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  • Canadian Health&Care Mall Gives the Green Light to Americans

    As any professional platform providing a service in Health Care area we analyze customers’ inquiries in different aspects including assortment, gender, geography and average price of purchase. Thus, keeping your anonymity, we reveal the whole picture of internet deals that gives us understanding what you need, where we can improve our offer and help you to save.

    Diving into the whole lot of data gathered through the years, we have found a stable growth in the share of US customers. We cannot say, it was very surprising for Canadian Health&Care Mall team , as we kept in mind our US neighbor establishing our service, but now we wish to share with you our modest research on the main differences in Health Care in Canada and US that make Americans seeking for the medicine and lifestyle products abroad.

    US versus Canada Health&Care System

    When it comes to discussion on US Health Care reform, it is often compared to Canadian system. The two countries has nearly the same people’s mentality and cultural influences that makes Canadian Health&Care in the eyes of critics a sample to follow. We could not examine here all the aspects of the both model including such factors as life expectancy or birth rate that depend not only on the national expenses on medical care and health insurance but let us consider the most important factors influences citizens’ satisfaction of the system in hole.

    health&care system

    Insurance Issues

    The key difference in insurance policy for medical care is that USA has a private system with numerous insurers not controlled by the government while in Canada Health&Care is centralized with a single payer for insurance plans. That results in significant difference between private insurance overheads in USA (12 – 15%) and government assisted insurance overheads in Canada (1,5 – 2,0%). US Government programs intended to help poorer categories of people as Medicare and Medicaid has overheads about 4 and 8% accordingly.

    At the same time US overall expenditures for healthcare can be estimated as 31% that quit high comparing to 17% in Canada, while administration costs differ as much as 752 US dollars per capita that can be a field for saving.

    If translate above figures into the simple words, it is permissible to say that the same services often cost for Americans more than for Canadians. Yes, it is commonly considered that quality of medical care is higher in USA than in Canada but, at the same time, according to Consumer Report study about 40% of Americans could not afford more or less adequate insurance (some people do not have any) covering all their needs in medical care.

    Fore sure, Canadian system is not ideal also and when Canadian government is not able to find resources to support some free services it can happen that the list of “necessary” services can be reduced. But in overall Canadian system provides better access and lower cost for medical care.

    US versus Canada Medicament Costs

    Another issue concerning drugs prices arises from above mentioned core difference between healthcare in US and Canada: not only medical services costs are affected by the whole insurance system but also medicine prices. Not having any controlling authority above them, the private insurers together with pharmacists it seems to set prices not in accordance with the real cost of medicine but to keep them on the same high level as the other services. So, this as we call “price policy” – by the way protected by US government – represent interests of manufactures and insurance companies. Probably, the situation is good for commerce but is it really good for consumers? The overpriced drugs market gives much pain to those Americans who are not covered with any “elite” insurance and have to pay medicine expenses on their own.

    It seems the prescription drugs cost has become a talk of the whole country in recent years in USA but reality is that situation remain as it was. According the Harvard Medical School report, where the researchers analyzed a number of sources and publications from 2005 to 2016 the main reason of the constantly growing prices for medicine is “monopoly” rights of the drug producers to supply insurance plans with medicine at fixed prices. At the same time, Canadian government negotiates the prices on the drugs for health care programs and, thus, they are kept on the real market level. That is why it is possible to buy brand prescription drugs in Canada at 30-50% cheaper.

    Among the other reason why medicine cost is so expensive in US you could name: long procedures for approval of generic drugs in FDA and law limitations for use generic drugs, that gives less flexibility and poor alternative to the Brand drugs.

    Americans Rushes to Canadian Health Care Shops

    Under these circumstances many American turns to buying drugs online in Canadian online drugstores. It is quite difficult to find adequate internet statistics as there is no centralized instance which could control online purchasing of the drugs but some sources estimated that at least 2% of Americans buy medicine abroad via Internet. These figures have been steadily increasing with prognosis of 2-3% annual growth in the coming years.

    From our site, Canadian Health&Care Mall medicine experts have studied a list the most overpriced drugs to find better alternative for those US citizens who are willing to save their money rather than to carry a burden of heavy costs. Here you find some cost effective alternatives to the popular medicines for diabetes, anxiety as well as lifestyle healthcare products.

    US versus Canada Drugs Cost Comparison

    Drug NameCost US, US dollarsCost at Canadian Health&Care Mall, US dollars
    Janumet, 50/ 500 mg4,71 – 5,93 per pcs3,56 per pcs
    Lantus Solostar (Insulin), 3 ml/ 100 units575 – 725 per pack405 per pack
    Lung disease
    Spiriva, 30 capsules+inhaler280 – 289 per set53,82 per set
    ED Products
    Viagra 100 mg26 – 28 per pcs0.77 – 2.30 per piece (generic)
    Levitra 20 mg22,8 – 28 per pcs1,82 – 2, 66 per pcs (generic)

    Please keep in your mind that price that above prices from Canadian Health&Care Mall acanadianhealthcaremall.com can be even more reduced with bonuses, special offers with better prices for packs and cash back. We can help you to save as we know the market and search among the better proposals.

    Buying online on Canadian market you always can enjoy “antimonopoly” prices and remember: Canadian Health&Care Mall gives green light to our American neighbors 24/7. No restrictions, no dictate: just shop around and have your discounts.


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