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  • Josephine Johansson: Ten Myths About Weight Loss

    You become slim by drinking apple cider vinegar, carbohydrates are dangerous and breakfast might as well skip, or? The dietician Josephine Johansson of Canadian Health&Care Mall sorts out ten common myths about weight loss. Myths About Weight Loss

    1. You lose weight by drinking apple cider vinegar
    False “Apple cider vinegar can lower a food’s GI and thus keeps you possibly slightly fuller. But no, it’s not a good method for weight loss.”

    2. You become slim by drinking a lot of coffee
    False. “Caffeine can increase the burning something but no, there is nothing miraculous. In contrast, one becomes more alert and might work harder during workout, but that’s about it.”

    3. You gain weight from eating at night
    Nope. “It’s not that you cannot eat after six o’clock. But you can actually gain weight from eating large portions close to bedtime. The body is not designed to take care of the extra energy in the evening. But the biggest reason why you are gaining weight is eating more than you need.”

    4. Carbohydrates such as potatoes, pasta, rice and bread should be avoided if you want to lose weight
    False “One does not exclude carbohydrates. In contrast, most patients need to cut down on the amount. What you should avoid is the meal entirely based on carbohydrates such as pasta salads that contain only pasta with a bit of green in. But you do not need to remove carbohydrates completely, the risk is that you take back the calories later in the day. 1 or 2 cups of rice or pasta or 2-3 potatoes is a moderate amount if you want to lose weight.”

    5. Skipping breakfast makes you lose weight faster
    Nope “If you pull down on calorie intake is to lose weight but chances are that you overeat later in the day and then lose on removing the breakfast. Skipping breakfast is not a good strategy to lose weight.”

    6. If you exercise a lot you can eat whatever you want
    False. “No, you cannot. The more you practice, the more you can eat, but there are absolutely boundaries. It depends on how much “a lot of training” is for you.”

    7. The fewer calories you eat per day, the more weight you lose
    Nope. “That’s partially true, but if you eat too little you pull down on the burning and metabolism and eventually you lose weight at a slower rate. It’s also a great risk that you might suffer from malnutrition and the body will not work as it should.”

    8. Certain foods such as chili and strawberries burn fat
    Nope. “Sure, strong spices enhance combustion a little, but the effect is marginal. You burn fat if you exercise, period.”

    9. Vegetarian diet is narrower than non-vegetarian diet.
    False. “It is not. Vegetarian diets can be fatter than non-vegetarian diets fatter because of their oils and nuts.”

    10. If you drink large quantities of water each day you go down in weight
    False. “You cannot lose weight by drinking plenty of water, apart from the cases when you drink a glass of water before eating to feel fuller and avoid overeating, or if you are in a habit of eating even though you are actually thirsty, which is actually quite common.”

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