chronic inflammatory processes are dangerous

    A group of Israeli scientists, led by Doctor Eisenberg, has discovered that nearly 17% of males suffering from erectile dysfunction have periodontitis – an acute form of gym disease. Theoretically this fact is explained by the inflammatory nature of this disease may provoke inflammatory processes in the body. The scientists assume that inflammatory markers may be the reason for erectile dysfunction problems.

    Thus, atherosclerosis, a vascular disease, can be a sort of response of the body to this disease, and given the similar nature of erectile dysfunction problems (the issue is oftentimes caused on blood vessels level), the link seems to be quite reasonable.

    Bike riders are are more prone to ED

    The stiff seats with a narrow design can be the cause of pelvic floor nerves desensitizing and damaging. The fans of bicycle riding and even horse riding seem to form a group of higher risk factor of erectile dysfunction, as these activities result in more pronounced damages. And in its turn, the damages imply the higher risk for ED issues formation.

    It is highly recommended to keep track of the milage made with bicycle and watch carefully for interdependencies between riding the bicycle and erectile dysfunction issues. You should seek for immediate medical attention if the correlation becomes evident.

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