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  • Can Allergies Influence Your Sexual Life?

    Does your erectile dysfunction has anything to do with the allergies that you occasional experience? The link looks ridiculous, doesn’t it? Yet our answer to the question is YES, these two disorders are related. Many males with impotence issues have allergies as the main or even only underlying causes.

    Allergy Attacks and Histamine

    Can Allergies Influence Your Sexual Life?

    Every time a male has a new wave of an allergy attack, histamine produces new symptoms and signs. The fact is that histamine always occurs in the body in a very natural way. However, when a male suffers from an allergic reaction to various substances, the level of histamine production in his body gets higher. Why? Doctors explain this as a regular response of the immune system that tries to protect the body systems. The results of this protection aren’t just annoying, but also very dangerous.

    Let’s have a closer look at the entire process:

    1. Histamine is released;
    2. Inflammation starts spreading;
    3. Contraction of smooth muscles occurs.

    There is a notion of anti-histamines. These are histamine blockers that help neutralizing the excess amounts of histamine as well as preventing it from triggering negative responses of the immune system.

    How Histamine Blockers Affect Your Erections?

    As long as they impact the central nervous system, they add to the occurrence or development of erectile dysfunction. The condition becomes permanent, if the meds are used on a regular basis. Male’s central nervous system is the most important participant of the erection process. In case of sexual stimulation (direct or indirect) the male’s brain sends the signals to the penile area: via neurotransmitters these signals travel down to the spine nerves that supply the reproductive organ. When the nervous system is somehow suppressed by anti-histamines, erections are either too weak or they simply don’t occur.

    These medications may also affect the spongy tissue in the penis. The tissue expands and absorbs blood, if erections are healthy. The blood flows to the reproductive organ and the attached area at a rate that is much higher than normal. It is OK for the blood to be partially blocked in the region to make the penis firm and erect. Anti-histamines on the contrary make the tissue expand and absorb blood, thus preventing a male from having erections.

    Special caution should be taken by those males, who got used to combining several allergy medications for ‘a better effect’. Such mixes lead to severe complications of several body systems and not the penile area solely.

    How to Improve Allergy Symptoms?

    If your sex drive is somehow affected by allergies or the medications that you take to treat allergic reactions, you need to learn how to improve the symptoms as well as avoid them. It is true that you need to start with a professional consultation. A healthcare provider will give essential tips or prescribe other meds with less severe adverse reactions.

    If you need to control basic allergy symptoms, follow our suggestions:

    1. Limit exposure to most know allergens like pet dander, mold, dust mites and pollen. If you apply efforts to avoid them, managing symptoms will be easier;
    2. Have allergy tests if you don’t know what can possibly provoke allergic reactions in you. As soon as you learn the triggers, you’ll manage to set the right plan and treatment course;
    3. Alternative medications should be picked, if the ones you were prescribed cause other complications (like ED) or don’t help fight allergy-related fatigue;
    4. Wash your bedding regularly. Use hot water only as it’ll help keep your bedroom free from allergens. This option is also proven to be beneficial for those, who need to promote their sex life and get rid of dust mites. Besides, don’t forget to clean or replace your pillows regularly;
    5. Don’t let pets into your bedroom. Some pet owners are allergic to the dander left in their beds. Keep your pet off your bed. Keep it out of your bedroom, if your allergy is very severe;
    6. As you come back home, leave your clothes at the door. What for? The pollen won’t be tracked through your apartment. It’s hard, we know, but it helps a lot.

    How to Treat ED Triggered by Allergy?

    Make use of popular PDE5 inhibitors that help fight the condition of erectile dysfunction whatever it is triggered by. Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Kamagra and Stendra are recognized as the best options offered on the market. They increase the flow of blood to the penile region thus making erections be stronger and last longer. These pills are generally safe for most males, yet doctor’s consultation is still needed.

    You may also turn to some effective devices like penile pumps or restriction rings. However, it’s not always convenient to use any of them, especially if you want your new partner to know less about impotence problems that you have, even if they are occasional.

    Apply efforts to find relief from erection triggers and symptoms. It will be very hard, especially if you got used to administer anti-histamines to eliminate them. Decide on how erectile function is important for your sexual life and choose the right way to go.

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