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  • Loyalty Programs at Canadian Health&Care Mall

    Due to the high cost of prescription drugs, many Americans and Canadians are facing a tough choice between satisfying their need for medication and paying for basic necessities of life such as renting a home or eating. Due to the high cost of medicines, many people neglect their use, which puts them at risk or at least the overall effectiveness of other medicines is reduced.

    The latest research conducted by the Commonwealth Fund reported the following statistics:

    • in 2012, about 50 million Americans, aged 19 to 64, did not take prescribed drugs because of its high cost;
    • in 2014, statistics showed 35 million people who refused to take medicine for the same reason;
    • in 2015, the number of Americans skipping their medications decreased by another 12%.

    To increase the customer traffic to their websites, online pharmacies arrange loyalty programs to let their visitors get the required meds with great discounts. Canadian Health&Care Mall started their own loyalty program for all customers who prefer to buy the medications from this particular website. To get more details about the bonuses of this loyalty program, visit this page: acanadianhealthcaremall.com/i-want-a-discount-canadian-health-care-mall-coupons.

    Loyalty programs: the benefits for customers of online pharmacies

    Along with honest online pharmacies, there is an increasing number of dishonest, unprincipled online pharmacies that engage in fraud, deceiving customers and selling fake medical products. It is very important to have knowledge in this area for potential customers of online pharmacies.

    If you are one of millions of Canadian and Americans who are wondering if they can afford to buy medicines at the online pharmacy, then you can be sure the loyalty program will save your costs.

    Canadian Health&Care Mall Loyalty Programs

    How loyal programs impact on the services of online pharmacies?

    1. Stiff price competition. Price competition along with the location of the pharmacy becomes the main arguments in the fight for a customer;
    2. Getting used to discounts. Most pharmacies have already introduced a discount loyalty program for regular customers. The difference between such programs is not significant, buyers do not see much difference between them, that’s why the more aggressive methods are required;
    3. Predominance of drugs in the sales structure. Non-medicinal products have much greater potential for use in marketing campaigns than medicines from the list of essential. In Canada the share of non-drug products is much higher, most online pharmacies also become a familiar place to buy shampoos, toothpastes and dietary supplements.

    A discount loyal program is the most understandable and convenient incentive system for buyers. For pharmacies like Canadian Health&Care Mall, makes everything not so simple, discounts just offer the decrease in sales margins.

    The main alternative to a discount is the loyalty bonus program. This type is very popular among the customers of CHCM customers.

    The advanced bonus program gives a number of advantages that are absent in the discount loyalty program:

    • When making a purchase, the customer pays a full cost. The discount is charged on a personal bonus account. As a rule, the time between receiving and writing off bonuses is quite substantial. Buyers make several purchases before redeeming accumulated points;
    • The goal of the loyalty program is to encourage loyal customers. A loyalty bonus program must be implemented. It is used if a customer has not looked at the pharmacy for a longer period of time (for example, during a year or even more). Another example is the use of bonuses with a limited lifespan that works well to encourage repeat sales.

    Bonuses are a flexible way for managing product sales. Based on the goals of the pharmacy, different courses for the accrual of points can be established for various items.

    User reviews:

    Tommy S.G. (Ottawa)

    I constantly work with Canadian Health&Care Mall. It’s very convenient, has a large network where you can order everything: medicines, cosmetics, cotton swabs with disks, etc. E-mails are constantly being sent to my address with personal promotional codes – I use them very often, everything can be planned. And how convenient if there are parents or children in another city! I ordered, paid with my VISA card, and there they went and took away, and during the day, without any problems. And the prices are good. My in-laws also use your service, they want you to add more cold medications and have more seasonal deals.

    Alexander (Melbourne)

    I ordered drugs in this pharmacy two times. The first order I waited for week, the second order — for 3 days. This is not acceptable, because I wanted to get a delivery for 2 days. Please, improve your shipping service because your prices are awesome and I want to order more medications from your pharmacy.

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