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  • How to Treat Acne Effectively? Try These 8 Tips

    Even though such skin condition as acne strikes mainly teenagers, the condition is peculiar of the older generation, too. Over 50 million of Americans who are affected by the issue cannot treat it fast and effectively. Despite the fact that the contemporary pharmaceutical market is filled with a range of acne remedies and anti-inflammatory treatments, the condition is successfully treated in only a few cases. The main reason is that it is extremely easy to make mistakes during an acne treatment course, eliminating the occurrence of positive effects and stimulating the appearance of new symptoms.


    Generally, acne is considered to be a devastating skin condition developed as the result of significant hormonal changes. Surely, there are numerous other reasons of acne appearance, though it is the most frequently appearing one. Before acne treatment one should consult a healthcare provider to discover the type of the existing condition and find out possible solutions.

    Top Acne Causes

    To begin with, acne is a hormonal disorder activated by androgenic hormones, especially during the teenage period. The combination of the hormone sensitivity, skin bacteria and fatty acids in oil glands serve the primary reasons of acne appearance. Acne lesions feature multiple types, including blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, bumps and nodules. The common sites of this condition appearance are situated within the sites of oil glands. They are chest, back, face and shoulders.

    Irrespective of initial acne occurrence, there are some health conditions that may impair acne and aggravate its symptoms. Such reasons include:

    • Manipulating acne lesions (prodding and picking);
    • Fluctuating hormone levels in women during the menses;
    • Clothing (helmets, hats and headgear), etc.

    Most Common Mistakes People Make on Their Way to Successful Acne Treatment

    Striving to overcome acne a multitude of people start taking diverse treatments, medicines and other methods to improve the condition. However, in more than 75% acne treatment program does not get crowned with success. Why does it happen?  People strive to get incredible effects fast and without any extra effort, thus, they make many mistakes that prevent the body from full and healthy skin condition. Among common misconceptions are the following:

    • Insufficient acne treatment course. Since the reaction of the skin to acne treatment is slow, it is essential to keep using the drug during the whole medication course, even if it seems ineffective. Keep in mind that the symptoms of acne inflammation may get worse right before it gets improved. That is why, keep administering the medication without any changes in prescription and recommendations.
    • Combination of too many acne remedies at a time. In search of a perfect medication that may treat acne people start adding one supplement to another expecting faster and better results. Instead, you will get skin redness, irritations and other abnormalities. The most important task here is to find an exclusive solution suiting your health condition and the severity of the issue.
    • Wrong product for the skin prone to acne. Alkaline bar soaps, cleaners and alcohol-based medications do not usually cause the desirable effect in people with acne. Look for quality ‘for acne-prone skin’ or ‘noncomedogenic” products.
    • Violation and misuse of prescription and non-prescription drugs. Keep in mind that the well-known rule ‘the more, the faster’ does not work here. Follow all the safety recommendations provided by the doctor to boost the condition.
    • Delayed dermatologist consultations. If you are waiting for too long to meet your doctor, you are simply losing time. Consult your healthcare provider the moment you have noticed any complications.
    • Excess cleaning and scrubbing of the skin. According to the fact that scrubbing decreases the protective barrier, the process can eliminate protection, aggravating acne condition.
    • Picking and popping pimples. The procedure prolongs the period of healing and increases the risk of scarring. Instead, the spot can get extra infected, etc.
    • No proper effect maintenance. On achievement of the wanted effect, the vast majority of people forget about the inevitable maintenance which is necessary for a prolonged effect.

    Following 8 Significant Points Is the Key to Improved Symptoms and Treated Condition

    Acne treatmentIt is the reality. Effective acne treatment has been found, so each patient can get the necessary remedy in a few simple steps. The following rules will help keep the organism and skin toned, energized and fresh, as well as decrease the symptoms:

    1. Prevention in half the battle. Since acne is stimulated by oil and bacteria, apply oil-free supplements daily, especially the ones that contain Salicylic Acid.
    2. Cleanse the skin with one of available preparations to fight bacteria and invigorate skin.
    3. Use healing masks to hydrate and heal the skin. This will be useful not only as a preventative measure, but also as an acne treatment.
    4. Medicate properly. It is inevitable to deal with new pimples the very moment they appear. The faster you treat them with an anti-inflammatory medication, the quicker the zit will disappear.
    5. Once you have noticed a new zit, top it with white toothpaste immediately. The blemish will get dried out by morning.
    6. Fight bacteria. Since acne is commonly caused by bacteria, it is inevitable to eliminate its source. Holy basil and sweet basil are vital oils for the desirable effect.
    7. Practice regular exfoliations, since dead skin and clogged pores contribute to acne development. Remove the buildup gently to improve the condition and not to harm the upper skin layer.
    8. Eat healthy. As any other health condition, acne appears as the consequence of vitamins and minerals lack. Thus, a healthy, well-balanced diet will help you get rid of acne and prevent its further appearance.

    Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy Team – www.acanadianhealthcaremall.com

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