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  • Video Digest: Canadian and US Generic Drugs Videos on Youtube

    So who told you that generic drugs is all about fake and counterfeit products? The topic of generic drugs is covered by individual bloggers and CBS-caliber channels. Every week we gather the most nutty videos from the web, and this time we are starting with YouTube; from hot news, FAQs to major events of today […]

    Social Networking Is Proving to Be a Valuable Tool for Healthcare

    Health and Care industry is quickly developing and improving, different drugs are tested, treatments are invented and policies are implemented. To be a real professional and keep up with all the modern technologies in the sphere of medicine one should not neglect the role of social networking. Social networks are the greatest ways to be […]

    Canadian Health&Care Mall: Direct Influence on Medication Prices

    Being one of the most popular, well-established and reputable pharmacies, CHCM influences the prices on the pharmacological market a lot. First of all, it deals with the most qualitative medicines produced by approved manufacturers from different countries. Selling generic drugs the pharmacy gets the opportunity to offer lower prices, so all the famous medicines are […]

    How to Buy Viagra from a Reliable Canadian Health Care Mall?

    Canadian Health Care Mall is best service to buy Viagra online. One should not even doubt about the veracity of this statement. This is the drugstore that hardly needs introduction. It is a well-known, popular and appreciated company that got the fame of a reliable, cheap and qualitative platform with the best products. The main […]

    Erectile Dysfunction: 5 Unpleasant Facts and Treatment Options

    To say that erectile dysfunction is an unpleasant condition means to say nothing; it causes more bother to men, both physical and mental, than any other disease. However, not all men understand what this diagnosis implies. Here is the info on some although common still requiring explanation facts as well as treatment options that Canadian […]

    Viagra Off-Label Uses: Top Facts You Would Want to Know

    Since Canadian Health and Care pharmacy handles worldwide distribution of Viagra, we want all our customers to get more knowledge on the medication that isn’t as simple as it may seem. All of us (even those not affected by the condition directly) know what Viagra is usually taken for. The drug is the very first […]

    Health&care Management in Canada

    Due to the development and improvements in the healthcare system, more and more people, both inexperienced and professional doctors, become increasingly interested in the sphere of healthcare management. Hospitals, healthcare centers, insurance companies and other institutions are in need of people to keep them on track, administer and popularize. However, it is not that easy […]

    Canadian Health and Care Mall Dispels Rumors about Poor Quality Medicines

    When we see that a generic drug costs less than its brand equivalent, several questions usually arise. Why is it cheaper? Is it about poor quality? These doubts may seem reasonable as per numerous rumors in the Internet; still they are all false. Let’s find out what the main difference between generic and branded pills […]

    Infographic: The Most Expensive Prescription Drugs

    Today we will talk and show you – what were the most expensive drugs in 2014 sold on prescription. More than 4.5 billion prescriptions were written – imagine how often people get sick! How much money people spend on expensive prescription drugs! Many of them can be purchased in our pharmacy without a prescription, and […]

    Canadian Healthcare Mall: Passion to Serve the Nation

    Nothing can be more invaluable than human health and life. We at Canadian Healthcare Mall understand that truth better than anybody else. Unlike many others we are there to save lives and relieve suffering rather than obtain the highest profit margin. As a new customer you may not know that but as our loyal one […]

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